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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

We have been introducing in several articles concepts of certain abstract numerological degree and we are going to refine the subject little by little to finish giving more details about them. Thus, as we have said in the last post, each number has one or more qualities associated with it. From where do the qualities that these numbers represent come from? We have seen that they come from the archetypes to which they are connected, but why are they connected to some archetypes and not others? That is, why is the archetype of "patience,” which is an energy field with associated qualities of "calm" and "tranquility,” more connected to the number eight than to other numerical fields, for example?

Again, it is a matter of resonance and "mixing" of energies. In the same way that water and oil cannot be mixed, because their densities and composition prevent them from being unified into a single homogeneous substance, there are energies of "qualities" such as patience, or stability or any of the other human characteristics, which do not can easily be "plugged" into numerical energy fields so that that "number" is imbued with the qualities of that archetype or characteristic.

Therefore, in order for the number "one" to be associated with the "start" of something, the archetype of "start" or "beginning" must vibrate or be able to tune into the numerical force field of "one," and, as they are compatible, it is done perfectly, but, on the contrary, the archetype of "beginning" is not so compatible with the energy field of the number six, so the number six cannot be said to represent the beginning of anything, since it does not have the energy that “activates” something new when we want or need to start it.

These vibrations, the “attunement,” of certain qualities with certain numerical fields, is what has been changing throughout the centuries, because as the vibration of concepts and qualities has changed, the resonance has also changed and “ease” for connecting with each other, or rejection of one from another, since the changes are in both directions. This way, concepts and qualities which a thousand years ago resonated with a number, now they do not do so much, or, on the contrary, they do much more, as if the molecules of water and oil had found a way to merge in some way, or the other way around, as if they could no longer touch in the same container.

Since the concepts and archetypes of qualities are energy fields with certain content and they are all on the mental plane and connected to the human psyche, when humanity varies its definition, understanding, use and application of certain concepts, it rapidly varies the archetype on which it depends, and when the mental archetype varies, its energy composition varies, so if the particles that form the field of the concept "sympathy" change internally, for example, their resonance with the energy field of numbers also changes, and then the archetype "sympathy" will have more affinity and ease of connection with a given number now in the twenty-first century than it did in the second century, even though sympathy is simply sympathy, but its vibration or its meaning, and especially its use as a definition of a human quality, has evolved century after century and culture after culture, altering its archetype throughout history and causing changes in the numerical assignment of the concept "sympathy," the concept "sadness" or the concept "charism" with the numbers that now represent them.

Also the sentient beings that give rise to numbers evolve

This in terms of the concepts and qualities that we associate with numbers, but have the fields or base substrate of those same numbers changed? We have said that the numerical fields of consciousness are "beings" that have certain qualities and that are required to form other elements, because they determine the proportion of each element that is necessary to create something new. Therefore, have these "sentient beings" that are the energy substrate for each number changed or evolved?

Well it is correct, undoubtedly they have, since everything evolves in Creation and nothing ever remains static, so even the energy base that each numerical quantity represents has evolved, and the conscious "being" of "number five" is now something different than it was five thousand years ago, both on our planet and on any other, since these fields are universal, in the "cosmic" sense of the term.

But being able to analyze the evolution of the "beings" that make up the numbers is really complex, since they are vast energy flows and fields that literally occupy and are present in all the planes of the universe and in all its sublevels, so there is no way to really describe their evolution, advance or change, but we can define their variations on our planet, since the part that is imbued in the structures of the Earth to be able to form everything that exists on it, is easier, relatively, to evaluate and review how it has been changing.

Changes accompanying the change in the planetary consciousness

The development of the “consciousness of the numbers” has gone hand in hand with the development of the consciousness of the planet and its logos, the being that uses the Earth as an avatar in the same way that we, at the soul level, use the physical body as an evolutionary vehicle. As the planetary consciousness grew and advanced, the numerical energy fields have also done so, adapting to the new level that the planetary logos possessed at all times in order to serve as a measurement system to keep the structure of the planet “functional” and adequate to the needs of conscious life on Earth at all times.

This has happened on each planet in the universe, so that each number has acquired a "local" quality on each planet according to the development of the planetary consciousness of that system, and, on the other hand, has remained unchanged in its more basic structure in the entire universe, so that the concept of "three" would continue to be the concept of "three" anywhere in the cosmos, but its vibration, energy, quality and application have been adapted "locally" to each planetary sphere.

Then, since the “local” application that each planet or planetary logos makes of the numerical fields is the basis for the application that we make for our numerological studies, the vibration of each number, as we have mentioned, is tremendously different in different systems and points in the galaxy, even within our solar system, causing a "nine" to vibrate quite differently here than in Alpha Centauri, or for the six to have a particle-level composition and frequency completely, almost, different from the one it has in any Sirius system, to say the least.

These frequencies and vibrations of the numbers then become much more differentiated as archetypes of qualities are added to and are connected to them, as we have seen, so the archetype of "flexibility" or "empathy" connected to the base field of a number here may no longer resemble, in the end result, to the set of that number and that archetype anywhere else even in our solar system.

Each number is interpreted according to its reference system

How can we hypothetically understand each other between civilizations and races if each number already represents something so different? In general, you have to go beyond the study of numbers when you want to understand something that falls outside your reference system, in the same way that we cannot understand the life system of a lost tribe in the Amazon with a reference system based on the New York lifestyle, so the manual on how to live in New York does not serve us if we want to know how to live in the jungle.

For the same reason, we cannot use the numerological methods and techniques that we have outside our planet, outside our collective psyche and outside the mental and psychic fields of humanity, because they would not give an adequate and correct description of what we are analyzing, when its composition falls outside our field of reference and "known" parameters.

Thus, now that we have more or less laid the foundations of this knowledge, we can begin to study “locally” the entire set of numbers and their qualities, how they are mixed and combined, in what way and in what proportion, to form everything we know, and begin to understand ourselves better as a race, as people and as a civilization, from the result of those numbers that we will analyze a little in the next articles.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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