There can be no peace until they renounce their Rabbit God (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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While this is humorous, it's also insightful, as in the end there is really just the one source of everything.


The above quote fits in to my experience with clients, after regressing them as a past life therapist. I've had many instances where information has come up that shows me a lot of what went on in the past is usually misunderstood.

Religions are formed based on the individual interpretation of an experience, and we are all unique in the way that we perceive life. We also have to consider the astrological age and cycle taking place at the time, as life in general is perceived differently at different times, and this can include the physics of science as things do change, such as now as the shift in consciousness plays out.

So on top of the original interpretation of whatever went on, we have changes being made over the centuries since and then ego playing its role which creates conflict and wars. But then, it's not always that simple, as there are the elites / cabal / powers that be manipulating the truth with false flags and situations for their gain. This can include invading countries simply for economical means, such as oil, even if the president or prime minister is not aware of that, but fed certain information to sway s/he in that direction.

There can really be no peace until we look inside ourselves and find the inner peace.

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