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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
We have previously spoken in some of the questions that you have been asking as well as in a blog article that the numerological concepts that we have and currently use are not “updated.” We have briefly commented on why this is so, but perhaps it is difficult to understand why, since, after all, are not all numbers always the same?

In a way it is correct. A "one" is always a "one,” no matter how many years pass, centuries or changes in our common psyche, civilization or society. So, in theory, it is rare to wonder why “numerological” concepts should be updated according to the energetic situation of our collective unconscious, of our vibration and frequency as a species, and of the current state of our evolution at a global level.

The explanation that we gave at the time in response to your questions, is that this "one," or whatever number, not only represents a mathematical unit of measurement to count or make sums, to know the quantity of something, but that "One" is a symbol for an archetype that represents an energy and that has a content associated with a quantity, which, although used for millennia to express the same number of apples in a basket, does not represent the same energy when used to measure psychological processes, octaves and evolutionary changes, advances or alterations in energy currents or modifications in the fields and structures of the human being.

Therefore, apart from mathematics and daily use of numbers to count things and make formulas or keep track of data for our coordination as a society, numbers are symbols that represent and encode a part of the structure of Creation, of the universe, of the solar system, the planet and the human being. They represent elements of your psyche and its subtle structure, they represent movements in the creation of reality, they represent alterations and parameters of how the world is built, at all levels, from the most physical and dense plane to the highest level in frequency of the Earth, and all that changes over time, so that, in general, most of the numerological knowledge that we have inherited from ancient civilizations such as the Sumerian or the Babylonian, passing through the Egyptian and later, has been given to us and we continue to maintain it today as it was being studied thousands of years ago, when the planetary frequencies were different, when the morphic fields of Earth and humanity had a different composition and vibration, when the individual and collective psyche of each being human was governed by different energies than the current ones, etc.

This means that numbers that were considered "teachers," "magic," "divine" or "powerful," are now in bands that we would consider "low vibration" numbers, since we have access to higher energy currents than those at the ones that could be accessed by our Babylonian ancestors, and therefore the numbers that represent these "new vibrations" today are the new "master" or "elevated" numbers and the previous digits that were used several millennia ago with that name, now, for us, they are numbers whose frequency is lower, and even negative, with respect to the current frequency versus the one it had for our ancestors.

Thus, there is a whole change regarding the meaning of these numerical symbols, because everything depends on the frequency state of the planet and its energies, which are those that are encoded in those graphics, either in the form of a seven or in the form of an eleven, but they are still archetypes and blocks of concepts that we diagram in a certain way in order to describe how the world in which we live works and its theoretical structures, laws and operating norms.

Therefore, all our formulas continue to use the same digits to do their math, and our equations do not vary one iota, and when adding two plus two in current laws and structures we will continue to put a four as a result, but the vibrational content of two and four is different now than centuries ago, and the energy fields to which the "two" and the "four" are connected have greatly changed, therefore, their impact on the human psyche, on fate, in the sacred plot, in the creation of reality, etc., has also done so, and that is what we are going to look at in little over two or three articles in order to understand much better the entire Pythagorean philosophy and of the great masters of antiquity, who saw in mathematics and numbers the solution to all the enigmas of the universe and the tools to understand the infinite beauty and harmony that exists in Creation.

The origin of the energy fields that represent "quantities"

What is the origin of the numbers? Why do they exist and who invented them? Are they the same everywhere in the universe for other races and civilizations? Do nonphysical beings, "spirit guides," or other types of conscious life use numbers for "their stuff"?

Let's start with more generic concepts and develop the theory until we understand how we have come to have those graphics that represent amounts of things that we use to make our society work.

Everything is made up of different combinations of energy fields, particles of many types and different frequency gradients. This is valid both for our planet and for any other element or component of any galactic system at any point in the universe. These energy fields and particles are grouped together to form denser and more solid or more ethereal and light levels, and from there are born all the combinations of elements, known and unknown, that later form matter, that later form planetary structures, that form the structures of the subtle bodies of the human being or of any other race, etc.

Each type of energy resulting from each combination of particles and forces obtain a unique "variable" that identifies "how" that energy and force is. That is, when a certain type of force fields come together, and certain particles form clusters within those fields and elements are formed with the substance of that particle field, there are some characteristics that are unique to that type of formation or element and they are different from the characteristics of other elements formed by the combination of other types of particles.

Thus, each thing that exists has qualities and "something" that defines them in "the way they are" and with the characteristics they possess. That "something" is not yet a number, but it is the basis for its creation and appearance as a form of identification of "that" in the face of everything else.

Mixing elements and types of particles to obtain more complex ones

Well, if we have an "energy identifier" for each type of energy, element, force or "cosmic" flow field and from there everything else is born, the mixture of different "raw materials" at those levels results in other much more complex elements that will also have their own characteristics, and that can be identified if we analyze those specific characteristics and qualities. For example, we have the three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, and all other colors can be created by mixing those three.

If we were to say that the quality "red" is a characteristic of a certain type of energy and combination of "something" that for us denotes the frequency of red, and the same for blue and yellow, this would be, somehow, a way of describing the primary "cosmic" elements that, when mixed, give rise to the rest of things, giving each element qualities that can be measured or analyzed, if we knew how or we had technology or tools for it.

Then, the mixture of primary colors give other colors that have other characteristics, and those characteristics are already different from the characteristics and qualities of the elements that form them, so, for example, the color green, or “green” element. it is more than the sum of blue and yellow, which are its base elements, and we can speak of a green shade with a certain frequency without having to say that, to explain what green is, one must always speak of blue and yellow first and use the qualities and description of its base colors to explain the "green" quality of something to someone.

This way, mixing elements, mixing particles, adding energies, billions of different types of "things" are created that exist everywhere in what we call the "Creation" and each element that exists in it, be material and perceptible to our senses, or "energetic" and not perceivable by us, has its own qualities and parameters and characteristics, which can be measured and annotated and used to describe that element.

Numbers are energy fields

If we understand this more or less, then the origin of the numbers will become clear if we understand that numbers are also energy, a combination of different fields of particles called "monads," made of different mixtures of those monads that are born in order to know "how" to mix the rest of the elements to form the components of the universe.

What does this mean? It means that to know that a kitchen recipe has to be made with various ingredients we need to know the proportion of each ingredient that we must put to make the dish in question. So, at the "cosmic" level, we need to have a measure of how much of each "primary" element it is necessary to combine to obtain other types of elements to form other types of "things," again, both at the material and energetic level.

Therefore, from each "level of consciousness" that exists within the universe, then within each galaxy cluster, then within each galaxy, then within each solar system and then within each planet, there are "energy fields" that have different “quantitative qualities” and that are used to know the proportion of “how much” it is necessary to mix of each primary element in order to create other types of elements of a higher order. These "quantitative" energy fields give information to the rest of beings, forces and consciousness of the quantity and proportion of "something" to create another "something" and there is a "numerical" field for each quantity that we know.

Representing numeric fields with graphics

Thus, the "numbers," as graphics in our writing or language systems, are the "drawings" that represent those energy fields that are used by enormously evolutionary levels to our perception, to know how and how to combine particles, mixing fields, increasing or combining energies, etc., in order to form a planet, create a physical or an etheric plane, manifest life in one way or another, or simply have a magnitude of the amount of "something" that forms each thing we see in our reality.

In some way, and although it sounds strange, we are saying that the numbers are representations of fields of conscious force, fields of consciousness, "conscious beings" if you want to see them so they serve for other planetary, solar, galactic, cosmic intelligences and consciences, etc., can create everything that exists, and these “numerical fields of consciousness” are the ones used to order the proportions of how the rest of the elements join together, combine or merge for it.

These “numerical fields,” then, are universal, in the sense that they exist identically throughout the universe as an “energy form” but then, within each planet, each race and each civilization represents them differently, are diagramed with different symbols and uses them at different levels of depth and knowledge to manage their reality, their society, their "world."

Hence, if we were to speak to a "distant" civilization and tell them that we occupy the third planet in our solar system and send them the number "3" with the way in which we draw it, they may not understand the graphic concept of the number because for them the energy of the quantity "three" is a few crossed sticks and a few points above, to say something, but they will understand that the energy of the "three" represents a magnitude and an order, a position and a quantity which is equivalent to a third level of “numerical degree” that is identical for all systems in the entire universe, because the energy field that represents the number “three” is a common field for everyone and no matter how you represent it, the concept of "three" and the magnitude and quantity it represents are understood.

In this way, all civilizations in the entire universe, at the “mathematical” level, can understand each other beyond languages or words, and perhaps beyond graphics to represent symbols, if we could only communicate the qualities and characteristics of what we want to express and make them understand that we are representing "three" of something with a drawing in a certain way, and they would tell us that they perfectly understand that "three" of something even though their drawing and symbol for it is different.

Therefore, the numbers have a "cosmic" origin, they are used and were created as energetic systems of formation and mixture of elements and particles in order to create everything that exists, and they are universal for all beings wherever they are at the evolutionary level, zone of space, planet or race to which they belong.

With this introductory basis, we will develop in the following article a little more about how they were formed and how they are used to create everything that exists, and why, as the Pythagoreans said, mathematics is the key to understanding the universe.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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