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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

The last step in the processes of creating reality may be, for all of us, the one that is most difficult for us to understand, since, as we said in the previous article, things "are there,” they are "solid,” I can touch them, they happen to me, I collide with them, they intersect in my life, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to really accept deeply and beyond simply giving it validity as a "theory,” that we live in a holographic projection created by the mind, "lowered" towards some etheric molds and structures, and solidified and materialized from the union of monads on the physical plane.

Einstein's equation that you have all seen and studied a thousand times shows how “solid” matter is related to energy. E = mc 2 which says the equation. The E for energy in the process of creating reality refers to the flow that "descends" from the mental plane, where the "scenarios" and "frames" are, which contain the "data" with the "things" that have to be part of my world. That energy, moving almost instantaneously, between the mental and etheric planes, and the etheric and physical, is densified as these mental "frames" and "scenarios" enter the etheric region of the planet, since the etheric substratum of monads adapt the information that comes down from the mental and they are compacting it in structures that are similar to the form that they will take on the physical level.

Crossing of realities

If an encounter with another person is planned, your two realities first intersect in the mind, and a scene is drawn where you meet each other. This work is done by both the Higher Self and the super-soul of both people in coordination with the "guides" of those people. That scene moves down the timeline to the etheric plane where it is parameterized with the concepts of "time" (when that encounter can take place within all the simultaneous futures and existing possibilities), "space" (where context and spatial position within the plots of the avatars in the material plane both realities can be crossed) and other parameters that allow managing synchronicity. On the etheric plane, therefore, "virtual figures" of both people are created to meet and the possible crossing points are mapped in their sacred webs. If the meeting is important and requested by the soul, the super-soul or the Higher Self of the person, various opportunities and crossing points are mapped, in case any of them is not fulfilled, so that, in another "time" and in another "space,” you can have another chance.


Combination of sacred plots of various people
For several people to share the same event, their plots must overlap, so that at the same moment, their spheres of consciousness are traveling the same place or experience.
Sacred person plot 1
Sphere of Consciousness 1
Sacred person plot 2
Sphere of Consciousness 2
In this point of space-time the spheres of consciousness of both people coincide allowing them to "live" or share the same experience.

The difficulty of the manifestation of reality lies in the passage from the etheric to the physical, where the rules of matter impose enormous restrictions on the how, why, when, and where of the “appearance” on a solid level of everything that is found in fluid and malleable state at the mental and etheric level (the closer you are to the physical plane, the more difficult it is to turn a scene into an element of your reality).

As many scenarios as possible are projected but, finally, our sphere of consciousness only ends up passing through one at a time linearly (now “A” happens to us, then “B” happens to us, then “C” happens to us... etc.), since this is how human programming works. Therefore, to determine which scenario, event, situation or "thing" is the one that is most likely to become that "frame" that marks "what happens to me now,” one looks at how much energy each possibility has. In this way, since the speed of propagation of the mental and etheric processes is the same (the speed of light), it is not a competition of "speed of solidification of the event" that determines that something happens to me or not, rather, the event that “wins” when it comes to manifesting is the one that is “stronger” or manages to densify “with more potential” than the rest, which implies that the event that has the greatest energy is the one that achieves that the monads of the physical plane solidify with greater probability of attracting the sphere of consciousness towards that frame and turning it into the event of "this is what happened to me".

All variants of anything

Let's explain it from another point of view. We have an infinite chess board. Each box contains a micro instant of our life. The cells in the same row are variations of the same event, different possibilities for something to happen in a way A0, A1, A2... up to An. So, if I have to get up from the sofa to go to the kitchen, in a row of my sacred plot (the huge “chessboard” that contains my whole life) there are, on a mental level, all the possible forms and variations and possibilities that I have to go from the sofa to the kitchen. Let's say there are 10,000 possible variations for this simple event, so mentally, there are 10,000 frames in the same row for the first step I have to take to get from the couch to the kitchen.

Of those 10,000 “mental” possibilities and scenarios, 10,000 etheric possibilities and scenarios are created, so that you have the molds and parameters and everything that is necessary for those possibilities to be real. To do this, monads of the mental plane transfer their content to monads of the etheric plane through the temporary lane in which the person is located. Thus, in the same row, but on an etheric level now, I already have everything I need to materialize on a physical level so I can take the first step to move from the sofa to the kitchen.

However, we agree that I do not consider the 10,000 possibilities that I have before I get up and take the first step. In fact, I don't even realize that I decide to get up and move my right foot first instead of my left, or first stretch my leg and then twist it before taking that step. Everything is automatic and managed by the motor center (located at the mental and etheric level inside the fifth chakra), by the programs of the subconscious mental sphere and by the ego program.

So how do I decide which of those possible 10,000 moves I'm going to materialize first? As is logical, I will only do one of them on a physical level, despite the fact that 10,000 are possible and are "available".

This is done by “densification” of the monads that form the reality substrate, just analyzing the previous movement that your body has made, in this case, or just analyzing the previous event to see (automatically), which is the more "logical" next step to materialize. In other words, the particles that make up reality all have a certain energy that flows in the direction that allows us to speak of the past-present-future, concentrated in each "frame" with each possibility registered in it. So, if the movement just before was to lift the leg at a specific angle and at a certain height, the next most “logical” movement for the projection mechanisms of your reality is to continue the sequence initiated by the energy flow of the monads of the previous frame, and attract your sphere of consciousness to the frame where this movement has “natural” continuity (you move your leg a little forward at the same angle, lowering it a little, which would be “logical,” as opposed to staying with your leg stretched out at 90º in the air, which is also a possible movement of all those that you can do and present in another mental and etheric frame, but it is not the one that you would "naturally" do to be able to take a step that brings you closer to the kitchen).

Therefore, although each square in row X of the "chessboard" has the same probability as the rest of becoming something "real" (a priori), since what decides which of those movements is the one that I go to perceive as chosen and executed (move the right leg first a little before raising the foot) is determined by where the sphere of consciousness is located among all the simultaneous possibilities. For this, my mental processes "read" with incredible speed which variant has more energy than all the possibilities, making the sphere of consciousness feel attracted towards the possibility, of the 10,000 simultaneously latent at the mental and etheric level, that it possesses more "energy" of all, to then become the one that becomes the "material" reality of that micro moment.

Reading in a comic only the vignettes that stand out the most

If we were seeing the situation from the outside, like reading a comic, we could assimilate it to the fact that we only read the comic strips whose energy is so high that it attracts our attention, so that we only pay attention to the cartoon that, "now,“ exerts more power of influence over us. When we have "read" that cartoon, our consciousness looks for another cartoon in the comic to call "attention" (because of the energy it gives off) and, then, it focuses on it, and with that we have already read "two events" one after another, in a linear way, focusing on those that had more energy than all those that were drawn at the same time in the comic and waiting to be read (traversed by our consciousness and, therefore, materialized).

This is how our reality is continuously formed. Monads are agglutinated in all the possible variations that each moment of our life presents, but some of these variations have a little more energy than the rest and act as a magnet for the sphere of consciousness that, then, is "forced" to focus on that "variation" or possibility out of all the others. By focusing consciousness (automatically) on one of the variations, that "possibility" becomes fixed, and then it is the one that marks "what happened to me this morning" that, when I got up from the sofa, first I moved my right leg, then I stretched my foot a little at a certain angle for a certain duration, then I have activated certain muscles of the leg in a specific way (out of all the possible ways that I have available) and thus, frame by frame, step by step, I have created my reality and I have gone from the sofa to the kitchen.

Creating the non-"living" elements of reality

Now, I have been able to go from the sofa to the kitchen because there is a sofa, there is a floor, there are walls, there is a carpet that I have passed through, a door to cross and a kitchen to get to. What creates these elements in my reality and what keeps them stable?

The creation of "material" elements, when they do not yet exist, follow the same path and process as everything else: "someone" mentally designs a chair or a sofa and, from his "mental" idea, its structure and mold are born "etheric” and that ends up being created in a “physical” furniture factory using the same “energetic” design millions of times. Then, it is introduced into human reality and is already part of the "hologram" of all those who cross that element with their lives, incorporating it into their personal holographic bubbles by assimilating the octave present in the collective unconscious where that element has been registered (such as when the baby accepts that there is a cradle in his world that he has not projected, but his parents have). Therefore, who maintains the stability of the reality of non-"living" objects and elements?

The "sacred webs" of the elements and inorganic "things" that are part of human reality are maintained by planetary forces that govern the processes of balance and maintenance of this same planetary reality. That is to say, the substrate on which human realities rest is the sacred plot of the RIC that we have already explained, and the plot of the RIC it is sustained on the planetary fabric. Let us imagine for a moment that there is no such intermediate "monadic" framework that is the Asimoss reality, and that humanity is supported directly on the reality of our logos. Everything that is "things" and not living beings, depend on forces and energies external to us in order to "exist" and, to guarantee their existence, dozens of logic assistance groups ensure that the "frames" of the "things" that give them existence, once they have been created, they continue to "exist,” even when there is no human being or any living being projecting their consciousness onto them. So, a street lamp does not decompose into its constituent particles when there is no one paying attention to it and it rebuilds itself when someone focuses their consciousness on them, rather, they "exist" continuously because there are fields of "consciousness" that maintain the substratum of stable reality, so that living beings have a "permanent" scenario that does not "unravel" on which to build their own realities. Thus, the scene of "things" is always maintained by groups and hierarchies that attend the planetary logos, and that ensure, focusing their consciousness on them, that no element disappears when there is no one "paying attention" to them. The streetlight continues to exist even when nobody is "projecting" it because there are beings who are in charge of keeping their consciousness on it for as long as necessary so that living beings have a "permanent" scenario that does not "unravel" on which to build their own realities. Thus, the scene of "things" is always maintained by groups and hierarchies that attend the planetary logos, and that ensure, focusing their consciousness on them, that no element disappears when there is no one "paying attention" to them.

This is quite complicated in its details, and we have to take into account all the laws that come into play to maintain the fabric of reality. The BEING of entropy, for example, which we explained when we saw the concepts of numerology and we talked about the number 1, is in charge of transforming everything and dissolving everything so that “things” can be rebuilt, but other beings are in charge of stability, of the robustness, the repair, the consolidation or the updating of each frame of each thing that exists on each planet.

This does not mean that everything continues to be holographic, this does not mean that reality is a huge quantum projection (or monadic, better said) and that everything can change continuously, but these holographic projections are supported by the planetary consciences, by the consciences of the groups of logistics assistance, by the forces of nature and by humanity, more by the consciences of the rest of entities, beings and energies that coexist on Earth (including all members of the RIC, who also project their own realities onto planetary reality and under human reality).

Then, and without going into details, human beings were created with all kinds of mental retarders, filters, stops and distorters so that our projection of reality was as chaotic as possible, so that the substrate of monads that we use as raw material for the projection waves was as altered and negative as possible, so that we would accept the macro planetary projections designed by the RIC and CS, so that there would be thousands of retarders that would make the co-creation of reality much more complex, etc. So, in general, the process by which something mental ends up being something really solid is complex, but it always follows the same steps that we have explained, despite the distortions and filters that are imbued along the way.

Focus and strive for things

Good. I imagine that it is intuited then why, in general, we achieve with more ease those objectives on which we put "energy" to achieve them and on which we focus. "Focus on what you want to achieve and work for it " is a mantra of any personal growth coach. To "focus" on something is to pay attention and awareness to it, to work on it is to dedicate effort so that "that" has more "energy" to be the possibility that it "materializes".

Consciousness-energy-matter, as you can see, we already have the complete triad of the elements that make up the monads and, from them, the creation of reality.

Thus, by putting energy on "something,” that "frame" and its variations have a greater chance of "attracting" the sphere of consciousness to pass through "it,“ so that, by concentrating the attention of consciousness and focusing in "that something,“ it forces the entire mechanism of creation of reality to "densify" it over the rest of the existing possibilities and alternatives. The energy of the will that flows from the Higher Self to the soul through the golden cord empowers the personality and the ego program to keep the sphere of consciousness focused on "it,“ and the concentration and work put into it endows it with the necessary energy so that the monads that have to materialize "that" coalesce and densify with greater "power" than the rest of the possibilities (the possibilities of "something" also include that "something" does not exist, that it exists halfway, that it is partially materialized or achieved in a thousand different ways than what we had initially thought of or wanted).

Diverting the sphere of consciousness towards other variants of the same event

Then, on the opposite side, there are all the forces that seek to divert us from focusing on that "something" and get our sphere of consciousness to connect to another of the possibilities (the fact that this "something" does not come forward, for example, that is within the parameters of "something" as well).

Here we can include the distortions caused by the entities that enter and leave our energy systems to block us, manipulate us or divert us, psychic attacks, manipulations and metal poisonings so that we think of anything else that, then, gives "energy" to anyone of the other possible situations that may not be as consistent with what we wanted, but that are also available to be materialized. Family, professional and social influences and dynamics also come into play that influence us towards some of the possible “variants” of “that,” distancing us from other variants (your partner's opinion can influence your consciousness to focus on materializing the possibility "A2" of something instead of the possibility "A6” which is more in line with your vision what you really want).


In the previous image, for example, we have a few static frames that represent different possibilities of "something,” all simultaneous at the same time on a mental and etheric level. Then, depending on which of these frames your sphere of consciousness is focused on, for you, what will be part of your "reality" in that micro instant will be only one of them and the static image indicated in the red circle of the lower image it is what you see in your "holographic bubble,“ your reality.


Then, also, the macro reality when superimposed on your particular reality, gives energy to the possibility "A236”" of "something,” which is a more negative variant than the possibility "A12" of that same "something,“ with what the base reality of the RIC and CS moves your sphere of consciousness towards the least attractive possibility of all the possibilities that you have simultaneously available to be densified. Then there are the influences of the collective unconscious, all those above you, which give more energy to some frames compared to others and, then, attract your consciousness (automatically) towards the possibility "A864" instead of the possibility "A312” that was best for you on an individual level. Then, the planetary influences, the stars, the sun, the energy that comes from our galaxy, which "collides" with all realities at the same time and charges some variants and possibilities more than others, etc., do the same Indeed, some frames are “charged” with more energy than others due to a thousand different circumstances and, of all of them, the one with the most “charge” is the one that finally “wins,” attracts the sphere of consciousness towards itself, and that becomes your reality. That which has the most energy is always manifested
That which has the most energy is always manifested

Imagine how complicated all this is, and even if I skip the details, it basically works like this. You live as "your reality" that which has more "weight" in your range of possible "realities,” which is that "frame" at each instant (the most approximate duration of a frame that we have is measured by the so-called Planck time) that has more energy accumulated in its monads within the set of all the frames that exist with all the possible variations of each micro instant of your life.

That frame has gained more energy than the others due to the influence of all the above and, as what decides what is "real" and what is not for each of us is our consciousness, only when our sphere of consciousness (located in the upper part of the mental body, one meter above our head) it "connects" to a certain frame of all possible and existing simultaneously, then "that" is what is real for me.

The struggle to get the sphere of consciousness of each human being connected to the frames decided by the RIC and CS is enormous, almost eternal, it has been going on since the moment of the creation of our species. The soul, the super-soul and the Higher Self seek to help the sphere of consciousness to focus on the frames most aligned with the greater good of each one of us, but, since the one who decides what we connect to is the automatic mechanism created by the Asimoss of the psyche (the ego program, the personality and the programs of the mental spheres), only by putting very high doses of consciousness and will to decide what is the next step I want to take, and to take it consciously, is how we can stop living in "automatic” mode and decide what reality we want to have.

Doing the test

I imagine you want to try. Pay attention to the next move you are going to make, think about whether you want to do it, weigh the alternatives, and then decide. This must be done at all times. But, it is also true that, in about 5 minutes at most, you will have already tired, as is normal, because doing this work for each action that we must execute consumes a lot of energy and mental resources, and that is why it is better that they be automatic mechanisms of the psyche those who take care of it.

Think now that you are finishing reading this article, what is your next move? Will you move your hand to close the page and do something else? Do you want to make that move or do you want to make another? What alternatives do you have after you finish reading the article? Which of them do you want to give energy to focus on and that is the next action that you materialize in your reality of all the ones that you already have waiting at the etheric level to be solidified?

For the little things, fortunately, many mental programs help us and we do not have to worry about the movements of the body necessary to go from the sofa to the kitchen, but, on the other hand, that same mechanism on a broader level is the one that defines that neither I need to worry about deciding what happens to me in my day-to-day life and, at a much broader level, it is the same mechanism that decides what happens to me in my life.

And it is that the mechanisms of creation of reality do not vary, it does not matter that it is a micro decision, what macro is transcendental, in the end it all comes down to what we manifest, of all the possible variants of each thing that we want to manifest, the one that has more energy in the monads that form it, and that to which we connect our sphere of consciousness, with which, if you retain these concepts and try to put them into practice, at least in what is most important to you, you can avoid some of the "negative" influences mentioned before to really "choose,” in your reality, those events more in accordance with your greater good. At the end of the day, all are simultaneously waiting to be "chosen,” we are simply not programmed to choose the "best" for us, but rather those that keep us within the system and under the system, seeking to give them more strength, giving them more energy so that, then, the mechanism of the sphere of consciousness that decides which "frame" is going to connect automatically chooses it as the next "event" to materialize in my reality.

It is not the optimal, let's say, to be able to get out of this Truman show but, if we understand how the system works, we will empower our consciousness to avoid some of the manipulation that it suffers. We will work on this and other aspects little by little, until it is something more natural for each of us to be able to choose quickly and consciously which micro-event we want to densify in each micro-moment of our life and which is in accordance with our greater good, or as aligned as possible with it at all times.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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