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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand


How strange I thought this morning, that I feel parental type pressure coming into my life already, with the full moon eclipse in Capricorn still 8 days away so I had to ponder on that, before remembering that Saturn in this sign still, is exacerbating all of the meaning of these current Cancerian and Capricorn eclipses,and especially those that are Capricorn.

For myself with my Capricorn ascendant which is the ME that is fronting up to this life and living it in an often Capricorn mode, of course I am feeling it more than a lot of people.

The same for Cancerian ascending signs. So one can imagine how powerful this must feel for the actual sunsigns.
And I also have Saturn in Cancer opposing my natal ascending sign, so I can expect nothing less but to currently be questioning my own inner authority and feeling the emotional imprint of my distant past stronger than usual.

The "rules" of life that we create and feel around us from others are very much a factor right now.

As this lunar eclipse approaches, the influence of self authority versus external authority will become stronger for many of us, so this is when we can begin to question how we manage this within self and use it in our outer lives.

If we have a problem with authorities outside self then this reflects the not OK parent archetype within which almost always aligns with a not OK inner child. So there will be a triggering of old patterns for many of us which we can work with in the period ahead.

This is some of the most painful work we ever do in fact and will require genuine self love and awareness of the higher power within and without that teaches us all about pure and unconditional love.

Self doubts can be a big factor as some of us battle with our old imprints. Fear too and sadness but tears are healing so nothing wrong with a big cry.

Depression and the resulting physical health factors, aches and pains too can appear

We will also see the effect of the patriarchal rules and laws still existing in the outer world as matters relating to the elderly arise to be reviewed in Gov systems. I am seeing this in my country and others already as the powers that be talk about ways to cut costs in the care of the older generation to come and that of those still alive now.

There will be more coming up on old laws as to whether to keep them or change them whatever they are about…

But the good news is that these eclipses bring breakthroughs in stuck places and much healing too.

Today is the 1st quarter moon phase when issues emerge that require taking action and making adjustments. This can be considered a stage of conflict, but also of building. Things are beginning to take off and to gain momentum.

Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus, a wonderful aspect reminding us to change our focus if we need to, in order to love and nurture in new and original ways, also to use our creativity in ways that are unique and different to the norm.

Cancerians, Taureans and Libras, Aquarians too will benefit most from this one or that “type” of person.

Rx Mercury is conjunct to Mars in Leo, a powerful effect of speaking out with confidence if we have felt stuck in the last weeks or longer and have been looking for the right words or moment to have our say.

I am sure there is more of this forceful energy around to motivate us in the weeks to come if we want to help right some wrongs that we are passionate about.

This aspect will fire up Geminis, Virgos, Aries and Leo type people or the activists amongst us that feel they have been holding back for too long.

Chiron in Aries is at station before turning Rx today until mid Dec.
Although not making a big splash as the well known Mercury does when is Rx, the effect of this will be felt with this lunar eclipse approaching as Chiron has a few matters to review on how active we are in helping to alleviate suffering around us, and how we are handling our own deep inner past wounds.

Chiron encourages us to be aware of human suffering and the effect it has on the world around us and be compassionate, but we are past the stage of assimilating and acceptance, forgiveness and understanding only, and now at the stage of taking brave, productive and progressive physical action to help make a difference, so today is in fact a reassessment time to make sure we are doing just that.

Basically this about NOT being a victim or staying in stuck patterns, but looking for NEW ways to change old patterns.

Today's planetary bodies are ALL about that.


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Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
The pattern within is always fear, and as we know that cannot be sufficiently stifled with material gain, we need to take the opportunity given us by the celestial design to do something about it.
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Jul 28, 2016
This writeup above mirrors and uses images, words and phrases that match very precisely some beautiful things that are happening in my life the last week or so; reorganizing how I present myself, how I choose, how I talk about my choices with compassion when interacting with the others around me; all of it!:cool:<3

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