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May 3, 2019
The soul of the people will become extraterraristic. They will lose gravity and the faith for egoism. The Ellbow-Society how we germans say will be transformed into a multicultural society with every accepted believings no matter where you come from. The empowernment of the extraterraristic soul forms gettin started new. The humans are able to decide, to move on or to stay in their old livestructure. They can recognize the extraterraristic empowernment, the powers that every human being has.

The powers are here for dealing for healing, and to heal what we feel. Even we catch those relations, we can create new imaginations. So even we catch the fact, that we are not narritive beings, so we can accept us better in the way we like our selfs. The extraterraristic sight is perfomancional and emotional bounded by the love. So even the rise of love will increase and violence will sink. People will find their balance in their self, where the source of modern life is.

The extraterraristic life stil is still confusing, and so we take part over of our passiv life musters. So we can assuming our self to accept us as a creator in our life . We have the acception, to design our own life instances how we imagine them.

My life should go extraterraristic grounds, so the people can commmunicate more easy and without differences. And dissonances.

My soul form seems extraterraristic, why im writing those lines.

Best greetings


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Jul 25, 2016
This is definitely the way to go, to get away from the mess that programming and social engineering has made of so much of the world.
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