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Nov 1, 2018
I thought I'd make a post where people can post links, news and studies about glyphosate. If you really want a good source of news and studies, my blog has it:

I have worked very hard on this blog for several years finding actual studies that Natural News simply would not post, but NN is getting better now.

Summary: Glyphosate was initially used as a chelation agent to clean pipes. Then they discovered it killed plants, almost all non-woody plants, but especially grasses and weeds. And it killed the roots too. The sales pitch was "glyphosate interrupted the Shikimate pathway which is critical for plants to make energy. And humans do not have a Shikimate pathway so it is safe". That is not true. Glyphosate has been found in our food in multiple studies around the world from the US, Canada, Germany, and Norway. Glyphosate is especially good at binding to magnesium, so once glyphosate is in our system it binds to magnesium and a host of other minerals causing all kinds of problems. Guess what the symptoms of low magnesium are: Fatigue, depression, irritability. Over the years the cases of depression and anxiety have skyrocketed. At this same time glyphosate use has increased.

Glyphosate is also sprayed on non-GMO food to kill it all at harvest time to "increase yield". Now that doesn't meant the wheat and corn seed heads are all ripe at the same time, but they will all be killed and dessicated and ready to harvest 2 days after spraying, thus increasing the weight of the harvest and the amount the farmer is paid. Of course there are also Roundup resistant crops which can be sprayed with Roundup and will not die, thus killing the weeds around them.

So it looks like glyphosate kills plants by (wait for it) binding to minerals the plant needs to make energy. This is also likely the reason it is so toxic to every other life form.

Other studies show that the full Roundup formulation, which includes other agents, can be just as toxic to animals and people. Still other studies have studied the additives to Roundup by themselves and found them to be more toxic than glyphosate itself! Roundup works by permeating all cells of the plant through the leaves (it does not work via the roots) so surfactants are needed in Roundup to get it to penetrate the plant cells. It eventually spreads to the inside of every plant cell and thus cannot be washed off.

Have you ever made any natural lawn sprays by a radio personality called Jerry? He normally adds a drop of dish soap, a surfactant, so the spray will penetrate the lawn and get to the roots. Different surfactants allow chemicals to better penetrate different things. Your dish soap is a surfactant and it helps separate food from surfaces by getting under the dried food.

The Pesticide Action Network has made a paper called "The Glyphosate Monograph" which I call "Glyphosate Monograph 2016" since it was published in 2016. It has 600+ studies showing how dangerous glyphosate is to a variety of organism (who do not have the Shikimate pathway) in a variety of conditions.
Epub is here:
PDF is here:

If someone isn't convinced by 600 studies from around the world, they must be delusional.

There is also evidence (internal memos) that scientists were paid by Monsanto in various ways to make fake studies. There is also an EPA memo from the 1980s that showed Monsanto knew glyphosate was dangerous, and ignored it. All in the link at the top to chuckrblog.

The US chemical industry has over 100 year history of ignoring toxic chemicals like lead, asbestos, Vioxx, Agent Orange, DDT, and many more.


If you want a place to find free studies for research, there's a list of links here: . This includes links to the large NIH PubMed library too. If you have links to add to this please PM me.

News stories are often taken down, especially when the story is over the target. We need a way to backup files. For storing files, images, or making copies of websites or single web pages see this page. Each time you view this page this website pulls in the most recent version of the Pastebin file:
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Nov 1, 2018
Danish pig farmer stops using GMO soy and pig health dramatically improves.

Glyphosate found in human urine, breast milk, and blood, multiple studies.

Iowa farmer: GMOs are a complete failure. "I have to hand pollinate all my cukes now!"

Iowa farmer switches to non-GMO seed, cuts drug costs in half.

Long-term toxicity of GMO feed, study.

Good source of GMO news:

If you see my Blogspot site taken down, you know I was over the right target and became a target myself. Blogspot is a Google owned property.
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Jul 28, 2016
Thanks for posting about this important issue. It is one I wish more people knew about.
I especially like the pig studies. They seem pretty convincing and I understand pigs to be very like humans in their makeup.
I heard from a family member of an affected person who was dealing with non hodgkin's lymphoma after exposure to glyphosate (and no other risks) that there is a class action suit in the works. Have you heard anything about that, therium?

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