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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

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The Sun moved into Leo yesterday, so as the Sun is the ruler of Leo, he is very strong while in this sign each year. Which basically means that as well as the Leo people, we can all bask in this light for the month ahead.

This is a time to bring out our best and grab a little of the Leo energy available for us all.

But it’s Leos of course and Leo Ascendants that will come into the limelight for the most part, which is where they love to be, and when their New moon happens on the 1st August in our part of the world and late on the 31st July in some countries such as parts of USA, this is the Leo new beginning of the year.

This will be the time for all Lions and Lionesses to feel extra proud of themselves for all they have accomplished so far this year.
In fact it’s a time when we can all do the same .

The focus for AQUARIANS now comes onto their relationship zone.

Before entering Leo, the sun made a conjunction with Rx Mercury in the last degree of Cancer which would have resulted in some Leos, also Geminis or Virgos having a bit of a blast from the past in the brain department, with some hearing news from actual people they hadn’t heard from for a while.
This was also a lightbulb moment effect for a few others – whether the above signs or not, as certain concepts they just hadn’t grasped before suddenly became clear, just as Mercury Rx tries to make happen at Rx times.

But mainly a lot of us are seeing life through different eyes, or starting to.

Yesterday Jupiter in Sag, also Rx, trined Juno in Leo , a fire sign aspect that emphasies all of the Leo energy coming in.

Fire is always great for getting things done and for linking thoughts to action without the usual emotions getting in the way, so rather than doing her best to make trouble Juno for a change is helping to motivate us with a positive attitude and optimism especially in areas of friends and family, relationships where there may have been some issues or stuck places.

This helps to change a few attitudes, motivates us into action rather than holding back .

Sagittarius and Leos who may have felt a bit down will benefit greatly from this. Aries can tap into it too if needed, as can the rest of us.

Saturn Rx in Capricorn trined Vesta in Taurus, a lovely earthy aspect of enabling us to take care of our security zones on emotional and physical levels.
This one is excellent for a return to stability and all that comforts us on material and physical levels if we are still a little shaken by the Lunar eclipse just gone.

These strong aspects are still in effect but if you had a good day yesterday, all of the above is why.

For myself I had a lovely journey by road which was very in tune with the Jupiter aspect for my Sag moon.

Today the Sun trines Ceres in Sag, again a fire aspect of love in action, and with the actual Sun involved, this brings an extra strong message for us to put our love out there for others to see and enjoy in the ways of love in action, to show people we care in ways that are natural and easy where we can share activities and similar interests, or with gifts that stimulate and motivate us, take away from the worries of every day life and our usual inner “story” …

These positive fire sign aspects help us see further than self and to enjoy our lives while we are here on this planet, to be our best selves, especially of course the fire signs themselves.

But we all need a balance of the elements in self and now its time to discover the inner fire in healthy ways.

The moon is in Aries which helps a lot !


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