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buddy love

Rambling Companion
Oct 1, 2018
there are several videos which you can experience to clear and reconnect your creation codes, which have been corrupted by, well, you know...those who do not have our best interest at heart.

these CERMONIES on video have been wondrous tools for me, and I hope they can assist you on your adventures.
I am not near any of the locations on earth where these ceremonies take place, so I make the most of the video ceremonies. and have watched the ceremonies several times each.

must be viewed in chronological order for proper effect.

from the Template website


The Template Ceremonies
The Template reconnection process restores 33 bio-circuits, through a spoken code and the presence of items of sacred geometry.

It takes place in six phases in a series of coded ceremonies: C1, Original Innocence: C2, The 13th Circuit, The Sacred Marriage: C3, Sacred Breath: C4, Source: C5, The Temple of Time: C6, Worldbridger.

The design and progression of the ceremonies are combination codes which, through resonance, build synergy with the vibratory structure of the DNA, reconnecting bio-circuitry ..permanently.

This initiates the return to wholeness, re-establishing our true identities and freeing us from the fear-based matrix that rules our deepest behavioural patterns, and connecting us to a new consciousness grid.

watch these in chronological order, as the effect is cumulative.



their uploads on thetemplateorg youtube channel

below are excerpts from the template website: (moderators feel free to delete if I am in violation of any copy and paste rules here.)

Humanity is awakening to a new body-awareness as we are driven to gain mastery over our own inner workings and to discover how we interact with and co-create the reality in which we find ourselves.

Out of 3 billion base pair chemicals in the Human gene code, only 60 million are active. As a result of the genetic modification of the Human Blueprint and the psychosocial, chemical, political, religious and electromagnetic manipulation of Human consciousness …We are engaged in and interacting within a mutant entropic paradigm generated by the brainwave frequency feedback of a genetically altered race.

The new paradigm will not be born of the mind…it will be understood in the mind, felt in the heart and made TANGIBLE TROUGH THE BODY

As this light reaches the DNA as Source Intelligence, it creates a cellular resonance with the light-encoded disconnected genetic material. This expanded spectrum of light holds the immortal code of the universal matrix for which there is a dormant counter-resonant code present within the disconnected genetic material that lies within every cell.


the amazing sacred forms are displayed on their website


have you participated in these video ceremonies or at their live events?

buddy love

buddy love

Rambling Companion
Oct 1, 2018
I will say, for the record, that some folks think that healing systems such as this can be disinformation. so I will just say to make your own choices. blessings to you.

I cannot say that life became better or worse, because we are all in the process of transformation of the old into the new. which is spiritual alchemy. turning lead into gold. and who is to say what how this will appear for any of us.

and being on my spiritual alchemy adventures already life can appear anything but "good" to the average viewer of my life. =)

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