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Jul 25, 2016

Amid the destitution of the human soul loosely bound with the tatters of a dying world lives yet the light of wholeness. It is not mere hope, but life that lives within the heart of the world. It awaits the breaking of the shell, and calls you to turn from the death throes before you. Will you move from that dark place into the light, despite the letting go it calls for? In the light of that space, hope becomes something more real than imagined. You can see it, if you angle your vision just right. Look past what you’ve created, yourself and as part of the whole, to catch a glimpse of the magnificence that’s in store.

This old world may be battered and torn. Familiar landmarks may crumble and turmoil erase the known from your navigational solidity within the real. The human heart has an uncanny ability to feel beyond the edges of its personal field, and with a mind of its own, to empathize, conglomerate, and assimilate that which lay there. Surely now, immersed within the roiling currents of reality shifting and turning at seemingly every breath, you are feeling quite a lot that doesn’t directly affect you. What you witness, what you assume, of another person’s own dramatic experience does affect your own, if only by merit of this natural human oddity of compassion. When compassion is lost for whatever reason, be it inconvenience or brokenness, things can take a turn from odd to absurd. From there, it is a short slide directly into insanity. That’s not inevitable, though. To be a human being involves a choice. So it is with compassion. Look around at what you can see behind the degradation of worldly attire. Behind the stony exterior presented to the hands of fury lives a light, warm and enduring. Always, there is a window into the soul of this planet. By extension, so there is always a window into the soul of a human being. Closing your eyes, turning away from that light does not make it any dimmer. At some point, the choice to embrace humanity presents itself to everyone. Now, more than ever, the collective heart needs to remember. Shine, if that’s all you can do. You don’t know who might find in that light a beacon to home.

Certainly, if you linger overlong on the simple facts laid out on the table before you, you could easily fall into a state of despondency. Thinking too long can lead you into a corner where no escape is to be found. This is the mode from which nightmares are born. While nature may have its nightmarish aspects, the truth is that you are not alone in a deep, dark forest without path or sustenance. You are rather at the edge of a grand and glorious manufacture of collective creativity, in which no permutation of potential has been left unexplored. Have you come to the boundary of the nightmarish creation? Have you dared step into the light, into the clearing where nonsense has been shorn away that grace may have space to enter? Without the obstructions rooted in fear, dismay, grief, and ignorance, grace most certainly has access even to the most melancholy mind. That first step from the gloom into the glory is not without a reality check. There it is, unmistakable in its raw presence, empty of hope, filled with the tears of the nameless ones who have given much for the creation of the nightmare. Free, they have wept. Their pain of revelation, like yours, is not for naught. Everything has been accounted for, and with the balance coming back again to zero, you too are free. Empty the grief and let go of the eddies swirling as you withdraw yourself from sleep. A tap comes to your shoulder, an offer of hope, a promise of starting anew. Nothing is lost. Raise your vision.

You’re about to move into the space of a great epiphany. Nothing could have telegraphed this to you, had you not been paying attention. Even if you’ve been diligently applying your full awareness to what seems to be the flagship queries of the day, the truth is going to come of its own accord, dressed and shaped and colored as it pleases. There is nothing you can do to control that, nor to determine how or when it appears. All that’s left for you to do is to release your insensate grip on those medals and honors, those outward manifest appearances and inner secret machinations. What if you do? Do you lose anything, really? Perhaps. You might see some more people exit the mainstage of your life. Is that really a loss, though, if they are moving into what calls to them to attend to, be it for their soul work or their choice for good or ill? This is something you cannot control, so the sooner you let go of feeling that anything or anyone really belongs to you, the more gracefully you’ll glide into what awaits. You have created, along with your higher self, along with your attendant elements and actors, the stepping stones that have led you so far here. For this, you can give yourself a pat on the back. If that’s the only comfort you receive today, so be it. It comes from the most understanding hand around. Now, while you’re peeling back your fingers from those accessories to living you thought you couldn’t live without, take a look at what’s coming. Take a peek, and turn your foot in the direction of joy.


“The long night is finally over and the time of nightmares is done. There are no monsters under the bed and the ending of dreams is the beginning of life. What are we saying, that all you have known has been an illusion, a dream? Precisely that, and the end of sleep means the beginning of waking-state awareness. It is all only a dream. You live, you dream, and you sleep. Beyond that is another life of dreams in which you are awake yet you see all possible realities and thus can choose what you do with greater effectiveness than you can while you are either sleeping and dreaming or sleeping and living. When you are awake, you are aware and able to choose. When you are asleep, you are merely aware of certain possibilities, and thus can only make a guess as to what might be. There is no certainty if there is ignorance, and the sleeper is largely unaware of the reality unfolding around him.”
— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity


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Jul 20, 2016
My dog is a great companion - wakes me up from frustrating dreams, and tells me I've been reading long enough. I suspect quite a few pets and wildlife are encouraging us to wake up from the old dreams.
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Aug 15, 2016
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I say to my dog "Bedtime. You go on ahead." And she does, trots off. o_O
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Nov 1, 2018
Amid the destitution of the human soul loosely bound with the tatters of a dying world lives yet the light of wholeness.
The only dying world is the dying world based on lies and deceit, and I say "Good riddance." People whose lives are based on fear will keep the shroud of ignorance over their mind, and will not understand the goodness that is coming. Some projects are based on the idea of "community" but are lies built on a foundation of sand, which will never stand long. The CHAZ/CHOP is already being torn down, it lasted, what, a week? Real communities are based on actions and honesty, trust is the mortar that binds the bricks of a long-lived society. And trust is built on honest and lawful actions.

Some people have not gone through enough hardship to build strength and courage and will not do well with the coming change, for they sought confidence outside of themselves and were hooked on the ease of deceit. Confidence and courage resides in each one of us, but it is not given, it is earned, and it is only earned outside of your comfort zone.

> “The long night is finally over and the time of nightmares is done.

Oddly enough for the past 5 or so years I've been having dreams about rebuilding, change, moving to a new home (or at least traveling a lot). Some critical point has passed, I think, so that evil can no longer win. I'll review the common theme of my dreams starting with the ones in the past, about 10-5 years ago.

  1. Blank. We start with a blank slate. Most people are... gone. Not dead, there are no dead bodies, 90% of people are just gone. But there is no electricity. We travel on foot, working cars are rare. My interpretation of the "no cars": our habits of trying to take the easy way out are over. It will be a gradual growth process.
  2. We start to build from the ruins. Markets spring up, people help each other more, slowly at first, but then more and more. People are content making things, and are less shallow, and realize how much reliable friends are worth. I'm sure this is all metaphorical though, not literal.
  3. Society as a whole begins to be more successful, business is good, jobs are plentiful, money flows so much that people in need get enough in donations to help them. No one is forced to donate through gov't intimidation, taxes or through any other means if they are not ready to do so.

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