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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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We are now in the shadow of tomorrow’s Ring of Fire annular solar eclipse in Gemini which is basically a total eclipse, happening when the moon covers the sun's center, leaving the sun's visible outer edge to form a “ring of fire” or "annulus" around the moon.

Because the moon is farther away from Earth, it seems smaller, so it does not block the entire view of the sun but it is still as powerful as a total eclipse.
This means it can cause extreme global events, weather too, EQs or volcanos, unexpected events as well and major happenings for world leaders be it political or Royalty.

The Moon was apogee yesterday so this is as extreme as it gets apart from a Perigee lunar or Solar eclipse.
Feelings are also at an all time high, as is a degree of anxiety for some as Gemini energies can feel quite scattered at times, but a New Moon is a positive time of new beginnings even if some of them are a bit unexpected. Its cathartic , brings things to a head in unexpected ways.

This eclipse is at 10 42 pm in NZ on the 10th and at 19 47 degrees Gemini, so naturally anyone born around this degree is going to feel it strongly or anyone born in that degree of Sagittarius.

And in other signs that degree will have an effect also but this eclipse is for all of us for new beginnings in the area that Gemini falls in our solar or Natal chart.
Mine is my work and health/wellbeing sector in my Natal chart and my home zone in my solar chart.

This is the best time to speak out our truths that we have been holding back on and take care of all those matters relating to communication and information, and other Gemini matters.

Although the eclipse will shut off energy and light briefly so some of us will feel lacking in the same, it will open up new vistas for the weeks to come.

On the day itself, tomorrow there are only Moon aspects which means there are no majorly negative events likely although with an eclipse one never knows what may be delivered up as they do have a long lasting effect so any recent square, conjunction or opposition to the Sun or following could emerge through this eclipse or the same of the outer planets.

I am noticing the day after the eclipse that Juno squares Vesta, Sag to Virgo, so there could be some very important sorting out of family relationships and couples too where hurtful words and criticism have been spoken or written causing pain, so boundaries will be tested and readjusted I’m thinking.

It’s important to be able to rely on our own inner core of spiritual strength in these times.

The Sun will be conjunct to Mercury Rx in Gemini 20 degrees giving us some lightbulb eclipse moments of the better sort especially in areas of anything we may have learnt from our past and our own “remembering”.

This is a time of important news coming our way or important discussions taking place, the same involving world leaders, about matters that are coming to light from the past and new revelations and ideas are being formed to make use of later due to the power of this eclipse.
(There is a summit meeting coming up I believe)

A lot of this will be about actual communication and everything we need to network us together to make sure we are all on the same wavelength which could be very helpful in this divided world where we are never quite sure of the information we are being given by different sources.

Again this is about those born around the 20 degree mark Gemini or any sign and this aspect in fact is drawn into the eclipse day energy so could manifest any time now.

Lastly Uranus will add his unexpected touch with a conjunction to Pallas at 12 degrees Taurus , a great aspect for groups and discussions, global or individuals, to iron out differences and fight for a common cause. This is good for different factions to settle their differences or at least agree to disagree.

And for those born at that degree of Taurus or Scorpio or near it, this effect should enable them to sort a few matters out that have not been so easy.

This latter aspect plus the Gemini eclipse for myself has helped me get a Solar water heating matter sorted out which involves plumbers(Scorpio) and instruments (Gemini in this case) set wrongly for many years apparently in 9 houses in my block (housing is Taurus) which means we all finally get hot water rather than tepid as the electricity, (also about Gemini and Uranus) was not kicking in with the heating as it was meant to.

The small but important things of life are always involved when Mercury is doing his Rx thing!

In NZ tomorrow's New Moon also marks the time of Matariki, the Maori New Year when the Pleiades star system appears on the horizon . (This does vary each year) .

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Aug 15, 2016
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Thanks for a brilliant synopsis - so very clear and engaging.
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