The Elemental Feminine Hides a Surprise | Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, April 18 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
Maryann submitted a new article.
Summary: The elemental feminine is not so much about discovering your inner goddess as it is about nurturing your own self into being. What secrets will you discover, as you submit to the grander cycles of cosmic temporality? The clock's cycle gives a signal that the time has come to rise from the cage of darkness that had held the gates closed, to see unmistakably the guiding light of self-knowing leading you beyond what limitations you had known. The time of giving and...
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Jul 28, 2016
Just in time for the full moon tomorrow.
I saw that this one was called the "Pink Moon" though without an explanation of why this name.

Another random? thought.
Watching "The Return of the King" (again) which is the last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy it occurred to me how vital it was that the city of Osgiliath fell as it was the gateway to Minas Tirith where the big battle 'of our times' was fought. Until Osgiliath fell this key battle could not occur, along with all the vital changes it brought and, especially, all the individuals who had to fight their way through their doubts and fears, to risk death (some of them repeatedly) in order to become their best selves. Some did not make it through that battle. Others shone. With each individual choice the entire society changed, piece by piece, and a new age was born, on many levels.
Osgiliath had originally been the capital of Gondor, placed on the river between the twin City of the Sun (Minas Tirith) + the City of the Moon (Minas Ithil which was renamed Minas Morgul once the Witch King of Angmar = the Lord of the Nazgul took it over). Wonderful things occurred as a result of the fall of this once the proud and beautiful city, fallen into ruin.
None of the new alliances, individual choices and best selves coming into their own could have happened until Osgiliath fell; an event that was, itself, full of horror, terror and grief for all the hero/ines of the tale.

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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
I am feeling this one, with my dream earlier this week of divine feminine giving birth to a new creation, based in nature and out of the way of a harmful cabal and its intrusions. Also the funny excerpt "Divine mind, prawns, and stars are energies in form"... I just made a post on the Event thread about pervasive energies, and the Divine mind (energy that is mind and is intelligent). Given that there are many events and incidents still to manifest as we live all this, I am feeling connected to the positive upswing, even as some downswing things take place. None of this feels forced. It just feels right.
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