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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

The moon is now in Capricorn ready for tomorrows lunar partial eclipse, early morning NZ and Aust.
You can find viewing times for other parts of the world on line.

Today Venus in Cancer is quincunx to Jupiter in Sagittarius wanting us to forget any Capricornian woes we have for a while and have a bit of fun, escape a bit from the emotional pressures of life.

Sounds good to me as for some of us there is a big weight from family worries, personal too, also "authorities" at present are being a pain in the butt or neck for many of us.

Scorpios are feeling more like Scorpios than usual which has it's own brand of pressure, and Cancerians may be feeling rather Scorpionic, as will Capricorns.

This energy is being pulled into the lunar eclipse cathartic effect, but Venus and Jupiter are saying “lets dance” and trying to ignore the whole drama thing that is, or could go down.
So for the moment, it's time to lighten up a little and throw all to the wind for today at least.

Mind you this is a bit hard with Saturn looking over our shoulder as he is Lord of the eclipse and stronger than Scorpio’s Pluto during these times.

Today in fact the Moon conjuncts Saturn so some partying may have to be behind the scenes and not in the public eye as there are a few rules around for sure.

However the message is to lighten up if you can and find some common ground to meet on at least if everyone doesn’t agree.

Sagittarians, Cancerians, Taureans and Librans will know best what I am talking about, and hopefully Capricorns and Scorpios too.

I have written about tomorrow quite a bit and there is still a lot of Plutonian and Saturnian energy around, so be careful out there people. Take a lot of care on the roads and in your homes.

Love and protect your own and be safe but without too many rules, and listen to your higher self as much as you can.

Also look for the reflection of self in those who may be appearing to come down too hard on you or dump their stuff on you.

Forgive the not OK parent archetype within and move on from it to a more adult, forgiving and caring parent within, and make sure that inner child is more OK that he/she has ever been.
Try to let go of the blame and judgement of self and others and accept that we all have a plan and a role to play, and that everyone we meet whether we agree with them or not is teaching us something about self.

We can use this knowledge of self and others,to evolve a little more on our journey both on this physical dense world, and beyond into the higher planes of being that we all are heading for as we return to the source we first emerged from.


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Jul 20, 2016
However the message is to lighten up if you can
My whole day was like this - needed to fix something, came up with a plan requiring a bit of work, then a simple way to fix it popped into my head - all because I was in a lighter mood.

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