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Aug 12, 2016
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Since there is again a lot of talk about the incoming energies for a 'shift' of humanity, I felt again reminded of my own "Vision for Humanity" I was given in the year 2011 during an astral projection.

I met this guy later, mostly in dream scenes, again and came to know him as (or call him) the 'sullen poet'. He has long dark hair (bound back as ponytail) and looks from attire and facial expression like an early 19th century romantic poet (think of a mix of Shelley, Byron, Poe). He could be a guide or a part of my Higher Self - if there's a difference then at all.

The interesting thing is not only the experience/vision itself but the discussion with a forum friend afterwards. While exploring other possibilties of interpretation (which are all valid) the interesting point is the info given from a book by M. Talbot.

But first, here's the experience itself, as documented on Nov 4th in my astral log on Robert Bruce's Astraldynamics forum. It's still there, so here is the original link and the paragraphs from there that matter as a quote from it, including my then interpretation which is still valid for me today.

Note that this was before I was more into the consciousness shift and "New Earth" thing. I had not read one of Dolores Cannon's books either til then or similar topics, I was more into AP and reincarnation literature up to that point. Of course, the 2012 craze was going on then and humanity shift in consciousness was a topic all over, but I did not believe too much in it then.
Then another 'phasing' occurred and it is an amazing experience for me. I would even go so far and daringly call it a "Vision" for Humanity now. And believe me, I thought all day long about it at work and could hardly concentrate on my job. Here is what happened:

I phase into the scene from another experience or dream and find myself standing outside on a wide field. I'm standing on a little elevation and have a good overview of the landscape. It looks beautiful, like in a painting. The landscape is idyllic, pastures interspersed with bushes, some small lanes, gates and trees.

Almost even before the visuals set in, another guy next to me started talking in an analytical but also a little sullen (or disappointed?) tone. I can only paraphrase what he was saying:

"Humanity still lags so much behind in its development. It has not even reached 60 points of its potential on a scale of 700-800."

I have not time to think a lot about his statement as I am again distracted by the scenery and scene unfolding.

I see a ray of light shining through the white clouds above in a light beam and forming a spotlight on the meadow below. It really haunts me since it is, unlike the rest of the scenery, not really natural. The circle of light formed on the ground is several metres in diameter.

I immediately decide to ask this 'wise' guy about the phenomenon as I consider him to know more about it. So I look at him the first time, asking „What is this?“ pointing at the light beam from the sky. The guy looks at me and answers:

"It is called 'The Puncture'."

Suddenly, I see more of these rays from above appearing in the landscape and then I even see people stepping into these circles of light.

There is no further conversation with anyone, but I later join one of these groups squatting down in one of the spots of light. All is shining bright, warm and peacefully. Then I look up to the sky and see the ray disappearing in an opening in the clouds. Then I spot a huge machine or even (alien?) spaceship flying out of / above the clouds. It does not look menacing in any way. Possibly it is the source of this 'emanation', maybe it even kind of "seeds" these light beams all over the landscape?

The experience ends then and I wake up (with REES again).

Comments / Afterthoughts

If it wasn't for this strange guy's words, I would have interpreted the scene quite differently. Probably something about healing or the human craving for a 'place in the sun'. But this guy - whom I do not really consider a guide, rather a knowing guy commenting on the scenery for me (or even my Higher Self?) - really gives my interpretation the decisive twist.

I first thought about how to translate the expression. After some consideration I decided indeed on the most literal alternative. The original German word used was indeed "Punktur", a word that as such does not really exist in common German usage at all. It gets clearer however (as in English) when we remember its use in Akupunktur (acupuncture). I know that 'puncture' (alone) means "flat tyre" in English, too, but we must bear in mind that we need to distinguish between the cause (puncture = stabbing, prick, insertion, trepan) and the effect (dysfunctional tyre).

So in this context "Punktur" / puncture for me generally signifies the setting (seeding?) of dots / points / patches / spots across a surface (here: landscape). Metaphorically, however, there is much more to it, especially with regard to the people entering the spots and the guy's words about Humanity.

My interpretation: It's indeed about the purported consciousness shift which is supposedly taking place now. The metaphor shown to me is that it takes place gradually, step by step (spot by spot?), rather than in a big (2012-)bang cataclysmic event or a few days of cosmic-spiritual radiation or whatever else.

It is 'seeded' (if with alien help from above or not remains highly debatable) not geographically as shown in the metaphor, but rather among groups of spiritually awakening people, networks that become real patchworks as they grow in size and gain momentum more and more. So the circles of light 'reflecting' these groups (symbolically) grow in number and size themselves until one day it reaches the 'critical mass' to make the 'shift' visible and palpable all over the landscape of Humanity/Earth.

Or let's directly use the acupuncture analogy: these light spots of people (spiritually activated) are like the acupuncture points on a body that get activated. It's done by the seeding (setting of the 'light beam needles' from above). Then, later the meridians get connected, even later the meridians themselves interconnect amongst eachother, so that the enlightenment-Chi can finally flow coherently through a matrix of the whole 'body' of Gaia/Humanity - and the shift is done. The Puncture = The Shift in action.
Forum friend "Korpo" then made me aware that this strange scale (humanity just on 60 out of 800, how bad is that?) could relate indeed to the measuring of the human energy field as done by a scientist using electromyogram methods. Here's the link to the original post:
The numbers mentioned by the entity in the experience remind me of something I've read before, and I dug it up for you. It's in the book "The Holographic Universe" and is related to a researcher mapping the human energy field with the help of electromyograms (which actually means measuring the electrical activity of a muscle). The frequencies in the brain range from 0-100 with an average of 30, but the frequencies this researcher detected in the energy field vary greatly and seem to do so according to their focus of consciousness - materialists would stay within the range of up to 250 (which are frequencies still found in the body), psychics and healers range about 400-800, channelers operate within a band of 800-900 and mystics range at 900 and beyond. (see page 175pp.)

This is one of life's fun synchronicities.
Without saying this is the frame of reference your helper chose, it shows it isn't entirely arbitrary either. I wonder how a researcher would assess who is healer, psychic and mystic, however.
Here's the original work and the relevant passage quoted:
One of Hunt's most startling findings is that certain talents and abilities seem to be related to the presence of specific frequencies in a person's energy field. She has found that when the main focus of a person's consciousness is on the material world, the frequencies of their energy field tend to be in the lower range and are not too far removed from the 250 cps of the body's biological frequencies. In addition to these, people who are psychic or who have healing abilities also have frequencies of roughly 400 to 800 cps in their field. People who can go into trance and apparently channel other information sources through them, skip these "psychic" frequencies entirely and operate in a narrow band between 800 and 900 cps. "They don't have any psychic breadth at all," states Hunt. "They're up there in their own field. It's narrow. It's pinpointed, and they literally are almost out of it".
People who have frequencies above 900 cps are what Hunt calls mystical personalities. Whereas psychics and trance mediums are often just conduits of information, mystics possess the wisdom to know what to do with the information, says Hunt. They are aware of the cosmic interrelatedness of all things and are in touch with every level of human experience. They are anchored in ordinary reality, but often have both psychic and trance abilities. However, their frequencies also extend way beyond the bands associated with these capabilities. Using a modified electromyogram (an electro myogram can normally detect frequencies only up to 20,000 cps) Hunt has encountered individuals who have frequencies as high as 200,000 cps in their energy fields. This is
intriguing, for mystical traditions have often referred to highly spiritual individuals as possessing a "higher vibration" than normal people. If Hunt's findings are correct, they seem to add credence to this assertion.
In early 2012 I started reading my first Dolores Cannon book: "The Three Waves Of Volunteers" which had to do with the shift phenomenon and the "New Earth" too. I was still skeptical regarding a general "shift" but was then often nodding my head in agreement and smiling when I read the descriptions of how the volunteers felt and experienced Earth life and their difficulties. It was the same that I felt.
Then I 'knew' I was some kind of star seed and had to be a 'volunteer' somehow (2nd wave I suppose). I then tried to contact D. Cannon via Email and asked her if ever one of her regressed clients had described the shift by using the word 'Puncture' but I never received an answer. Only by her assistant telling me it is best to write a letter since she hardly read her emails. I did not write a letter then.

However, in her books there is a similar thing described as seeding of light and that there are places (light spots) on Earth where this is done more intensely and there also spiritual communities (starseeds?) gather. So the concept was similar but the word was not used. It's interesting that the 'seeders' from above were UFO indeed but it might be metaphorical for entities and crafts from the higher dimensions (where some UFO might come from) - or maybe Source itself. Also the star seeds / volunteers acting as antennas for the incoming shift (for the light / energies) is similar to what I wrote in my interpretation back then as 'light spots of people (spiritually activated)" etc.

Fascinating how I actually wrote down what I then read months later in D. Cannon's books. Even today I am stunned by the insights I had or was given in 2011 for one who was not too much into that '2012 ascension thing'.
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Jul 20, 2016
The acupuncture analogy makes a lot of sense to me. I know I certainly feel as though my body is in harmony after a session. So, it makes sense that people could do the same for the earth.

I also feel that the gathering of people can be both physical, such as places like Sedona, but just as importantly in groups, such as this one, where people join together in other realms.

Have you seen the poet lately?


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Aug 12, 2016
It occurred to me: Maybe he slips into my song lyrics. They are inspired by 19th century romanticism. That kind of sullen and dark element fits the genre because at the moment I am producing Metal music.

So if he's a part of me (aspect, incarnation, ...) it seems he shines through sometimes somehow in my waking life. Just like the 'puncture' and the clouds in the vision. :-D

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