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As announced before, my long post or 'kind of' article on the Void is finished.

Maybe it is not perfect English language (as you know I'm not a native speaker) but I am tired and short of time for doing more proof-reading. So I decided it is good enough. I also wanted to finish this before the new year starts and have other 'projects' to attend to, too.

Here's the content table copied from there:



Part I - Introduction & Definitions
Part II - Authors, Experts, Researchers & Teachers
Part III - Internet Forums & Articles (Astral Projectors)
Part IV - My Personal Void Research
Part V - Conclusions & Outlook

I post it with this external link below. We could however use this thread for any questions, comments or discussions.

It is now posted on my soon-to-opened (or not ...) OBE-Forum instead of on my 'Astralblog' because there were formatting issues, especially with quoting and pics. It might appear there at a later point in time though, too.


Some here on this forum who know me longer might confirm that I am not really the kind for hyperboles but here I actually believe it is one of the most important topics at all since we are going back to SOURCE, the BASICS of REALITY and reality CREATION.

Yes, REALLY, we DO!

The corroboration via multiple sources / witnesses / authors was my goal. I think I accomplished it.

Maybe if you decide to have a read then do it in installments, bit by bit or chapter by chapter, since it might take time. It is long and it also contains a certain degree of repetitiveness due to the corroboration aspect. Still, imv no part should be skipped or skimmed since it is important. Really.

Warning: Due to repetitions it also can be boring. Even more due to the 'bare' or 'dry' content which is as I already said more 'basic'.

So there's no dragons, ascended masters, ET councils, timeline shifts, Events or angels. No Game-Of-Thrones-Meets-Harry-Potter-Meets-StarTrek stories. Sorry, can't help it.

But hey, just in my defence let me reassure you that at least it features the following:

Lots of music, a crashed UFO and ancient structures on Mars, an akashic planetary library, a few inspirational quotes and baby bottles.

Yes, you read it right: baby bottles.

Now, if that isn't teaser enough then I can't help you ...


Boundless Creation
Just read the first two parts, thanks Sinera for going to all that effort.
I drank it in, absorbed it. I understood, there was famiiararity, complete acceptance, and so much more. I wish I could explain,
Yet, apart from finding myself floating in my hallway for a few seconds, I don’t remember any any traveling.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the other parts.


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Been eager to read this and I am slowly reading it as time permits. Perhaps Laron would want this on his transients webpage?

Thank you so much for writing this.
This is a fascinating post. This is one of my main areas of interest and so I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences for us all to digest!

Hailstones Melt

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Fabulous resource for all of us, thanks to you, Sinera. Something to keep dipping into, and now pinned to my Favourites.


Boundless Creation
Almost half way thru. Interesting stuff...

Kevin C

Aware Presence
Great stuff, Sinera! Thank you!

My interpretation of the Void (white, black, etc.) is that it is both a gateway between dimensions and a "midway station"
where you can access any information you request, provided you are enlightened enough to gain access. How it manifests
depends on how you accessed it, as Sinera explains.

Visual examples:
-The white Construct in the "Matrix" movie series, where you can call up info or make anything you want
(blank drawing slate with "akashic records" access)
-The tapestry dimension in "Interstellar" movie, where all space and time are accessible
-Pitch black "Empty" in "Supernatural" TV series, predates everything including God, Big Bang, the Darkness, etc.
-Holodeck in "Star Trek"

Note the above examples - the Void can also be a meeting room, as other dimensional beings can access it as well, hence we can have conversations in it. The question then becomes whether you can ascertain the source of your information - akashic records, higher beings, enlightened ETs, ascended masters, etc.

My experience with the Void - it is the layer above our Higher Self/Selves, but far below the purple grid dimension that defines a big jump in dimensional realities. Because it is a gateway, anyone below can access it just like the Holodeck, but

Beyond the purple grid dimension is the jellyfish(es) linking the higher Oversouls/HS, then the
humongo-ous "Jellyfish" that is the Source at the top.

Pre-school level, very crude example of scale:
we are in 3D-6D, HS is 20D, Void is 25D-30D, then purple grid dimension is 300-500D, OS JELLYFISHES 1000D, Source is Infinite-D.

My "5D" cents. O.o:D

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