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Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Forget the world of crumbling linear time and everything built on its shaky foundation. We are already immersed in the multi-dimensional, spherical time (which may or may not appear to you as a torus or as a spiral). But in any case, this is where co-creation is taking place. This is where we are doing our part – and it’s not linear. This is how it looks to me – just one cell in the organism of the human collective. We have the mirror of the world (our so-called “reality”) in which fractalized parts of our creations in linear time are projected back to us, as synchronicities. Now, because the projections flowing back to us in our “real time” can be quite miniature, it can be easy to overlook. But without overthinking it, just notice. Example: today, my neighbour, who is called Caz, did me a good deed (weeded my front garden). This is something we had discussed a little about, and I am willing to pay her for it, but I didn’t know it would happen today while I was at work. On my drive in to work this morning at some ungodly hour, I saw a car with one of those glowing blue personalized number plates: Caz. My mind went off on 3D thinking, OK, what women’s names can be shortened to Caz, can be quite a few. Karen, Caroline, Carrie, etc. (My neighbour is a Caroline). In other words, I didn’t know at that moment that I was seeing a reflection in the mirror of the world about an event that would affect me today, in the now.

Another example: also today. More than 12 months ago I worked with a guy, and the pertinent fact I remembered about him was the suburb name where he lived. Then yesterday, I thought about him and how I didn’t know where he had gone, after he left this employment. And I reviewed the suburb name in my memory banks. And then today, I looked over my partition, and there he was working right in front of me, on the other side. Nice and quiet as a mouse, if I hadn’t stood up and looked over, I could have quite missed it. Then I told him I remembered the suburb name where he lived, but could not remember his actual name. He looked at me weirdly (as you would). You see, the suburb name was the fractalized piece that was being reflected back to me in the mirror of the world. But meeting him again was indeed my own creation, as I thought about it, and I stood up and “re-met” him.

So many things like these happen all the time now, because we are actually already in the multi-dimensional, spherical time (i.e. not in 3D space/time).

None of these things are world-shakers. But they are world-shapers. My co-created world happening around me. It’s dynamic. It’s giving new purpose to making proactive efforts at living.

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