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Jul 25, 2016
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God and home are one.

Everything you have been told about God by those who have kept God in a box has led you far from home, yet also brought you to the place where you can see that God and home are where you are.

If home seems far away, know that your perception of separation from it is a play of illusion. You carry home within you, and need only remember it. The same is true for God. Let yourself remember and you can know God is also within you.

The time is coming for you to remember this and more. The time is coming when the remembrance will save you. Understanding of the power of remembrance is going to bring you back home. Stay vigilant and know that you will cross a great divide. The time of remembering is upon you in earnest. God awaits your return within. There is much for you to discover.

We of the League of Light have assembled a most willing retinue of celestial and terrestrial support. As you remember both God and home, all the assembled will be with you to ensure a safe passage.

Nemesis is in retreat. Let her words play upon your mind that they may enliven your thoughts. Time draws to a close and you will be nearly home before you know it.

A message from the League of Light



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Jan 10, 2019
I had a similar vision jus ta few days ago.
I went into a sphere of light that was not so different from you picture. it felt very warm, cosy, good.
I was then projecten outside of the sphere and saw the sphere shrinking very small and going inside of me.

my take was the same as the message. "god", "home" is a place you can go to but it is also always present inside of you.
Even more I would say the gateway is inside.

remembering is also correct word I think or rediscovery (AHA-erlebnes)

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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
God is when you remember that your cells and the cells of a rock have the same journey - replication to carry life, disintegration to allow more room for life - just done on an infinitely vast panorama of time, which is all illusory anyway.

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