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Here's what I'm currently up to folks! Hope you can join us, I promise to try and be interesting! lol <3

US & Europe: Tuesday, 12th Nov 2019
6pm EDT|5pm MCDT|4pm MDT|3pm PDT|11pm GMT

Australia, New Zealand & Asia: Wednesday, 13th Nov 2019
10am AEST |12am NZST|7am SGT

Phone Number to DIAL +1 425-440-5100 Pin: 634374#

Full list of dial in Numbers:

The Transformation Show presents ANGELIA'S Special Offer CRYSTAL ARRAYS... The Magic Of Crystalline From The Mineral Kingdom And Angelia LaRue

Hi RoundTable Members,

Wouldn’t it be great to have more cooperation with everyone in your life? Are you ready for more flow in your life? Do you have a desire to co-create with the Universe? If so, then this Crystalline Transmission is the perfect tool for you!

If You Want Wellness, Joy & Success In All Areas of Your Life With Grace & Ease, then you need to know about Crystologist Angelia LaRue's work with her Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed and Crystal Arrays.

This is the only bed of its kind in the world. You can access the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed energy in these recordings to upgrade your life. You will be experiencing the healing benefits of the bed, the crystal arrays and Angelia’s magical connection in each recording. Each guided meditation drops you into a state of grace to realign you to your Higher Soul connection. Once you experience these higher frequencies, you can live a life of happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, and love.

Angelia has created a package of 12 Crystalline Transmissions that will support you to be in the flow with the new energies. These powerful meditations shift your frequencies to gently align to your true being.
CRYSTAL ARRAYS - THE MAGIC OF CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSIONS SPECIAL OFFER Includes our FAST ACTION TAKERS BONUS which applies to all who buy the package from the time our Cart is Open all the way to the LIVE Call and for up-to 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!"

"I have been listening to the Self-Love Array for two weeks and I feel so different! I am amazed at the transformation in my thought processes and my actions after using this array for such a short time. Thank you Angie - I look forward to using all of the arrays- they are so powerful! Bless you!"- Kathy Mason

“Angie LaRue has opened my eyes and heart to the true potential of my soul, what it can do, and who I really am. Her energy is full of love and bright lights, she is truly a mystical person. She has performed reiki on me from thousands of miles away, and has done energy work on my late dog which I believed prolonged her life just long enough for her to say goodbye to me. The people Angie loves and cares about all feel her energy flow through them every time they think of her. She will always be very dear to me, and she has a lot to give to the world with her talents." Arthur Nguyen

“Angelia is a healer extraordinaire! I am so grateful. She has been helping me tremendously on so many levels to heal my body, mind and spirit! -Erika Martinez

In Joy,
Durva & Angie



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Jul 28, 2016
Looking forward to another one<3
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