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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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It's all about parents, families, mothers and children, protection of the vulnerable in society, hence my image for the sign of Cancer. Its about people having what they need to grow and flourish.

The main thing to remember with this total solar eclipse approaching is that it is a new moon, so therefore a new beginning for all of us wherever it falls in our birth charts or solar charts for that matter.

But with a twist.

For instance my eclipse will be in my 7th house of "others", relationships as well as others close to me, family too, near my Mars in Cancer.

The opposite house and sign is also important and so it triggers my ascending sign as well as my prenatal solar eclipse in Capricorn.

The Solar as well as Natal charts have to be considered as well as planets in ones own chart, plus current transits.

As the Eclipse approaches, global tensions will build in areas of rules and laws, therefore Government systems.
It's about people versus the system.

World leaders become either more popular and stronger, or undermined and falling prey to castastrophes and criticism.

Unusual phenomena is likely to happen with weather, earth changes and more.

If there are negative aspects near the actual day, then negative things can happen, but the positive aspects help as well with positive events for those whose on life patterns are pointing to the same, as certain patterns are triggered.

I have noticed that the days before the eclipse ( which is 2nd July in Europe and USA. and 3rd in Aust NZ), from the 1st July, which would be the 30th June in a lot of countries, planets and asteroids in the outer reaches of our solar system begin to change direction, 3 on one day, and then Mars enters Leo the day before the eclipse, leaving Cancer to her own devices, and suggesting a strong leader suddenly steps forward, more likely male than female.

And the day after the eclipse, Venus steps into Cancer to support the sign, suggesting a feminine energy around in the world leader stakes, but there is no doubt that more than one world leader will be dramatically influenced by this coming eclipse, as this is one that will change the attitudes of Governments towards families, women and children, so that old laws are changed for the better long term.

In the meantime we are under an influence of the Sun in Cancer sextiling Uranus in Taurus, which is helpful for Taureans, Aquarians and Cancerians too, to find original and inventive solutions if needed.

This is telling us that it's safe to be different and stand out in a crowd if we need to. It's ok to look, feel and think like individuals and not be sheep. Its also ok to be popular and gain attention and encourage others to do and be the same.

The sun squares Chiron in Aries speaking of the hurt around in the world- the suffering that we see around us and on world news.
This calls on us to have compassion and empathy, to do our bit to change the system, as Aries is an action sign.

It also means its coming to the attention of world leaders and not just one.

Even Juno is in on the act with a novile from Cancer to Venus in Gemini, doing her bit to spread the word as she is always active in areas of oppression or abuse.This encourages all of the signs, Librans too, and Gemini types to speak out and encourage as well as counsel those who need a comforting word.

We are in the Balsamic moon phase begins which is not a favorable time for beginning something new, but best for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.This is about closure; surrender and preparing for the dark of the moon.
No more analysing and getting in our own way.

Everything is bound to be taken out of our hands anyway.

We have two “exact” peaceful aspects from Mercury in Leo quintile to Pallas in Libra and trine to Ceres in Sagittarius, which will definitely help with the sorting out of any of the above and for bringing fair and sound resolutions, plus compassionate aid and care to people who need help during this time of some turbulence and global unrest as we prepare for the big event.


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Jul 28, 2016
It's all about parents, families, mothers and children, protection of the vulnerable in society, hence my image for the sign of Cancer. Its about people having what they need to grow and flourish.
We could really use a whole load of this!
Beautifully illustrated too. I have a similar figurine made of soapstone. It was one of the first pieces of artwork I ever bought<3
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