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Jul 19, 2016
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Avital, a mother of two, decided to make a 1-hour film of the testimonies of those harmed by the Pfizer vaccine or relatives of them, noting that no-one else such as journalists were picking up their stories or publishing any kind of data. Then, she says, they started vaccinating the children.

Testimonies of 39 people are broken down according to: heart problems, bleeding and miscarriages, disease outbreak, blood clots, infection & inflammation, skin problems, and neurological problems. Besides serious problems that are readily classifiable, sufferers have been left with a level of pain, immobility and dysfunctionality, including the psychological effects of that. Many were formerly healthy and even athletic regardless of age. Those who had pre-existing conditions that had stabilized or cleared up came back much worse. Some are stripped of important vitamins and minerals their bodies need. It’s clear their lives have been completely turned upside down.

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