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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

The Sun moves into Sagittarius today to shine light on all the people born under this signs fiery and motivating rays.

It's time to open our minds and consider much more of the bigger picture, spread our energies around a little more as they have been rather focused into one area in the last month.

It's time to explore new horizons and reach for the stars.

Whatever there has been to obsess over we would have found it in the previous weeks.

Now its time to lighten up a and speak out if we need to about our joys and sorrows before we head down a new path.
Especially so of course for Sagittarians who are more than ready for their time under the sun.

However having said that their year hasn't been too bad at all with Jupiter their own planet in their own sign.

Sagis in fact are just coming into their own again as they have a year ahead of some lucky stars in areas of finance and property matters- a year when they can increase their assets and invest with confidence.

The dreams they have dreamt in 2019 now become reality as their planet in Capricorn from the 3rd Dec will work well for them in the year ahead.
This is the place of taking calculated risks that pay off.

Yay for Jupiter in Capricorn for those of us with a strong Capricorn or Sag influence in our own life patterns!

AND all this on a PERIGEE moon when the moon is closest to the earth so if you have been feeling full moonish then this is why, as all sorts of health symptoms increase at this time as well as moods.

Everything is exaggerated in fact but this passes fairly quickly, so with the new Sag energy around there should be much to experience and much to celebrate in the days to come.

The Sag new moon (new beginnings for this sign) will be on the 27th on my side of the world and 26th on the other or around midnight in some countries.

This is a good starting point for planning for the year ahead in all areas that means advancement so this can include education - travel, and going after any goals we have had to put off in the year just past.


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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
What bright and hopeful forecast. Thank you! From an overpowered Cappy!
  • A hug for you
  • Love this post!
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
Great, I was just thinking about firming up long awaited travel plans with friends and buying tickets.
Sounds like it's finally time!O.o:D
  • I agree
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