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Jun 20, 2018
There is a very interesting article that was just published in the scientific community. It discusses the microorganism Toxoplasma Gondii. There's a very large part of the human population that carries this microorganism in their brain. Nearly one-third of the 7.25 billion people on earth, including an estimated 60 million people in the United States, are chronically infected with the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. A working immune system can keep the parasite in check, so only a minority of those infected has significant symptoms. But when an unsuspecting woman gets infected during pregnancy and passes the parasite on to her unborn child, the consequences can be profound. While the parasite is found throughout the world, more than 40 million people in the United States may be infected with the Toxoplasma parasite. Most people who carry this microorganism in their brains don't show any symptoms. The physical symptoms are flu like and can be treated with antibiotics, and this illness is also associated with neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and psychotic episodes. This new study suggests that people who contain this microorganism feel and look more attractive and there are images in the attached article that show results from the study. With my work on the Quantum Shift I can explain why this happens with the appearance of an individual. I need to begin my explanation with some fundamental information regarding the evolution of consciousness, matter, energy, pressure and eternal love in space and time.
There's been a debate in the scientific community over the theory of panpsychism which suggests that the element of consciousness exists within all forms of matter everywhere. We all actually exist within an enormous, majestic, beautiful and powerful life form that science has described as "the universe". I use the term "Universal Consciousness" with my work and can explain why the element of consciousness everywhere hasn't been scientifically proven yet. Universal Consciousness maintains a spherical type shape similar to stars and planets, but where the origin of the big bang happened there's a region that looks like the area of a wine glass where the top portion begins to transition down into the stem. This is the area of Universal Consciousness where the evolution and introduction of matter took place and where Universal Consciousness established an individual identity. Universal Consciousness contains a body of galaxies and stars everywhere in this body are responsible for producing a body temperature. Planets are living organisms in Universal Consciousness with specific identities and contain the evolution of consciousness. There are living organisms in the environments of planets who contain the evolution of consciousness and on a quantum level subatomic, atomic and molecular activity contain individual identities and experience the evolution of consciousness as well. Something very powerful happened with the evolution and introduction of matter into existence which affected Earth's consciousness and environment and the population of life in the environment. This is also why the existence of consciousness everywhere hasn't been scientifically proven yet.
Scientists have said that human beings and other life forms contain the primary elements which exist within the universe. This is correct and life here was also affected by the same type of activity that occurred with the evolution of Universal Consciousness. In mathematics the property of infinity is used and understood. There have also been plenty of articles published in the scientific community that astrophysicists discuss that one day the universe will die. This isn't the case at all and there is a reason that this happened in human consciousness. Universal Consciousness is contained within a much larger form of consciousness and energy known as Infinite Consciousness. Universal Consciousness went through an early developmental period similar to what happens with the reproductive process here and this is why reproduction occurs within the population of life. Reproduction is an evolutionary extension of what happened with the birth of Universal Consciousness. Before this began happening Infinite Consciousness had contained on the most fundamental level, frequency vibrations of consciousness, energy and pressure was incorporated into these vibrations. The pressure has been responsible for expansion, acceleration and growth. Infinite Consciousness has also contained eternal life and eternal love. Eternal love is the most powerful form of energy in existence because love gives eternity a reason to exist. The existence of subatomic activity had not been introduced into evolution yet and this happened with the creation of Universal Consciousness. The vibrations themselves represent the existence and experience of thought. Universal Consciousness began with an early developmental period and evolutionary advancement. As the process became more powerful what happened was a certain point in evolution occurred and the big bang happened. I can explain this process now with my work, but I'm explaining the basics on what occurred with this situation and how human consciousness was affected.
When the big bang happened there was evolution happening with the element of eternal life and eternal love being incorporated into this activity. There was also very powerful resistance to evolution that happened from the moment of transition because the evolution of matter took place and Universal Consciousness had to assume an individual identity within the existence of Infinite Consciousness. When this moment of transition happened the frequency of consciousness, energy and thought went through a powerful experience of separation so subatomic particles could evolve out of these vibrations and matter could continue evolving into the body of galaxies that were going to be formed and this activity is how subatomic particles continue to evolve today. Something else had to occur with this process as well. The existence of the Higgs field had to evolve into Universal Consciousness. The Higgs field contains a combination of Infinite Consciousness and the identity of Universal Consciousness. The Higgs field also contains the foundation for eternal love. The Higgs field and higgs boson don't contain a charge and the reason is; this is how light energy, dark energy and the evolution of consciousness take place in the body of galaxies. When I mention the term "dark energy" I'm not referring to a mysterious form of energy that's causing Universal Consciousness to expand and accelerate. I'm referring to an actual state of consciousness and energy that supports the evolution of light energy. This is why eternal love is the most powerful form of energy in existence; is because both light and dark energy experience evolutionary activity, development and advancement through eternal love. Universal Consciousness has been expanding and accelerating because of different degrees of pressure contained on the most powerful quantum level within these frequency vibrations of consciousness, energy and thought. Nikola Tesla said "if you want to understand the mysteries of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". This is exactly what I've done with my work on the Quantum Shift and the Paradigm Shift which Thomas Kuhn discussed in his work.
The Higgs field permeates throughout Universal Consciousness and transfers back into Infinite Consciousness linking these two cosmic giants together. This is so a consistent flow of the evolution of eternal love and eternal life could continue evolving and advancing into all states of consciousness, matter, energy and pressure in space and time. When the transition happened with the moment of the big bang something happened as well. The concept of non-existence was introduced into the evolution of consciousness, matter, energy and pressure in Universal Consciousness. This happened because of the experience of separation that occurred within the frequency of consciousness and energy. This also happened because Universal Consciousness had to assume an individual identity within Infinite Consciousness and the evolution of matter was introduced into the existence of frequency vibrations, energy and thought. The evolution of consciousness transferred into subatomic activity and in this moment the concept of non-existence was introduced into existence. Non-existence is only a concept and cannot happen to any life form, but it's been extremely powerful within the dynamics of life in Earth's environment. This is because the Milky Way galaxy and Earth's consciousness are located very close to where the origin of the early developmental period and introduction of Universal Consciousness took place. This generated a very powerful experience of separation in consciousness here and also produced the illusion of separation in consciousness here. The human body and consciousness contains evolution and the resistance to evolution with the concept of non-existence. This concept is contained within every living organism in Earth's environment. This is why when someone goes through the experience of death; people usually refer to the individual as "being dead". This isn't the case at all because every life form who goes through the experience of death here evolves through the Higgs field and Universal Consciousness and transfers into the Whirlpool galaxy which is about 30 million light years from Earth and is commonly referred to as Heaven. This is how the evolutionary advancement of life has been taking place here since Earth evolved into existence. People think this way because they contain the concept of non-existence and don't understand the foundation for the existence of life or what happens with the experience of death here. This generates very powerful resistance to the evolution of consciousness, matter, energy and pressure in space and time here.
What this has done has caused very powerful resistance to evolution between living organisms and the Higgs field in Earth's environment. This is why the aging process happens in different degrees in life forms and why life goes through the experience of death as well. Different living organisms contain different degrees of love, light energy, dark energy and pressure so the aging process varies according to these variables. This activity is associated with the Toxoplasma Gondii , the human brain and the new study of the perception of appearance in individuals. The evolution of consciousness and advancement is associated with people who carry this microorganism in their brains and are asymptomatic. The microorganism transfers into the body anyway through different types of transmission, but not showing any symptoms means that there isn't being very much if any resistance to evolution between the human being and the microorganism. This situation is incorporated into the Higgs field which human beings have about a 5 to 8% interaction between themselves and this primary field of consciousness, energy and eternal love. The microorganism becomes adaptable into the human brain and the evolution of human consciousness. An important factor involved with this is it's transmitted through sexual activity. Because all consciousness, matter, energy, pressure and eternal love is connected with living organisms, Earth's consciousness, Universal Consciousness and Infinite Consciousness in space and time here it means that the existence of this microorganism is integrated into the kingdom of microorganisms in Earth's environment. The evolution of life here began with single celled microorganisms. Sexual activity and reproductive activity is associated with the evolution of consciousness here in life forms and has been driving evolution here. Eternal love and eternal life are associated with sexual activity and the reproductive process. The relationship between the Toxoplasma Gondii, the human brain and the evolution of human consciousness and microorganisms have been incorporated into one another and the evolution of life here in single celled microorganisms and sexual reproductive activity.
This relationship and the microorganism actually constitutes evolutionary advancement in asymptomatic individuals because of evolution itself. This is why such a large portion of the population of human beings contain this microorganism in their brains. This is why the appearance of the individual can actually be perceived as being more attractive is due to the relationship between human consciousness and the consciousness that exists within the microorganism kingdom. Eternal love is associated with reproduction and sexual activity on a global level with life and has been generating more evolutionary advancement in the Higgs field in Earth's consciousness and environment. This is why the Quantum Shift, the Shift in Consciousness and the Paradigm Shift happens, which is now rapidly approaching. The resistance to evolution in this relationship is what causes the symptoms to occur which I described earlier. There are more people that are asymptomatic than symptomatic because evolution is more powerful than the resistance to evolution. What's happening now and progressing forward very quickly is; the activity contained within the Whirlpool galaxy is evolving into the Milky Way galaxy and Earth's consciousness and environment with the evolution of the Higgs field. Universal Consciousness is evolving between these locations and the experience of separation and the illusion of separation is evolving out of Universal Consciousness, Earth's consciousness and environment, World Consciousness and will soon be introduced into every living organism in Earth's environment. This situation is going to advance life here in a very powerful and significant way changing the course of the human race, life in Earth's environment and the structure of reality here completely. The reason that I'm able to explain information like this is because my consciousness has been evolving with this process and this began happening for me in 2011. I can explain why this is happening with me in very specific details as well. Earth is going to soon evolve and advance into a Brave New World.
Sean McCleary.


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