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Nov 1, 2018
(I figured this was the right place to talk about getting back to a simpler life. Feel free to move this post if need be. I'm still new here.)

The hobo stove is a simple stove made of a metal coffee can. There are many variations of it, some use wire coat hangars or other metal strips on the top to hold a pan. But the genius of this is it's simple, easy to make, and can use many fuels. This can be handy to heat a small space, but make sure it's well-ventilated. Burning uses oxygen and produce CO and CO2 which can be bad for you.

Are you way out on the back for and want to heat your lunch and not have to carry fuel? Use a hobo stove! Do park regulations prevent you from making an open fire? Use a hobo stove!

There are some commercial hobo stoves but they are so easy to make out of a variety of materials. One version is made by a deep silverware holder found at restaurant stores, or any metal container about the size of a metal coffee can. Smaller stoves can be made too if you wish.

The hobo stove is light and portable too. Other items can be stored inside it but put those in a bag. A used stove tends to be covered in soot on the inside.

The hobo stove can use many different fuels and in small amounts. It concentrates heat so less fuel is used and heat goes straight up to your pot instead of flowing around the sides of the pot. Many fuels can be used like: dry sticks, dry pine cones, rolled paper, or anything that burns. Make sure the material is dry and has no harmful chemicals in it. Never burn wood that has preservatives in it, some of those use cyanide compounds.

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Jul 20, 2016
We cooked in a variety of ways when I was a Girl Scout. I recall something like this.


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Jul 28, 2016
As long as I can watch the embers burn afterwards, I'm in!
There is something just so magical about that + happy memories associated with trips outdoors.
All the little inconveniences of cold or heat or mosquitoes or whatnot seem to whittle themselves down to memories of great conversation by the campfire.

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