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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Libra or Gemini.jpg
Happy Spring Equinox everyone on my side of the world, and Happy Autumn equinox elsewhere!

The Sun moves into Libra today to shine light on those born in this sign for the month ahead.

Libra is a male sign with a female ruler making the sign influence very androgynous in the best possible way.
This is about equality.

I do think that the rulership will change in the future to a planet that is better suited to this signs energies, as although Venus does quite a good job there is the question of the very political side of this sign and the need for balance, the ability to counsel and act as a go between.

This sign is also about promoting harmony.
Then there is the Libran ability to plan and design things.

But there is no doubt about the Venusian love of beauty and the more creative skills that many of these people have, the very social side as most Librans can get along with almost anyone..

(I would vote on Eris for a ruler)

The weeks ahead are your time to shine, Librans, whichever planet rules you most.

Your new moon which is your real new beginning of the year will be on the 29th Sept in my side of the world and 28th elsewhere.

This will be the best time for you and for all of us in fact to make important decisions or the following days, in areas of contracts, how much to share with others, and when. Its also a good one for planning events or launching new teams of people, for getting everyone on the same page. The list goes on in the Libran theme.

It’s a great new moon for anything to do with cooperation and relationships too.

Today however Mercury is square to Saturn, Libra to Capricorn, so maybe a lot of us are already deliberating on certain issues that we will have to make decisions about.

This is an aspect of much analysing of data and it may be hard work in fact, causing some angst, as this one could well be about finance of legal matters, or other matters that have been brought to a head by Saturn's now direct motion.

But in fact Saturn direct is a good thing for the solving of such problems, so good luck with this,if you are one of the above signs or Gemini especially.

We will all have to just muddle through this one, or sit on the fence as Librans are so good at, until the new moon at least.

The Sun helpfully is quintile to Ceres in Sagittarius, a quintile being the best aspect to empower and enhance our individual mental ability, so this should override any negativity from the Mercury/Saturn aspect.

The Quintile is one we can all draw upon for finding more balance and harmony within as the energies shift for the month ahead…

Alex Florschutz is the artist for this painting that represents the male/female in us all.


Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Thanks for the insights. The artwork is, again, positive and uplifting.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
Love the artwork Janne. Thanks for the information. As always, spot on I think!
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