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The Librarians


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I watch the TV show, The Librarians because it is the right mix of light-heartedness and magic. In a nutshell, the premise is that special people take care of magical items in a big library that is tethered to the earth and guarded by magic. They go into the world and retrieve items that are causing havoc in the unawakened general population.

I was watching last night and could have done one of those "spit takes". An immortal associated with the library gets angry and disconnects the library from the earth. It is up to the librarians to re-establish the connection. It is not easy because their memories are fading, and only live in their dreams.

In this version of the world, there is no color, everyone works for "The Company", the only food is fat and flour, newspaper headlines read "Nothing to Report. Carry On.", thought police go after people who are creative and ask questions, the only program on TV is a stupid reality show about people falling down... It hits pretty close to home, right?

So the only way for the library to return is for the librarians to get together and remember together. Despite being attacked and challenged, they do just that, and the world is restored.

So how's that for a commentary on our lives right now? A few companies control most everything - bad food - fake news - stupid TV - thought police. It especially hit home this morning when I watched something a friend sent me. It was a FB page about funny text messages. I'd watched it for about 15 minutes, when I physically felt being pulled in, as if I was being hypnotized. WTH? Then I thought about all the people who watch this and other similar junk.

When Laron first started the Forum, I thought of it as a library - a place where people could come together, make friends, learn, share, create, be inspired... In a way we are much like those people in that show, joining hands, remembering, and bringing love and life back to the world.


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Another show to add to my growing watch list! Thanks Linda. <3

The premise almost reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. Have you seen this comedy? It’s about an average man who wakes up in the future and everyone is dumbed down. He is the smartest man at this point. It’s meant to be a joke, but it does get you thinking.

I do love this forum because it provides many topics to expand consciousness. Thankful it was created. ;)


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This show does sound good! It's good to see Noah Wyle in it.

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