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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Today, 3 days before the Aquarian new Moon, which is one of the strongest for the planet for the entire year, the Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Rx Mercury which is a time of revisiting the past in areas of Global events that affect the masses.

It's about a reassessment time for all that is fair and just in our communities world wide and to question what is being told to us by Governments and popular media.

It's so important at this time that we do not follow blindly like sheep all that is being told to us by those who don't even know us, trying to tell us what is best for our bodies when we are perfectly capable of choosing for ourselves and researching all the information we need to do so.

This is a time to really reflect on this and look beyond the popular media and even Govs for the truth of these matters which we will never hear from those who will profit financially from advocating a certain course.

Never before have we had to make such hard choices but never before have we had the chance to bring back freedom of speech and freedom of choice when it comes to our health, bodies and lifestyle.

Never before have we been so controlled in areas of where we may or may not live or visit.

I have written that we are entering the Age of Aquarius where there is freedom and equality for all people, no fear, no oppression and yet we are seeing the direct opposite happening world wide.

This New Moon is where choices and decisions lie, and the results of the choices will begin to have a very strong impact on the future of the planet and we people on it.

I hope the majority leans to the side of freedom and not a great oppression that could take even more years to rectify.
We were born with free will and it is time to exercise it like never before.

I do not have any Aquarius in me but I do have the ruling planet aspecting most of my own important planets, many squares and oppositions so even though a peaceful Pisces I will fight for what is right when I need to.

I have a great trust that there are powers of Good that will help bring a better world but I also know there will also be great upheaval before it happens.

The aspect today of Sun/Mercury is both for world leaders and also for the common people, a crunch time in our thinking and a time to reassess, rethink and come up with new solutions and strategies to help in any way we can to bring back what we have lost in our lives, even if it means standing up as individuals and speaking out even when it is not in our nature to do so.

Today there are supportive aspects of Ceres , Vesta, Venus and Neptune to help us use our intuition and Goddess energies to guide us and keep strong boundaries, also helping us not to push other peoples too far if that factors into things.

We can be strong and fair without being angry, blaming or "comparing".

There could be some very good news just around the corner as this aspect of Sun/Mercury comes strongly into affect due to the New Moon energy in 3 days.

Tomorrow there is another strong aspect of Sun/Pallas again bringing the Aquarian energies in strongly and although Pallas is not a true planet in the traditional sense, she has an effect as she believes in justice and although a strong warrioress she prefers to discuss and find solutions to issues that will be fair for everyone.

So this energy will also help make the approaching New Moon one to be celebrated.

These conjunctions I have written of happen around 20 -22 degrees Aquarius, so anyone with planets or points there will have a lot to ponder on.

I will mention ahead of time that in 2 days time just before the New moon Rx Mercury is going to square Mars in Taurus which is an aspect of strong debates and disagreements- clashes verbally when many people will want to stand up and assert their views, so try not to get caught up in arguing just for the sake of it, but if you have to assert yourselves then do it as calmly as you can without anger, although it may be anger that drives you, so channel this energy coming in the best way you can.

People cannot agree on everything – we know this but this is a good aspect for motivating us to speak out and win our battles verbally if we have right motive, also to let others know what we really think.

And bear in mind that whatever the outburst is or however it manifests so near to the New Moon should bear good results as Venus will be conjunct Jupiter on the day which is an aspect of joy and celebration so something good will come of any debates that are happening the day before if we are standing up for truth as the Rx position of Mercury has been good for going back into the past to see how improvements can be made

If you are Virgo, Gemini, Aries Taurus or Aquarius, be aware of the Mars/Mercury aspect and modify your reactions if you have to around the time of the New moon in 2-3 days time and remember to look at the positives.
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