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The Alien Love Bite


Aware Presence
When this happened to me I didn't have a clue initially as to what was happening. This was a period in my life during 2004/2005 when I got tangled up with a woman from San Francisco on line. It seemed to affect her more than me, but I can definitely say that this is a real phenomenom.

A link to Eve Lorgen's website where she explains what she has discovered over the years, with some real life stories:-


I don't know whether anybody else here has experienced anything like this.


Unfortunately yes, I've experienced this multiple times with different males decades ago. It's something that most people have experienced but because it's so little known don't realize that they've been intentionally "played" and manipulated by negative alien beings into romantic and sexual relationships for the abundant human generated emotional energy (and sexual too) that intense romantic "love" relationships produce.

When these types of negative nonphysical aliens & co. need more human produced low frequency energies, they instigate all sorts of things like fights, wars, power grabs, romantic and sexual relationships and so on to create the human energy food and fuel supplies they need to exist. "Disclosure" covers far more than most people are aware of.

Shouldn't this thread be in the ETs & UFology section? Great topic Toller. :)


Aware Presence
Shouldn't this thread be in the ETs & UFology section?
I put it here because of the effect it has on your general well-being, though ET's and UFOlogy is probably just as valid.

When someone keeps going out of body to come and mess around with your subtle bodies (I did tell them that you cannot heal instantly, it tends to kill you), it can put you on edge a bit.

Anyway, she got attached to some weird cult at the Burning Man Festival and I got disconnected (thank goodness).

Meanwhile I'll take the long way home (Supertramp) (very painful at the moment), but for the first time in over 30 years I seem to be able to sleep the night through, though that means waking at 4:30 - 5:00 now, but still fall asleep at weird times during the day, especially after a cup of coffee (not sure what happened to the caffeine effect).
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