The Moderators Helping Consciousness on Earth (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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Last night I thought about choosing a sabian symbol for each of the moderators with the following image and intention in mind:

I saw the Earth and a crowd of people. I thought of how the individual is helping to influence and help folk and life on the planet. I held that image for 15-30 seconds before clicking.​
So to interpret these, I'm looking at the positive traits, as this is about helping, not about a personalised take on any current situation as the symbols always includes both sides.



This is an easier one to interpret. I think we all understand this one of Linda's.



So I take the above as me placing a rug, or in this case creating a space for others who need guidance that are quite new to the spiritual journey — I provide security and care for the young energies.

Hailstones Melt


Something others may miss — I think of HM as someone who points out what we miss, those important messages we should hear. 'Picking up on things' and helping to express those messages that don't make sense. I think the key here is the hidden choir singing during the passage of folk on the spiritual path.



My take is that Lila is good at finding those imbalances in others and then helping them to correct them, with that gift of empathy.



This seems to mean that with Pod's background she's been able to still save the day by helping others in a selfless way. She can defy gravity and pull of miracles.



Maryann's work has inspired many and she has created much for others to experience. Such things can stand the test of time.

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Aug 15, 2016
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Thanks! Loved them all. Very apt.

A clairaudient msg I got yesterday (and have had insistently for a few days) was Liposomal. I decided to stop mucking around and went to my cupboard and found the very thing. Stops inflammation by spraying (tumeric) under your tongue for 5 seconds once per day.
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