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Jul 28, 2016
This is about an article Lila first posted and It seems like a good idea to talk about a life after the Virus. Do we go back to the same old same old or do we boldly go and choose a new reality. I've heard the virus may facilitate a reset in society. What do you want to see?



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Jan 10, 2019
It is a really good article which eloquently poses all the "facts", fears and hopes I also see.
reading this article really makes you think.

What do I see? At this moment I see a whirlpool gobbling up everything we know and I still can't see beyond the event horizon. (towards totalitarian or sovereign society)
I can see both positive and negative indications as for example articles in the normal media on climate, psychological health, quality of life etc. that question current mainstream assumption and that were impossible to print in normal media before the crisis. This is really positive but will only be noticed by people that are already awakened or on the threshold of awakening. The herd will still follow the fear. The mass bombardment by negative stuff, vaccination programs, martial law,... on the other hand give the negative stuff.
What I do know is that it will never be the same again.

in the end a lot of people have to make a lot of small practical decisions every day based on what they think is good.
all these small decisions will decide what will happen. A few will make the difference and the masses will follow as always.
what is clear to me is that it is time to show your true colors as it is an important time in the history of humankind.
my feeling can best be described as hopeful.
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