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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Sun and jupiter 2.jpg
Jupiter in Capricorn conjuncts the Sun today at 6 degrees.
This is a very lucky day for anyone born around this date, 26th through to the 30th Dec or who has planets or points there.

It’s sextile to my Sun and within orb of my ascending degree so I think I will take a lotto ticket.

And its generally a positive day for any Sagittarian, Capricorn or Leo as Jupiter brings “more” of just about anything.

Of course he can bring some overindulgence too and a bit of debauchery to put it in old fashioned terms, or a need to take bigger risks than usual such as gambling, another of the not so healthy Jupiter traits.
But a conjunction is usually a positive aspect for all.

In Capricorn this is especially good for speculation in property matters or anything concerning legal documents or large sums of money you are dealing with or hoping to gain…

This aspect could bring a special meeting for many born around this time with someone who is of the adventurous , optimistic nature or who is foreign or of a different culture.
There should be something beneficial and motivating about this.
It may even bring an “offer too good to refuse”.

It’s all about new opportunities, especially for Capricorns and Sagittarians, Leos and anyone with planets or points in those degrees. These opportunities could also be for travel as Jupiter is definitely a travel planet, or for education, as well as being lucky for the legal side of things.

Those of us who need it should gain helpful support around this time.

These aspects can work on midpoints also which is why this one could influence any of us at all.

This aspect brings an element of relief or release, freedom in some sense, and as the moon is now in Aquarius there is a sense of independence that is growing for many…

The above has a lot to do with the influence of Saturn in his own sign beginning to finally ease as he has been extra powerful while in this sign and although he has accomplished a lot of good in the sense of “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”, its now time for him to move on and let us have a bit more fun and adventure in our lives, especially those of us who have suffered his stronger transits.

Having said all that tomorrow Mercury will move into Capricorn so we can ponder on all those Capricorn lessons learnt but also make the most of them, as we have learnt more patience and perseverance, more management and organising skills, as well as how to make the most of our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

Capricorns can put on their thinking caps and find solutions to any ongoing issues, enjoy the presence of more Gemini or Virgo types in their lives.
They can BE more like those signs for a while in fact and spread their ideas around a bit more than usual.
This is also good for being more sociable and for general communication for Caps.

Virgos and Geminis can think more like a Capricorn and become a bit more responsible in what they say and how they say it. It will be time for those signs and for the rest of us to get a little more serious about making new plans and putting them into action, then go after our goals with more focus.


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