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Feb 21, 2018
Not quite sure which part of the forum to post this. It's some info I picked up about 15 years ago, but it's originally from 1999. The original website that it appeared on has disappeared into obscurity now, but I found the relevant info on good old

The 33 Arks

Top Secret / Demon

Both linked from this webpage:-

The Nexus Seven (long before Google stole the name)

I'd quote some of the info but it does not appear to want to be.
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Jul 28, 2016
There's a lot to absorb there!
It'll take me a while to wade through it :cool:


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Feb 21, 2018
First Ark:

Space-Time is a Living Torus in Hyper-Space-Time

All evident creation is a quantum agency. Individuated consciousness and soul is a quantum agency. Nature and God are a mutualistic quantum agency.

The singularity of the universe exists in hyperspace-time as a periodic toroidal standing wave. The global continuum is a worldline of interconnected quantum causal manifestation.

Present time, locally speaking, is the combined moment to moment relativistic coupling of space-time as it dynamically accretes in motion in the continuum. Present time is the conjugated, integrated, evident actualization vectors that are cooperatively operating from many quantum co-creative contributing agencies.

The physical universe exists in a self-contained continuum of propagation of mass, form, force, and motion in space and time. The macro-quantum physical universe, our presently whole and observable physical universe of space-time, has a 4 dimensional existence, but it also simultaneously exists as a super-singularity in hyperspace. The universe is a living accretion of temporal embedded, coupled, energetic eddy, or torus, floating in hyperspace.

The potentiating, accreting, continuing moment of present time, exists as a mutual cocreating, quantum agency of actualization potential between participants. Quantum agencies allow and co-create with and in concert with other individualized agencies.

All time and space as a continuum relative to past and future is mediated by the continuous present time standing wave potentiation moment, the maximum determination point of space-time rate-of-change propagation as relativistic and hyper-relativistic stresses between mass, form, force, motion, and field. Hyperspatial information transfer couples present time to probable past and future worldlines as chrono-morphology -scalar reflections from real space into hyperspace accretion space and back.

Multiple soul agencies cohabitate the same universal assemblage. Together souls intersect and aggregate in the same universe, producing group quantum influential effects.

Worldlines are usually totally self sufficient and bear no need, in the ‘many worlds’ Copenhagen interpretation, to somehow split or permit multiple global outcomes. There is a principle of least action at work.

The only worldlines that exist are accommodated as a least effort probabilistic co-creative forces phenomenon. This aside, global worldlines can still bifurcate into two or more lines, if rare mitosis permitting conditions occur.

The only yardstick for dual timeline creation from a single timeline in progress, is addressing soul growth issues on a personal and mass basis as mutually exclusive. How can soul growth, as evolutionary immanent issues be addressed in a mutually exclusive way on the global scale? They cannot, unless there is an understood, natural accommodating force in the universe that can assist such large scale ‘reality’ bifurcations.

To support the idea of separating into alternate reality worldlines, we must understand the existence of how our universe functions from a higher dimensional point of view. And we must consider whether to admit, in the first place, that worldly quantum accretive forces would both demand and accommodate timeline splitting. For many the favored reality is one of convergence over divergence, but for many souls on strongly disconnected paths, divergence may yet be demanded. But how?

The nature of how we do it, it turns out, DOES permit global timeline mitosis should it come to that, but it is not likely. The point is, why should it come to that? It probably won’t. But regardless of what we think otherwise, the truth can get very much stranger than fiction. The global mass quantum of the population of Earth, normally in cohesive continuity as a diverse community of souls, can, upon occurrence of a significant discontinuity event or volitional event, become separated into more than one line from the conscious focus of experience of some groups of souls. Singular souls my have lives in parallel timelines that each in themselves offer growth, each with different degrees of soul energy connected to different life paths in respective worldlines, coexisting at the same time, in different space.

Dimensional splitting, or mitosis, on a large scale is not impossible. And it happens not because any participating quantum agency wants it too, it happens because of the way souls morphically resonate together in joined concert. Souls accrete into their appropriate growth environment or universe. Soul groups operating with unacceptably divergent growth values, or rates or levels, can naturally counter-resonate, or bi-phase into two or more mutually exclusive global quantum associated groupings. Different energetic isolation of associated quantum co-creation groupings is accommodated only under high stress, divergent quantum co-creative conditions.

Sufficient existence of the same universal energy can be isolated into coexisting but not interacting phase basins. Phase groups can be quantum-disconnected from any other mutually exclusive phase groups that exist. Space-time torsional phase grouping and association seems to have more to do with emotional growth styles than anything.

Until the early 1980’s when linear time cracked there were just two probable worldlines, one bifurcation. The three primary emotive-morphic phase groupings, or signaturesm, or styles developing on current day Earth might divide into:

Make the leap and trust that soul growth values can and do drive evolution, on a macroscopic scale. And that yes, even physical creation is quantum co-creative and mutual, a consequence of causational forces of originator quantum soul will, present soul will, and destined soul will. In this sequence at some level all souls are one, and then diversified into infinite variety, to ultimately join again anew, would be we ‘each’ were ‘none of it’, ‘part of it’, and ‘all of it’, in that order, and for the enlightened, paradoxically all at once.

When there is a paradigm conflict of such measure that natural dimensional resonance factors collect into distinctly different mass soul ‘basins’ then with some willing help from creational dynamics, the world sustains splitting into more than one future path simultaneously for different participating soul groups. Then a confluence of factors together initiates a global scale of Earth dimensionality mitosis. While maybe this is not such a big effort as one would suppose, it is does not support the idea of whimsical or infinite global geo-physical worldline creation.

Dimensional mitosis itself is not physical death nor disappearance of anyone, it may even be unnoticed. Nor is worldline mitosis creating a new macro-quantum universal singularity, a wholly separate universe keyed to a different space-time continuum metaverse, or hyperverse. Instead this is a mitosis of resonantly grouped morphic information signatures that couple into the same larger singular physical space-time continuum universal quantum energy system, but do it at different phase of actualization moment, at the same present time but in a different space.

The secret of human destiny is that to exist in the future world that flourishes, is to have been intimately, participatively connected to the world that solved it’s critical problems. There is no presumed divine deliverance. Many souls may effectively insist on quantum generating a worldline where environmental or human catastrophe overtakes humanity and the globe on grand scale. The purpose of this or any soul growth exercise may be likened to ‘you get out what you put in’.

You get out what you put in, may divide into three quantum future paradigms:

Souls who end up in the future worldline that soon meets with geo-cosmic catastrophe that few endure, fall in the group of individuals who are the most resigned and cynical about human nature, and often by attitude, and beliefs, contribute to the intractability of critical world problems. People who harbor anger, fear or negative judgments about a ‘world gone wrong’ often can only see solutions through destruction, through some kind of cleansing, often massive environmental disaster, full of death and suffering. Souls only bring on eventual doomsday by their inability to sense any other way to regenerate themselves, or any other way to respond to the calls of dissonance they are hearing.

Souls who insist on being in the future worldline that meets with eventual human caused armageddon: Human apathy and greed, self absorption and numbness, and lack of community degenerates into a default future worldline momentum of grave danger through inhumanity to humanity on a global scale in economic breakdown, civil breakdown, or terrorist world war III.

Souls who insist on creating a future timeline that resolves, dismantles and defuses the human and or geo-cosmic forces of dissonance end up creating a world that, with some birth pains, not only survives, but flourishes and thrives. These types of individuals intelligently and embracingly transmute dissonant energies into grand consonance by their intention, attention, humanity and effective wherewithal to take action to appreciate the best in all people.

To a greater or lesser degree, all souls inhabit all major worldlines to the extent they find soul growth values in all such worldlines. Therefore, souls exist in multiple dimensions of varying worldlines simultaneously, though the souls energy quantum may vary greatly. Whatever worldline you find yourself in, of the three major developing lines, is the one you have chosen to focus your consciousness within for purposes of growth. Your reality reflects your choices in that regard. Whether it is relatively beautiful or horrible, the higher soul growth values determine that placement. Thus, there can be no judgment of value except in terms of HOW and WHY you function within whatever reality line you are in. It may be most valuable for you to experience and respond to pain or experience and respond to love. Both energies effect evolutionary advancement, albeit with different locally experienced desirability.
Thirty third Ark:

The Alpha Omega of Temporal Evolution is Love

The Alpha is the Omega, and the Omega is the Alpha returned. The education of love in all things, and of all things, is the directive of the Alpha, and the fulfillment of love’s destiny in all things, is the directive of the Omega.

All quantum prescience and resonance is measured by the amount of the energy of love present in the system. The Alpha-Omega creation loop, is, and shall always be, nothing more than a loop of universal life seeking more love.

Life is about the growth of souls in evolution to become productive agencies of love, agencies of inclusive appreciation of diversity, appreciators of all the beauty, and love invested into all creation, and effective agents of growth.

Love is not an effusive undefined mystical energy, it is a focusing, creating, transforming energy of physical consequence.

The only important thing really going on right now is humanity trying to grow the human heart, individually and collectively, to receive and emit more love. All complications otherwise are a ruse and dance to delay that one promising singularity of human evolution and destiny.

Ask and you shall receive. Help is available. Spirit and soul, God and Goddess, an that is sentient, wants to help if they can.

Divine agency helps those who help themselves -meaning co-creative creational agencies match existing resonance we are emitting, they do not impose their own, since that wou1d be robbing us of our evolutionary process.

The power resides within each one of us. All it takes is authentic humanity, honest choice and commitment, and active involvement.

The world we are in reflects the world within ourselves.

We attract the world to us, and we are attracted to the world that best fits our resonance of consciousness.

Who we are now is who we are to become. Only by changing now does the future change.

The probable future reflectively creates itself in response to our actual course in the conscious present. Change our present course and the future changes.

Prophecy and predictions can be useful alerts to help us avert and avoid major pitfalls in probable future course. But the more we participate, the less the prophecies and predictions are stable or valid any longer. Some prophecies predict only to around the millennium, since the global history time-course after that was not predictable.

All souls will grow, sooner or later, one way or another. All will make it, so there is no negative judgment on those who go slower or more roundabout.

Time goes on, and human evolution will to on, inexorably and beautifully, but only if w~ avert the threats to peace in, the world. In the final analysis, we each, individually and personally make the energetic choice to associate with one future vector or another.

There are no free rides, despite all the love and compassion in the world.

Each soul must individually respond to their own calling.


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Feb 21, 2018
Demon - Nexus Seven



Ancient and Future Custodial Alien Races and the HyperDimensional Symbolic Cryptographic Munitions Conspiracy.

The Role of 21st Century Humanity in Preventing War for Control of Souls through Ancient and Future Sacred Sciences of Psionic Dimensional Interface Technology.

"We need a rogue agency to get the job done, otherwise we’ll all go crazy. This Order will have to be kept secret from future Presidents. We need a national security agency that nobody in government will even know about. We have no choice, dammit. Otherwise we will never get a handle around this thing. These jokers scare the hell out of me.”

Imagined Statement of a Past American President


Fair Warning Rant

The Alien Presence International Security Response Consortium

Old Players, New Players, Changing of the Guard

An Unintended Side Effect Risk of the Program

Then and Now Systems for Alien Presence Suppression/Control

Elite Power and the Control-By-Chaos Creed

ET - Friend or Foe - Until We Know, Gotta Shut Up

The Munitions of Belief and Consensus - A Tight Lid

Covert Presence Prelude to Overt Invasion?

Religious Shock and the Adaptation Conundrum

Lock Down the Hatches Before The Breach

When You Only See a Noise Floor - Ignorance is Bliss

The Symbols of Nature and Evolution and ETs

Secret Points of Agreement About the Evidence

Secret Munitions of Hyper-Dimensional Symbols and Ritual

Ancient Symbol Wars and the Control of Nature and Society

History Belongs Not to the Symbols, but Those that Wield Them

Thirteen Pagan Symbols Appropriated for Apotheoses of Organized Christianity

Religions are Businesses, Countries are Businesses, People are Businesses - It’s all Business

Where the Power and Control Hides

Divine Man Trial Balloons That Can Be Popped

Divine Blood, Lifeforce, Evolution and Power

The Quest for Mental Emotional and Spiritual Interface

Anatomy of a Cosmic Conundrum

More Than Two Sides to Every Issue and Influence

Anatomy of the ARC Echelons

Spiritual Symbol Powers - Finding Balance Between Sun and Moon, Serpent and Feline

The Barriers Between Worlds of Beingness and Power

For Now, Pandora’s Box is Open and Managed with Malathion and Butterfly Nets

Omega Game Secrets and the Ouroboros Breakout Choice

The Sticky Icke Factor Cult Propaganda War Extended Report

God is Love and Light Love is the motivator of Spirit and Heart

The Egyptian Gods, the Lucifers and Messiahs, and the Future


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Nov 1, 2018
Bibliotecapleydes is a great site. I wish i could get an offline copy on a flash drive, i would even pay the guy for it. I've tried to contact him for years but get no reply.


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Feb 21, 2018
Bibliotecapleydes is a great site. I wish i could get an offline copy on a flash drive, i would even pay the guy for it. I've tried to contact him for years but get no reply.
I used to use HTTRACK to copy websites, these days I just copy and paste the relevant web pages into Sigil and save as an epub file, then I can read them on my ebook reader at leisure.
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