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"What is considered to be the past; and past lives?I sense that the past, present and future are all occurring at once. We don’t have past lives, we are having life experiences. In quantum physics there are limits with energy and there is no such thing as time. It has been presented in such a way in the energy work… we are having all our life experience now… perhaps?"_ Sébastien Martin, Inner Journey In Outer Space.

I should add this statement I came to understand, because it is the conclusion of all the multi-dimensional experiences I have been through since 2013...

We are living in a huge quantum field where time is only the illusion of our Ego.


I woke up from a long séjour in a parallel world in an unknown planet with beings gathered in a room. The walls were brown-golden, there were tables and chairs like those we see in the human schools. I was sitting in one of these tables and chairs. I remember I was with beings who were in human shape…. And we were watching a complex scenery that was taking place in the classroom's white board. We were watching the New Earth with its new humans coming to life in a very sophisticated way. Our teacher was a huge white being who presented himself as a High Master from The New Lemuria located in the Third Solar System behind the current earth one in Mont Shasta (US), in 600.000 light years from our current earth and solar system.

This information came through me when back in my physical.

It came about 13 hours after I woke up from my astral projection in the form of a frequency I felt in my left hand. The frequency was made of light and it was buzzing in my left ear, making huge tingling in my left hand with the feeling of a dynamic ball rolling in between the palms of my hands. It was turning in a spheric shape… and then moving in all my body like electricity.

It was working on me for 45 minutes at least ! I was laying on my couch in the evening watching a well known movie « Selma » about the challenges of black people in the USA and the hard work that has been done with Martin Luther King so that their new rights would be respected by the local governors in that city.

The technology used by the Lemurian Master was highly sophisticated, as he was working like a magician with his hands, gathering the multiple scenes that were passing and flowing on the board, in a huge circle. Each scene was entering the circle which changed the shape of it, in more than a 3D shape. Each scene added a new dimension and new information.

He was creating the New Earth.

The universe is made of many realms and it is expanding in a very smart way. Our current reality, is made of many other realities we create with our thoughts… our behavior and the energy which flows from both thought patterns and our behavior. I came to understand that the earth isn’t what we are seeing but what we are creating.

If we take the time to mediate on our thoughts, our philosophy and all that is surrounding us, we would come to the same conclusion that time is an illusion of our ego.

The being

He was tall about 8-9 feet. I often see him when I do healing. He is one of the three Lemurian Masters, who always come to join when I do distance healings from the forest. Some of my clients saw them, and I remember clearly Mathew Mournian, a multidimensional healer and a friend from LA reporting seeing them beside him, during a distance healing, I was conducting for him, from the forest, few months ago.

Another client from Spain reported seeing them too, during the Global Earth Call for Healing, I did for free, from the forest gathering 22 healers including me. She saw them standing there and waiting for her to come… They gave her a box which was a gift.

The Lemurian beings were the Masters who stood in front of the Golden Path to The New Earth bringing gifts to each one who participated during the huge session that was also confirmed by an out of body experience I had, during the night, few hours before the session. One of my client here in Rouen, told me that she had an out of body experience similar to mine, a day after, as she was part of the healers who gathered for this event. She reported that the beings who were there were highly spiritual, and that she saw me sitting with many beings who looked like guides around a huge table, which is one of the scenes I saw during my own astral travel.

Things never come by coincidence, and many times I have those amazing people around me to confirm what I see, or to bring new information to my own experiences. This is not given also by coincidence but for a great purpose. The New Earth is one of the greatest purposes we, as light workers, are participating in its creation, with a bunch of light beings from higher dimensions.

Dimensions are perspectives, other realities and worlds we are creating energetically now. If we stick to this purpose then when leaving this old world that is crumbling down, we will for sure be in the new one, that we are all preparing, each one in a very personal way, according to our gifts in this current life.

I feel today that this galactic travel, was their gift to me, and that they wanted me to be part of the teaching that took place, to witness the work I am involved in as a light worker.

I thanked my master teacher for being chosen for this amazing work, he was explaining to us in a simple way using his hands but obviously very sophisticated, as there is an evolved technology behind, made of new programs.

The Students and the Soul to Soul Recognition : The New Humans

Who were with me ?

We were few and I couldn’t recognize any of them from the people I know in my current reality. They looked like highly evolved light workers and teachers with humanoid faces for some of them, and some others were made only of light. The ambiance was very nice and soft energy flowing like when I used to be in an extraterrestrial spaceship when I have been with my Pleiadian Crew.

I heard that many groups are working together to create the New Earth. This is the new big project that is taking place, and it is already being prepared.

There was an intergalactic and telepathic communication between all the participants including the master teacher who was talking more than us. He was explaining how the process of the New earth was taking place. The information was passing through us from our energetic crown chakras, and I was seeing it like a vortex opening and spinning in a high speed. The energy was doing spirals and circles, with images inside that were entering each of our crowns like when you throw something in a spinning hole. I have then been experiencing head ache since that day, with a very heavy pressure in my crown and my left brain.

Two days later, the pain carried on as the information has to be stored and to adjust to my physical vessel. I was hearing them saying « It’s nearly done, the pain is disappearing.. ». So it just disappeared few minutes ago while I was writing this article.

I can’t explain how this has been done in me, as in the other students who were in the same place and situation as me. I don’t know them from this current reality, but there was a deep feeling of a reciprocal recognition between us, as if we knew each other from other realms and lifetimes, which are parallel worlds we are incarnating in now.

This is how it works when we meet some people and beings from other dimensions. They come and gather as souls which is the highest sort of reunion that goes beyond all the physical boundaries. Souls gather to fore fill a high purpose. When they connect on a physical level, it has nothing to do with the physical plane, but all is related to the soul’s energy calling. If one of these souls is in an unbalanced situation, the call carries on working despite of the soul itself incarnated on physical.

Souls’ communication and recognition is purely energetic and highly powerful. And it has nothing to do with the matters of the physical world, which is a heavy vessel that humans, unfortunately, fill with more heavy patterns from cultural backgrounds.

Even some spiritual human teachers still carry those patterns as earth beings because of the physical world they are, and are in. When the soul comes to its real pure matter as a light frequency of infinite love, all the material world falls apart and the recognition between souls happens in purity without any judgmental thought or behavior.

Though this type of soul to soul connection and recognition is now known by many who are awakening, the real significance is somehow yet ignored or misunderstood. It is most of the time related to sexuality and human relationships.

As souls we don’t practice sex as it not spiritual, and we don’t have to experience attachements in our relationships.

As souls we are free from all the physical reality of this current earth. That’s why the old knowledge of the New Age Era has come to an end, changed by another one, which is purely made of energy. The New Humans won’t need their physical vessel to navigate the New Earth, and all that comes from it, including sex, eating, breathing, working as slaves, paying for the living are now completely erased. That’s why many light workers have left a partner or stopped having sex with other partners for a long while since their awakening process has began.

So don’t worry if you don’t have sex with someone as it is part of the cleansing that is occurring now in the vessel of many light workers.

This may frighten those who are very attached to their physical vessels. Many of the old patterns in humans are going to disappear progressively, because of the attachment the humans’ ego have created for so long…

The old human vessel have been created by a group of reptilians, including the Annunaki to enslave humanity in lower planes (the Lower chakra energetically), from where all pains have been rising through the last centuries. This old physical vessel has to upgrade now, if humanity is willing to evolve at a spiritual level. Some of the techniques in the darkest Annunanki groups are the sexual manipulations for the purpose of keeping humanity in a very low frequency.

As souls we don’t need physical sexual orgasm.

Orgasm is in reality spiritual and is felt differently from the sexual one : it is not located in the sexual organs, but comes from the higher chakras to flow in all the other areas of the body, and it is felt like an electric wave bringing a connection to higher realms, and a deep healing for both the physical and energetic bodies.

This is part of the information I have been downloading from the High Lemurian Master during this incredible travel.

Your fears come from your current physical body. Take care of it, and allow it to enter the new era which is already prepared for you to come in and embrace the New Human you are.

It is all about upgrading to a new frequency of light, a new realm where only energy prevails.

Your physical body will be much lighter and no more stuck in the lower base chakra.

The Creation of the New Earth as a Lesson

As we were sensing the presence of the guide, hearing his voice and questioning him telepathically from time to time, we were assisting to the creation of the New Earth. We were part of it, in complete harmony. There was a luminescent thick shielding light surrounding each of us and all the place.

How was the New Earth Creation taking place?

The lesson was about creating it with new codes of light which were the matter of the new spectrum of energy and which is the spectrum I received during the huge download that lasted for 45 minutes in my living room.

The energy is very fluctuant and dynamic and it is also highly vibrational. It comes in gathered images, sounds of light, and specific frequencies made of all new materials from other star systems, out of the current earth one. It is a different plane with a protecting shield made of a very fine crystalline light codes, with laser lights spiraling in and around the spectrum. The image is stunning as we were seeing it in motion…

I can’t describe it better but it is like a white transparent hole in the universe spinning at high speed, and creating a new world called New Earth.

While sitting with the Lemurian Master Teacher, we were engaged in the same work energetically. We were watching the New Earth in a huge screen from the classroom board. The being was showing us a green earth with many levels of greenish lights floating and flowing in the spinning spectrum.

In the scenes that were passing in the board, we could see ancient civilizations walking on their sacred sites and clearing their old energies. Those are the Ancients of the old earth, who were sacred beings (chamans, old sorcerers and healers), who walked on Gaia, and have been enslaved by the old paradigm and the beings who created it. There were goddesses, old trees, oceans in motion, waves, waters and a thick layer of light in and around the earth.

Everything was made of energy though. We could see shapes, colors, and humans in physical incarnation, but spiritually evolved with bodies made of light, the same kind of light that the New Earth is made of. The physical vessel was itself made of this light and it has upgraded in a manner that would no more keep humans in the lower planes, and the base chakra has completely disappeared, for a new one which is called Earth Star Chakra.

It means that we have to connect to the Earth Star chakra and Elementals if we want to enter this new paradigme.

At the end of this lesson and work, we could see the New Earth turning clockwise inserted in a geometrical shape made of 3 lines and 6 points : one from the North to the South of the planet, one from East to West, and another one in between the East and West line.

The earth is at its 6D Template of Light, as I saw it during a channel I had just few days before this astral travel.

We were being prepared to live in a new reality or another « hologram ». It was a vision of the New Paradigm made of sounds, frequencies, mirrors of the physical bodies, virtual computers creating virtual realities but they were not really virtual, they were the futuristic world, we as New Humans are heading to now.
And in a New Earth where all is made of pure light.

The New Earth is green.

The lesson

It was all about the New Humans who will walk the New Earth. I had to cross a huge burning wormhole, because of the distance in between this earth and the other dimension. So keep in mind that we are not here in the good place we are supposed to be. The 5D is still filled with the spectrum of Ego in its pure materialistic and lower energies. If you work for the light, try to upgrade yourself so that you can become a healthy vessel and an authentic soul with less and less attachements to the current human cultural and old belief systems.

When back in my physical vessel here, fire was burning me, and the return was pretty long, one of the hardest I have even did. The wormhole was intergalactic with many others crossing it, and intertwined to it.

During this travel, I received huge energetic downloads of the main energy we had to integrate during the class work. I have been like in a dormant state for three days after this incredible experience ! And I am slowly adjusting. I will have to take time for myself if I want to integrate fully this new energy and spread it around. I won’t have to do any effort it flows. Those who are perceptive, and part of this project, will for sure feel it in this article and beyond in me.

The lesson had to bring in us information about these topics :

  • Who are the New Humans?
  • How to work with nature to expand the human abilities and gifts
  • The Nature of Nature and the New Energy that is made of ( all is pure light)
  • The New Order of the New Earth and the fall of the old paradigme
  • The dark priestesses who are around the Earth now, back from a long exile in long distance planets, enslaved and jailed in some secret caves) are old souls from the Ancient times who have been killed by some Annunaki, to rule the earth as they wanted according to their planned agenda. They were very good at using manipulative techniques on human souls once incarnated in the old physical vessel which is the vessel humans are still in now.
  • The New Paradigm is to work with the light body and from within it, to erase the old patterns at a cellular and DNA level.
BY Henda Zaghouani

Multidimensional Healer, Astral Projector & writer

To read more of my Out of Body Experiences and articles on transients, go to this link


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Jul 20, 2016
Great explanations. It really helped me, as I seem to travel back and forth a lot.

I found this part quite illuminating because letting go of time sometimes is not so easy.

We are living in a huge quantum field where time is only the illusion of our Ego
  • Love this post!
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This is so true. I have been learning this thing. Unfortunately we still have to deal with those who are not yet there and who didn't integrate this truth. many are still in lower planes : money, sex, conditions in all you do... Sometimes I am really disgusted but I try to live in this world and flying to other ones to be in my highest vibration lol
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Kevin C

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Jul 27, 2016
Thank you for confirming all of it, Henda.

Yes, most of New Earth is green, and all colors are very vibrant. Imagine Narnia on a grander scale.
I have been visiting New Earth frequently and started many years ago to build a glass house near a beach on a small grassy plain.
I believe I saw two of the Masters since I once visited an Atlantis-like city on New Earth, and they were standing at the gate welcoming me in. They were huge, as you described, 8-10 ft tall. I floated in and visited the city, flying around.


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Thank you for confirming all of it, Henda.

Yes, most of New Earth is green, and all colors are very vibrant. Imagine Narnia on a grander scale.
I have been visiting New Earth frequently and started many years ago to build a glass house near a beach on a small grassy plain.
I believe I saw two of the Masters since I once visited an Atlantis-like city on New Earth, and they were standing at the gate welcoming me in. They were huge, as you described, 8-10 ft tall. I floated in and visited the city, flying around.
Hi !
Thanks for your comments and confirmation !
It always makes me happy when someone have similar experiences. I have been in New Atlantis many many times too and draw 6 Wave Trees about the New Atlantis Cycle .
The beings are always near me ...

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