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Rambling Companion
May 3, 2019
Hello together!

I often have experiences , that show me, that the new earth is closer than ever!
I feel the golden energies coming inside my body and show me particles of future.
The energies are influencing those decisions from my past and guide it to positiv modules.
Even the energies are flowing, the fufill my body with deep love.

Even the experiences show me ways, how we can manifest the new world into the here and now.
Already we work with our imagination and visualisation powers we can work out the old into a new.
The inner truth will become our outer reality and in the other direction. I think, the new world, is not
more negativ than the old. In the opposite, the new world is a pre-sent for you and me where we can be.

And even we alread spent time in the new world, it will more and more become our own reality in time.
If we work for it, the world circles faster FOR us not against us. Life is never against us. So let us circle in the
tact of our new world.

Best Regards,

Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
I am hoping the new earth is a new level curriculum, not just a new environment. One where the focus is on relationship, where the coin is flipped to giving for joy, rather than for gain or getting. Is that what you mean by positive modules, Re-Direct-90?

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