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The Pleiadian alphabet


Illusion Investigator
We call them the Pleiadians for their star system of the Pleiades, which is a group of 7 stars, but they call themselves the Plejarans for their planet named Plejara. Here is their alphabet I found. There have been some crashed discs with writing on some of the beams but I no longer have those images. Here's the alphabet which may come in handy later. Notice the similarities to one of the Futhark languages used by the Vikings. When Billy Meier was contacted by the Pleiadians he said they used some ancient German dialect when they spoke. Is there a connection between Vikings and ancient Germans?

Also notice the D symbol matches exactly the Greek symbol for delta. Also look at the O with 2 dots over it, and compare it to theta. The even more ancient symbol for theta was a circle with a plus sign in it, which is also the astrological sign for earth. Also see the letter P and it's similarity to the pi symbol. And U looks very similar to the micron symbol which is still in use today and means microns.

Plejaren Alphabet.jpg
Do you see any astrological symbols? What about the symbol for W? It's close to the symbol for Pluto.
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Resolute Spirit
The strange thing is their seem to exist different alphabeth for them. Even everywhere an enormous diversity


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Do you see any astrological symbols? What about the symbol for W? It's close to the symbol for Pluto.
W is also very similar to the 'hand mirror' symbol for Venus.
The symbol for H reminds me a bit of an upside down Sagittarius symbol.
B like Y and A like a European 7; intriguing.
L like lambda.
D like delta is also the symbol for change (in chemistry?)
R like backwards 5; also intriguing; quite a few numbers.
My favourite might be S like upside down T.

Interesting that all of the letters in English are represented + some more.
Also that the letters that English has the same are I, J, and V.

I'm sure there are more. This is really intriguing:cool:


Resolute Spirit
Ok this one makes the 2nd pleiadian alphabeth i see quite different

Has each planet it s own alphabeth?


Illusion Investigator
Alain, the website seems to be the wrong one, I get taken to blog.ninthpath.com. It's a blog, there are only 5 posts, and I can find nothing about transmissions.

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