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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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As I said in the last article, in order to understand the meaning of each number, now that we already know that its symbolism is locally related to the energetic state of the psyche of our civilization and the vibrational state of our collective unconscious, we have to explain in detail how the connections between "qualities" and "numerical fields" are created. Let's start with the first.

Where do the human "qualities" such as patience, strength, sympathy or charisma come from? This question is really difficult to answer, because they are literally traits of our personality that come standard in all of us, we have always had them as a race and everyone knows someone who has one or many of any qualities that we could write down in a list of several hundred pages. So, “they are in us,” but why?

Mainly because we have inherited them, both from the Asimoss and from those other races that gave part of their genetics to create the human being, as well as from those other higher levels that make up our structure, such as the soul or the Higher Self. And if we have inherited them and since the beginning of our history we have possessed certain qualities, behaviors and characteristics, where do they initially come from?

Well, they also come from energies that have qualities that we call "patience" or we call "courage,” we call "will" or we call "laziness." In other words, everything that we, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually, can describe as a facet of our character and our way of being is born from an energetic “concept,” present in the mental plane of the planet with those same characteristics.

To understand each other easily, imagine that there is a huge pool of energy that contains the energy of “calm,” and a pipe that comes out of that pool and connects all human beings to that pool. But the pipe is different for some people than for others, so in some cases, there is much more "calm" energy flowing into someone's energy system and being part of his "qualities" while for other people there is less "calm” connected to them, and therefore it is not a marked characteristic.

But on the other hand, that other person has a much greater connection to the energy in the “pool” that contains “creativity,” and another huge connection to the energy pool that corresponds to the concept of “communication,” so when that person shows himself to the world as he is, we can describe him as someone communicative, creative but not too calm.

These archetypes are always formed on the mental plane of each planet and for each race, so, for humanity, there is an archetype that represents the concept of each of the thousands of emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc. traits that we possess, while, in other races, there are other different traits that have to be equivalent in their mental planes with their corresponding archetypes.

Thus, no matter what type of quality or behavior or character trait we have, there is a mental “energy field” that sustains, creates and acts as a repository or container for what that behavior represents, so that, according to the energy configuration of each person, the mixture of all the connections with all the archetypes to which we are connected (through programs installed in the mental spheres and in the sphere of consciousness, in the behavioral pattern, in the DNA and in other components of our structure) makes us be one way or another, or makes us have a character more determined by some traits than by others.

A legacy connection map

This is also complicated if we think that the traits and "connections" with these archetypes are not only created throughout life, but that many of these "pipes" we already inherit according to the configuration of the character of our parents, who being themselves connected to multiple archetypes that have forged their way of being throughout their lives, “transfer” to us at the DNA (physical and energetic) level a series of parameters that, from the moment of birth, they connect us to a series of traits that they also possessed, thus, we say that we "inherit" the character of the parents in different proportions and degrees, although in reality, we should say that we inherit "the connection map" of our parents with the structures mental and energetic of our common psyche and, from there, following that "connection map" and other parameters that are also important (such as the planetary and "cosmic" influences that influence us), we create and develop our own personality, emotional state, psychic capacity, etc.

For this reason, and for those interested in the subject, numerology is complemented by the study of astrological natal charts, since the influence of strong energy fields from the different planets and elements of the solar system also open or close the pipes of the archetypes towards our emotional and mental structure, so that, because we were born at a certain moment, there will be certain parameters of character that are marked because the resonance of that day with some of the archetypes was stronger, and, therefore, "sent more flow" to us of certain type than if we had been born the next day where the planetary forces were subject to other types of greater influences and made other mental archetypes resonate with more force, which "sent more flow" of his qualities to all those who were “plugging” to them that day.

In addition, since over the centuries the archetypes of different human qualities have been changing, so have the psychological and emotional compositions of humanity, so that the mental structure that later ends up shaping what we are at the level of personality, of character, of way of being, has been transforming with time, and right now the description, vibration and content of any quality can be quite different from how that quality was perceived and manifested in the Babylonian epoch or in prehistory, due to all the changes that we have already explained.

And the connection with the numbers? How many archetypes are connected to each number? How many qualities and strengths imbue each number and how many does it represent?

In general, all numerical fields, as conscious beings that are in themselves, can have a greater or lesser connection with any other energy field and content in any part of the structure of the Earth, because, as we have said, the numbers were created in order to know how components had to be mixed in order to create things, and in what proportion.

Therefore, no number or numerological conscious field has vetoed access to any other energy field, concept, matter, flow or particle of the Creation. It is not possible to block this, it would be as if we said, the primary element "red" can never be connected to the numeric field of eight. This would imply that we could never say mix “eight parts of red” since there would be no connection between the element to be mixed and the proportion indicated by the number.

Therefore, all numbers are connected to everything that exists, and for that reason everything that exists can always be studied through the numbers and the proportions that form them. But it is also correct that not all numerological fields imbue in themselves all the qualities, so one thing is to be able to work with the archetype of the concept "such," and another thing that, in the energy of the number six, the archetype of the concept "such" has been integrated to form part of it.

This makes each number perhaps imbue a dozen, perhaps a little more, "primary" qualities, and then a little here and a little there. A feature strongly present in the "three" may appear slightly in the nine, by connections and similarities, but it does not mean that everything that the three represents, the nine represents exactly the same increased exponentially.

Therefore, when we study the primary qualities of each number in the next articles, we will emphasize those that are more prominent, are more present, more imbued and more representative, without this meaning that we completely discard the fact that they present other lesser ones, but not they will be so important in understanding its main characteristics, at least in these introductory articles that we are doing about this “updated numerology”.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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