THE DYSFUNCTIONAL CELLS : Julian Speaks Part 4 (1 Viewer)

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Wave Tree of The Redland, The Atlantis Cycle Part 2 to 6

An Astral Projection

Julian came and took me to the same place we have been in to visit the human cells’ laboratories. We were walking into the same corridor to another room where are placed human dysfunctional cells.

The room was red with red pods. It was the liquid inside the pods that was red and thus all the place was red. The computers were blue. I heard an acute frequency in my right ear.

Why are they red ? I asked

This place is secret. I am even wondering if I should tell you everything about it… (Long pause). We gather these cells here because they are made of an intergalactic blood or bloodline. They carry in their cells extra cells they hold from having been in many galaxies during very old times and in very short periods. When they navigate on earth with these cells, they are classified as « dysfunctional ». They are unable to adjust to the human vessel, due to their multiple experiences in many galaxies at the same time. Too much information is integrated in their cells, and they can’t fit to earth matrix.

Why are they sent to incarnate in a planet that doesn’t suit their energy ?

(A long silence…)

Those beings are made of living cells that are appropriate to dynamic souls who are always willing to experience life in many galaxies and all shapes, they are eager to learn from adjusting with these different experiences. In each galaxy they do something specific at an energetic level. They know what expects them from choosing such a hard path, and as they are ambitious souls, they go and give it a try. Some of them commit suicide during their incarnation because they feel as if they are failing their life. So they are brought back here to be healed. The red energy helps them integrate their inner knowledge and re-evaluate their latest incarnations in physical vessels. (How do they do this ? Are they connected to their cells while back in the spirit world?) Yes they are constantly in communication with their cells even though they are only in spirits. I mean energetic beings or souls. this is true for all humans and living beings. They never disconnect from their cells.

Can you explain how this type of connection functions ?

In a spirit form no soul disconnects from their past physical incarnations. Their cells stay in a memory shape in huge containers that are connected to the souls with thick cords ( Julian shows me telepathically the cords and how they float in the quantum field : they are thick and move in a very slow cadence in a field made of filaments of lights, columns of glowing lights in a dark blue space surrounded with black wholes and huge vortexes.) The cords are channels from where the memory of life flows. The liquid inside the cords is transparent blue with golden particles like little stars shining inside. The golden particles are the highest to maintain this connection and life through the cells that are kept and transformed in many dimensions and planets including Sirius A/B. We are showing you something that looks like material, but it is not at all that way in reality, it is all energetic. As a soul in a human shape, you need to see things from this side too. Images, colors and different channels that are really there in the « Field » and which are part of your own existence in a multidimensional space. Each dimension has its own frequencies and thus its colors and energetic imprints. Remember when you live in different dimensions, you become holder of all their fields.

How can a non-physical being have cells ?

As I previously told you, cells are not physical, they change in shapes and consistence each time they are integrated in a different physical vessel. Cells are programming codes which work like the background or non physical incarnation. They hold the memories of the finest light particles in the multiverse. Think of yourself as a shining star ! (Big smile)

What should we know exactly about what humans call « dysfunctional cells » ?

The first thing to know is that those souls who have human handicaps, are not really handicapped beings. They are made of other different cells they brought back with them from past incarnations. I hear you : Why did they bring these cells back from past incarnations? Is that the question you wanted to ask me ?

Yes !

It sounds like we have a stronger telepathic communication now and this will for sure grow stronger with time ! (Smile)


Let me answer your telepathic question then !

The so called « handicapped humans » are holders of other cells from past lifetimes in other planets and so they carry them when they come to incarnate on earth to find out how to connect to the earth 3D plane which is a lower plane for them. It is very hard to understand how they work, but many volunteering from the classic human medical field are trying to find out how to help them both on a physical and spiritual level. The problem is that when they come here, they have already lost the memory of their past lives including their cells’ memories. Their big challenge is to work with many different ancient imprints in a very limited dimension. The 3D is a limited place for them. Some have experienced hard times trying to do the things they feel they are able to do. But the human society wants them to be like those who are currently in 3D.

These souls have come to learn from hard karmic lessons, they had in other lifetimes. Their cells from those lifetimes are carried with them for this purpose. There is other information they hold inside, and they can see beings from other dimensions, some are very intuitive and can have artistic gifts, and some can be good in sciences too. You have some examples on earth ! (Yes I can relate to Stephen Hawkins for this information !) Yes ! He is one of those who have brought so much knowledge as a physicist and cosmologist. But his knowledge goes far beyond these two areas. He worked so hard to evolve and bring back some of his gifts on earth.

No cells are really dysfunctional. The word sounds good with the human 3D world and the knowledge of the lower planes. When you transcend those planes and awaken to what is stored in the other dimensions as knowledge, you will discover that you are unlimited. Or that you have access to some information, those who are different from you, would not know or even think it is possible. Some souls can choose strange bodies to incarnate in, only for spiritual growth.

How do you call these cells on Sirius ?

We don’t give them a name but a genetic code which can be translated in « Red Cells ».

Are they really red ?

Yes they are ! Red is their code gained from life experiences as cells in physical and non physical incarnations.

What about our astral projection to the white room ? What are the pink filaments in the white pods ?

Those are cetacean cells. We will talk about them in another conversation. If you want !

Okay ! What about the human vessel then ?

When the soul is ready to incarnate on earth, it is part of the guides’ mission to ask again if it is ready or not to integrate the human vessel.

The question is always asked because some souls come back from their mother’s womb to the spiritual world, and sometimes just after they are born, they change their minds because they are not completely healed and want to come back and stay in a spirit shape.

Integrating this kind of vessel is very challenging for spirits, the motives are mostly to perform harmony between matter and energy. Do you understand what I mean ?

Yes but may be you can explain it with your own words in your own knowledge..

The human body is made of an earth material and matter with a subtle energy from the stars. The subtle energy is what composes the energetic body. It is an extension of the universal knowledge. It is not what you call « akashic records ». The universal knowledge is composed of all the information stored in the quantum field including the akashic records.

The Universal knowledge includes also all the information one can receive when communicating with the energy. Some very evolved healers are able to communicate only with their energy with each other. It is very rare but it does exist. You do this. The communication is very strong and there is a recognition from the first contact at a soul level. as these souls are twins and know each other from very old times and faraway planets. They also have hard time to be in the physical vessel even though they choose it meticulously and with much finesse. Anyway they know that their challenge is to live inside the body and struggle during the process sometimes for an earth lifetime and more.

The human vessels a sophisticated machine made of codes and shapes. each shape is connected to codes with the information needed and flowing from the cells memories, which are conducted and reconnected to the soul during each physical incarnation. When the divided souls reunite on physical, they come back together as one at a soul level. Because that is the way they can reach an upper level of spiritual growth and healing. They can ascend and help at an energetic level from higher dimensions. The universal knowledge is then shown in them and to them, they can come back to their first inner light.

Can you tell me more about the current shift ?

There are many changes coming on earth at an energetic level which will probably bring a global new awareness.

The earth is emerging from lifetimes of slavery under many dark forces from deep space, who came down many eons ago to spread their knowledge and energy, for the only purpose to integrate soulless hybrids.

(Can you say more about them ?).

Yes of course, they’re well known as those who came from many solar systems including the one you are part of. Earth or « URASH », as you know from some Sumerian tablets, are the two names for the planet many souls have been incarnating in.

Those who came at first have brought many beings who were meant to work and some who were meant to dominate. Those who work have been slaves at first, that’s why there was slavery all over the planet for so many many eons.

(Who are the soulless hybrids ?) Those are the dominants or those who had to instaure rules on others whose souls have been trapped in multidimensional vortexes, in black wholes or at least some of them. Black wholes are brains to filter and transform the information stored in the souls. Some are good and some others are not. It is from there that we collect the cellular particles of each soul to integrate them back in the Sirius pods you saw.

Those are very sophisticated made from a recent technology as before we couldn’t access any soul cell, because of the dark matter and some black wholes. It took us time and work to finally get where we are today. Hence all is coded and classified since the beginning when the first star seed souls began their travel to Earth. This is why they are now working to build a new earth and a better place for the souls to come in and spread their light.

With the blue spheres and other spheres of light, the earth has been upgrading from those eons of darkness. They are big spheres transporting a new substance made of a blue super powerful energy, brought from high density realms. They are working on clearing many fields and lands on planet earth that have been devastated by the nuclear energy and weapons. The blue spheres are light ships carrying blue beings who live in spheres, as many planets became able to develop new technologies, both energetic and physical made of specific materials, to create sophisticated weapons.

The blue spheres’ weapons are energetic and never used to kill, but to cleanse some planets including the earth. We are creating new weapons now as you may see it. The purpose from this new technology is to clear and cleanse the planet. There is currently so much work to do for the new earth is directly connected at a spiritual level to those parallel dimensions where the clearing has already been done. In connecting each reality, the new earth timeline can take shape.

Channeled by Henda
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Wow. There's a lot of information there to process and integrate. Thanks, Henda!
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Geez Henda. Amazing info. Thank you!
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I know what it's like clearing stuff from an 'alien' lifetime, very strange, but I got there eventually. Very interesting info henda.
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