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The Little Water Bear


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This is the little water bear, also known as a tardigrade. Able to survive in freezing temperatures, radiation and outer space, it’s the most resilient animal on Earth. Of course this is a micro-animal, which means it’s so small it can only be observed through a microscope. These little bears are found all over the globe on every continent and climate, from mountaintops, deep sea mud volcanoes, tropical rain forests and even the Antarctic.


A tardigrade can survive for decades or even longer; once immersed in water, the body returns to a normal metabolic state over the course of a few hours. One group of dehydrated tardigrades was reportedly taken from a museum sample of dried moss that was more than 100 years old and brought back to life.

These would make good pets; it's a pity you can't see them though.

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It's as well to remember that pudgy rolls of fat can be quite the thing for some life forms.

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