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The Arch. From the Intergalactic Council of ONE, released today June 10 for June 13, 2018. I did a leap of time while writing the date. I saw this place during an astral travel few days ago and I was in a spaceship with light beings. My third eye was wide open and I crossed this space. I have been drawing it during the last days and now It is released with its message so here it is :

«The Arch is a sacred space to receive healing at a multidimensional level. It is a crossing point to many galactic temples from Arcturus, Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Lyra and The Central Dun shining in Alcyon. When you connect to this space you may be led to its Multidimensionality and experience a shift from these places. Gates will for sure open to you... you may ha e visions, you may only feel itdwild and blowing wind of fire
you may feel a deep strong awakening like never before, you may be shivering from the state of trance if you are allied to experience it, as all is a matter of your personal journey through healing. You are welcome in this space ! The Arch is a place of Regeneration held by a bunch of light beings from all the star system. They are benevolent beings gathering in an Intergalactic Council of ONE now, in service for humanity, Gaia, for the sake of love and wisdom. Once you enter this Sacred Space, you become one with the energy flowing inside, you can feel the blessing of the Council, the wisdom it carries within its field, and reach a higher level of Consciousness through the Sanctuary of Wisdom and Truth ! Surrounded you are with Love and Light ! This is a New Journey through healing ! » I did a first session with it to send healing to my mother lately and it was incredibly beautiful healing intense. It is vibrational and glowing with golden and blue lights. Blessings to you34827821_1716476801770656_3927202346093772800_n.jpg

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