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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

A lunar eclipse is when the sun, Earth, and moon align, and the Earth casts a complete shadow over the moon. When the moon falls under the darkest part of the Earth's shadow, the umbra, it turns a reddish hue -- hence the term "Blood Moon..

Total lunar eclipses can be a pain literally and I can attest to that with an old sciatic nerve, or/and lower back playing up as with me its connected.
Every day I do yoga exercises to control this so I don’t expect it to get too bad but its there lurkinG AND the eclipses are not even in Sag/Gemini. However Mars OOB and Rx is in Gemini oppose my Moon and conjunct Uranus during this Rx plus about now he is on the position of my North node. Could be/should be therefore some good things too which there in fact are.

I find with powerful eclipses that there is an extreme mix of positive or negative. Im noticing the same for people close to me with some very heavy moods of the Scorpio type in those with the sign prominent such as Sun or Asc as well as some deep anxiety and sorrow coming to the surface to heal for many loved ones.
But others having the most amazing breakthroughs and successes, relief after a dark struggle.

It stands to reason that people with planets near 16 degrees Taurus, Scorpio , Leo or Aquarius will be most affected. The eclipse will trine my Mercury in Pisces which is why some good things have happened and my Saturn too in Cancer so I will put my faith in that for the time being.

But the Full Moon build up of fluid content in the body that does cause inflammation will be doubly strong and is in fact in my case.

Its best to keep your physical body fairly mellow and avoid pushing it to the extreme no matter what sign you are or what degrees are happening at this time now.
Mars aspects by transit and any other type of hard aspects in your birth charts or wherever will be triggered and if you were born with Mars OOB then please take extra care but note you will have more courage than usual if needed.

As Taurus is about our mouths I am being very careful not to dislodge fillings in my teeth – a story I have already heard from someone close as one of hers came out.
And please stop the HEAVY lifting at this time those who should know better after many other Full Moon events.

The eclipse is close now in 3 days time so whatever happens in regard to world leaders, wars, earth events, anything coming from outer space , Elon Musk and his take over of the "used to be" popular t w I T t e r before people got paranoid even though this is long overdue to happen for the good of humanity as he says, or any other major communication factors in our world just now, our economy , power struggles ( and who really cares who is King in the end as the Royals are just figure heads or have been until now, but they are included), media, news systems that desperately need to be reviewed and changed- this is all in the hands of the Gods basically .

We should know by now that is a rich controversial but powerful person/leader of any kind comes along saying they want to help humanity and proceed to , that they will be trashed into the ground before they even get a chance to do so because they are challenging the status quo which is Agenda 21/30 which has already brought the evil out of the woodwork, deep caves and dark hidden places of our planet.

The least we can do is help create some light for those who have the power to change anything, as to do this , said people need wealth as well as tremendous courage and "right motive" as it is wealth that controls the whole system including our Govs. And these people need a toughness coupled with care for all humanity, call them what you will.
We are existing in a time of power struggles amongst the wealthy of the planet and there ARE some countries and Govs that are fighting against the system coming in that seeks to control us.

Eclipses change the status quo in everything . They change us too. They turn minds around and bring out the hidden, break down the blocks we harbour within and if there is fear they can eat you up , so rise up in your own power re any fear, and trust that your own higher self will keep you strong and help you see the light that will break free after this eclipse is complete.

The planet Uranus is in charge of this eclipse and the days around it as are the Sun and Mercury. There is some help from Ceres and Vesta, very strong female Goddess energy to bring light and love to whatever the unexpected world event is and whatever happens.

This will depend on where the eclipse falls in each countries chart and where the eclipse is the strongest. It seems to be strongest over NZ , parts of Australia and Antarctica but on the other side of the planet exactly opposite to that point is also going to feel the gravitational pull which will be tremendous and the magnetic forces are strong from the earths centre to the Moon so there will be a strong push /pull effect from one side of the earth to the other.

I do expect biggish EQs or volcanic activity on our side of the world or the other if not now, within three months as this has been a pattern in NZ’s history, likely to manifest near a perigee or even apogee moon if not at this time.

And I do expect at least one major world political event (or something major involving a world leader which is usually the same thing) although already there has been a few of those all related to this time in our history, especially amongst the Taurus or Scorpio “types” of which there are a few.
Im seeing the effect in my own family with the Scorpio /Taurus element strong with major change and events as well as it happens.

The day before the eclipse Mercury quintiles Pluto telling us its time to enter the inner darkness to find our own empowerment and to allow enhancement of our hidden talents and mental abilities, Capricorn to Scorpio showing positive news and results for those signs as well as Geminis and Virgos… (others too who fit that type) or the degrees involved.

On the 8th the Moon and Sun of course are in opposition, affecting our inner and outer worlds both individually and globally.
Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus challenging the public persona and peoples feelings, asking everyone to accept change if needed and not to fear taking a quantum leap in their own evolution. This naturally challenges peoples security levels with Taurus involved,. Which could be where world banking is involved as well although one cannot predict this totally as Taurus has many meanings but it is our comfort levels.

Moon squares Saturn , suggesting some will be worried about the global situation and feel fear moreso than usual but thats been growing and could merely be the effect of the full
Moon but we are still being asked to accept change if needed and face that fear and mistruct as Uranus invites us to take a leap of faith.

The Sun will conjunct Mercury which in this case is a strengthening factor for clear thinking for the strongest of us and also for world leaders who need mental clarity, and of course this favours those with a strong Gemini or Virgo effect in their own birth charts and countries that have that sign strong…I would say the communication factor and the main area of news even if sudden could end up being good news we may have been waiting for but still a surprise for most of us.

Moon opposes Venus which challenges our social standards no doubt , the social norms will be thrown to the wind but then aren’t they already ?

Moon squares Pallas so lots of discussions happening with many differing opinions

The Moon also squares Vesta reminding us to keep that inner light burning brightly and have the upmost faith in the same.

Mercury sextiles Ceres reminding us that love still rules no matter what... Ceres will be at 16 Virgo which I quite like so Virgos with that degree should feel relatively clear and safe.

Mercury along with the Sun itself in all it’s glory will oppose Uranus so wouldn’t you think this is someone or more than one someone challenging the station quo also? A world leader or powerful person with a backup of someone who has a very fine mind doing something that defies gravity even? (Communication is a key word here).

Whatever this is it has never been done before.

And for some of us we will be following suit with our own mini breakthrough of the same.

The Sun will sextile Ceres, again this is telling us to stay with the love and the caring no matter what and look after our own personal security zones and families , loved ones.
As our Moon diary ladies say in NZ... “Look around . There are many treasures hidden in the darkness .Why not bring them out to the light to be celebrated and enjoyed” .

And I will add. “even if we have a lot of new information to digest and some of us feel a little stunned by life in the coming days..."
We are being changed as our consciousness is rising as I write this. lifting us a tad higher (a lot for some) along with our inner knowing so please have faith in that ! .
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Nov 14, 2021
We shall see what happens after the eclipse then we can see if some of this makes sense
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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
As I don't understand half of the astrologers phrases I'm just trying to keep my thoughts simple and respectful
I try to be as simple as I can be and I hope people get the gist of the message. In case other astrologers are reading it , its important to give proof of what I am saying . Thank you for being respectful but I did write some for the ordinary person like be careful of fillings, and what I thought might happen
which is what is happening pretty much already, except with the unexpected coming with it .
And the build up to any full moon I have been writing about on here for a while and on my own page as people do get more emotional about things as all feelings are exagerated so you get more sharp remarks on line.
I dont belong to groups for this reason as a rule but I like people to know what is happening in the world and likely to and that things will get much better with the new age coming... And its good to know WHY things happen ... But free will is stronger than planets or stars..
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