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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

The requests launched last week have already began to be executed after a few days of “preparation” and changes in all the planetary structures that needed to be adapted to make it happen, since, especially in the case of what we had called the “ karmic octaves,” changes had to be made in the structures that lower the “materialization” of events from the mental to the physical level, at level 1.1 that is, to the densest of all the sub-levels of the “solid” plane that is in general, the one that we classify as the "material" plane to the senses.

Therefore, for a little less than a day, any process started at scales like those explained in the last article, are "confronted" by a response that arrives 5000% faster, "powerful" and directly towards the "executor" or activator of the octave. Now, is this enough to curb some of the actions that are being implemented against humanity to continue to alter the society in which we live and counteract the little, but continuous progress, that is taking place? No, because those who are part of the levels of control within the circles of power from 1 to 10 are going to force others, by manipulation or by some other means, to execute what they have planned, getting rid of the "frontal crash" which is the “amplified karmic octave” that their actions will generate from now on with the changes in the evolutionary processes that have occurred. Therefore, we must make another change in the "book of laws governing processes on Earth," and add that those who encourage others to launch those octaves, actions or processes that continue to go against humanity, or the greatest good of all living beings on our planet, or the biosphere, or conscious life and any act that threatens the development of evolutionary processes for any resident on the planet, will also see its “karmic eighth” reach them with the same strength and speed.

Failure to make this change, we will not have achieved more than the "executor" of the action or process seeing in his life and reality the events that will lead him to have to compensate and restore the damage done, something that neither the "elites" nor the highest-ranking members within the circles of power have never been, executors, being only planners and giving orders or manipulating others to execute them, always going unpunished from the point of view of the "cosmic laws" for their actions, because the “reaction-effect” wave always returned to those who set it in motion, not to those who tell someone to start it. At the end of the article we will place the request decided by the Higher Selves and those who assist us to prevent this “evolutionary trap” from being used on our planet.

Understanding who moves the "human" threads in the planet

However, now we have to take a further leap in knowledge for most people, and explain who these “planners” are, since we already know who are behind levels 1 and 2 of the system of control of humanity, which are the different races that created it or participated in its appearance, and of which we have been talking about for many months, explaining and “fighting” against them, and now we are going to start “facing,” in a way, the human control system, that are in the levels and circles of power from level 3 to 10, as we have diagrammed in this small scheme that many of you have already seen more than once in recent years.

If at level 1 and 2 of power there are 3 Asimos members for the first, and 6 members of the different races that are still on Earth for the second, the third circle of power is made up of 12 members, descendants of very old lineages that they have control over all areas of life in our society, and, in the fourth level of power, there are 24 members descendants of those same ancient lineages but with a lower rank. We will touch this topic in depth at some other time, although those who have read the second volume of Dynamics of the Invisible already have an idea of the subject. Since it is really long to explain, in order to focus on the issue of “who” is “turning upside down” everything that can be turned upside down on our planet, we have to explain the role of “national committees” for managing what happens in each country. And, again, before raising the conspiracy alarms, preconceived ideas, all kinds of theories about the "masters of the world" and other distortions present everywhere in the collective unconscious and in the network, we must delve into what or who It is behind what happens in each country and why and how they do it.

A bit of ancient history

Let's go back to the time when the Asimos were extracting gold and other minerals from Earth to meet their needs on their home planet. Some of you have read that there was a revolt, explained in several tablets codified by the Sumerians and found in the 19th century in present-day Iraq, which caused that no member of the “Anunnaki” (Asimos) race wanted to go back to “chopping stone in the mine,” and this led to the creation of the human being as we have explained, starting from the saurian self-conscious animal life, the Manu, product of the previous manipulation of the troodon on the planet.

Over time, although at the beginning of the first genetic experiments the Asimos could perfectly control the lhumanus, it became palpable that, in order to get rid of certain routine tasks, such as the day-to-day management in the mines and the day-to-day at work that was entrusted to them, it was easier to put a few lhumanus in control of the rest, starting a pyramidal management system that lasts until now in all our areas of life, and that we see as perfectly normal for someone to always be the one to order and command and coordinate others, and that these others do what they are asked, in those times by force and with the threat of death and today simply in exchange for a salary and certain living conditions.

As it was easier and they saw that it worked well, they chose a group of lhumanus whose genetics were modified again to have a little more capacity and be smarter than the rest, that is, they needed a series of intermediaries who could understand perfectly the "owners" and "creator gods" and who could transmit and be obeyed by the "masses" of lhumanus. And we are talking even when, in our terms, "australopithecines" ran through our planet, so there was no intelligence or understanding beyond the four basic functions of chopping, extracting or executing very simple orders.

Obviously this was very easy at the beginning, because nothing more was required than “beasts of burden” and work, but, over time, it was no longer so, as it became necessary to create smarter and more skilled workers, and provide them with greater skill, therefore, new homos models were processed in laboratories and made available to the Asimos by their "genetic scientists," the Asimos known as Enki by the Sumerians being responsible for it. But, as the lhumanus were more intelligent, more control was needed, and more intermediaries in the form of "foremen,” to understand us, had to be put to manage them.

Clans in power over others

Thus, little by little, some "clans" emerged, because they were nothing else at that time, some "tribes" of lhumanus, which were superior to the rest, in the form of greater intelligence and with the favor of the "gods," the Asimos, over others. These clans began to subjugate the rest and received certain orders and requests from the Asimos about what they should execute and how they should be obeyed by the other lhumanus. In this way, little by little, a few lineages of lhumanus began to be able to "direct" the rest of "hominid" groups, tribes and clans, pre-homo sapiens, with the help of those who had created them.

As Asimos needed their “foremen” to have greater control and greater intelligence, they were provided with some mechanism genetically implanted or manipulated so that they could always be above the rest, while the rest of lhumanus were simply endowed with the basic intelligence to handle the tools, beyond what is known by anthropology, that they were going to use to extract minerals or fulfill the functions of loading and transport assigned by the Asimos. And, remember, the extraction of the mineral was still done with Asimos technology, it was not far from the plan to provide stone axes and pointy sticks to hominids so that they were going to extract minerals to underground mines, therefore, the lhumanus, as such, were the beasts of burden, they were the ones that separated the rubble, they were the ones that raised and lowered buckets with the gold and the rest of minerals, while the drills, the machinery and everything necessary for it was to either directly or directly in charge of the Asimos or the first "elites" who understood and were able to handle more than a spear and a sharp stone, even without being able to be at such high level that they could pose a danger to their creators .

So here we have a first global and generic explanation of the origin of the "elites,” misnamed, but in a way they are, and of the management system of humanity, because if we move forward in linear time many thousands of years, the process remains the same. The lhumanus are being genetically manipulated every few thousand years according to the needs of the Asimos and, those in control, the lhumanus that have been put to manage the rest, continue to gain more power over them, and more knowledge and more skills than they surpass the "standard" lhumanu by far.

And thousands of years continued their course with this type of situation, until the DNA of those primitive "elites" began to be so different from the DNA of the rest that the difference in power, knowledge and control was already abysmal. There were lhumanus in power who were able to communicate more or less correctly with Anunnaki while the middle lhumanu was still trying to learn to light a fire, therefore, you can already see and intuit that the evolutionary level and knowledge of those who govern the control system on the planet is light years away from a "normal" person who, even with his university degree under his arm, does not know even an infinitesimal part of what is really known and known in the upper circles of power on the planet.

Same ancestral lineages

But then, are those in power in those beginnings, the same in power now? Yes, their clans, obviously, or their lineages, rather. Because one of the restrictions imposed on the lhumanus being able to continue being so was that they should not mix their DNA with the DNA of any other lhumanu, since, otherwise, the knowledge and potential imbued in them would be diluted in a few generations. Therefore, the lineages in control, and we will use this nomenclature, had to remain pure and isolated from the rest. This caused them to begin not to relate to the other lhumanus so openly, to impose and create the system of castes and power levels, which is still in force in many countries, and exported to the entire planet, to all communities of “homos,” the concept of priests or those who spoke directly with the gods on behalf of everyone else.

This way of creating a society where members of a few clans and lineages had control over all the rest by posing or taking on the role of intermediaries with the creators of humanity was perfected and enduring in time, so that, through the centuries, those with greater power in these lineages went underground, no longer let themselves be seen, no longer interacted with each other, and there were different levels of protection and control between them and the mass of lhumanus present on the planet, when the homos erectus, habilis and models of that time were already being mass produced and the previous homos were being exterminated or left to die throughout the Earth.

In our current era

Now, let's move thousands of years in linear time to our present with this little introduction in mind. Therefore, who rules in a country? Who decides what happens in one place or another? Who decides if a country thrives or sinks in misery? It is decided by the members of a committee of 11 people who come from these ancestral lineages and who are in each and every one of the countries that exist on Earth, coordinated by committees that govern macro-level structures at the continent level, and coordinated by members of the power circles of levels three, four and five.

Does this mean that there is a group of 11 people that dictates what happens in my country or area? Right. This group of 11 people is directly related to the third power group. Therefore, the control system of a local committee in each area of the planet where there was autonomous human population, that is, in each region where there was a "political" and economic system, was established, and many centuries ago, there a committee was established. These systems and regions were going through several states, empires, conquests, changes and variations, but they were always kept under the control of the 11 members that ruled that area or place, so that it didn't matter if now Empire X was divided into small pieces by the internal wars, because a new subcommittee of 11 direct descendants of the same original tribes was simply created and these were controlling the new country, region or zone that had separated from the previous one, had been conquered or had simply been razed in any contest generated by the lower levels of the control system that we have not yet seen.

In this way, there is no country on the planet that does not have this committee of 11. This means that no political system in any country can decide for itself what to do and what not to do, but the "committees of the 11" are those who manage and make all decisions at political, economic, educational, religious, social, cultural, financial, etc. levels. When the lower levels of this control system rebel, fight each other or do not wish to comply with the orders of this management committee, the country becomes chaos, manipulated social revolts, economic crises, wars and invasions, etc. are organized. When the members in power at the lower levels want to go free they are liquidated, replaced, deleted from the map or situations are set up to leave office. When a politician in a country wants to serve his people and not his elites, the country is invaded, the country is massacred, the country is subjugated, and, of this, I think, you will all have known examples throughout your history as humans in this and other incarnations, and you will have seen what happens when a society, culture, group or clan does not want to abide by another who comes to impose its system of life, economic or political.

Therefore, the system of life on Earth, nowadays, is a complex network of people who direct all the areas in which the average human being can exist, and decide how and when things are going to be executed and in what way. In addition, these committees, for example all those that form the national committees of European or American countries, are coordinated by a supra-committee of 11 members at the continental level, so that the 11 governing “Europe,” rule the 11 that govern each country or region of Europe and so on each continent.

Acting against them

Since in general, it is these committees that are instructing the lower levels of the control system to sow chaos as they can through all their areas of influence, it is they who we should include in the compensation requests of the “karmic octaves” so that the reaction to what they plan and order reaches all of them, by pure “evolutionary law,” as part of conscious life on Earth, and not only to those who, under their influence, mandate or by manipulation, initiate the processes that you have recently seen manifested and amplified throughout the planet.

The request, like the previous one, once, towards the planetary logos through our Higher Self, is the following:

I request my Higher Self and give permission to transmit this request on my behalf to our planetary logos, Kumar, as responsible for the conscious life on Earth, its evolutionary processes, its "laws" and "norms" and everything that is under his "domains" and responsibility.

I request that the scope of what we call “karmic octaves” be extended so that not only the one who started the process, the action or the execution of it sees the reflections and returned to its reality the reaction and effect of what has been activated with the new parameters coded above, but also for those who instigate, order, plan or manipulate others to initiate these octaves against conscious life on the planet, humanity, its inhabitants and residents, the biosphere, and all that is under Kumar’s supervision and management, also see the reaction and effect reach them, not being able to avoid the responsibility of instigating the contrary action to all residents and conscious life on Earth, being the planners and instigators of the same.

I request that the parameters of automatic execution of the “karmic octaves” be applied and modified up to two degrees of influence above or laterally within the hierarchy to which the executor of them belongs, whether human, entity, force, being, member of one of the races "in control" or of those who assist them.

I request and give permission for this request to be communicated to all souls of all human beings on the planet through their Higher Selves so that, even if their personalities have not had access to this information or are not aware of it, their souls may decide freely if they add with their awareness and energy to the request, so that it is transmitted and executed as quickly, consciously and effectively as possible. Thank you.

As you can see, a new phase of this “battle” begins for our destiny, in some sense, because we are already entering to face human forces, powerful, but already human within a certain margin of interpretation of the term, and, from here, we will see what countermeasures they set in motion and what they do to try to avoid this change in the rules of the game we are asking for.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Therefore, we must make another change in the "book of laws governing processes on Earth," and add that those who encourage others to launch those octaves, actions or processes that continue to go against humanity, or the greatest good of all living beings on our planet, or the biosphere, or conscious life and any act that threatens the development of evolutionary processes for any resident on the planet, will also see its “karmic eighth” reach them with the same strength and speed.
Well, now this is making a lot of sense with all the political upheavals of late.

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