The Collective Shadow: What Lies in Wait Will Rise the State (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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Astrologer Kahsim Villanova posted this video back in March. It's about sixteen minutes. It's about this year and what's going on, including the split between those who rely upon the system, and those who have been preparing themselves to leave the system.

He also speaks about authenticity and how we do tend to play a role, or character, that is not who we really are, because we have to fit to the social norms. So through being in lockdown, people begin to see how unauthentic they really are, and will be forced to engage their shadow.

"We are watching the divine create Armageddon through the kettle effect by forcing people to come up with their own answers, to think their own thoughts," he says.

So it's a year of exploring our shadows, and I can confirm that's been big for me and others around me, since this was posted.
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