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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Today we have Mercury conjunct the North node which is an aspect of inspired thinking and the communication of ideas from a multidimensional level relating to both our past and future, joining the two areas of time through sources such as the akashic record that goes from the very beginnings of time, to the future so distant we cant even perceive it.

This is a karmic and destiny influence that transcends time but its all about finding the light within and without, with the understanding that we are on a spiritual journey while here in the flesh and our thoughts are attuned into the “all that is” .

This in turn relates to our own path, the messages around us on all levels and how we interpret these through our own level of evolvement.

It’s especially auspicious for the understanding and thoughts of those born with Sun, planets or points around 10 degrees Gemini.(MC and IC too).

This is a time of important news or announcements world wide also as it happens near the New Moon in Taurus tomorrow at 21 degrees Taurus.

This means the Mercury aspect is also important for Taureans and especially those born around this period now.

Mercury is taking our thinking and senses to different and more unusual areas that usual with ability to accept concepts we have not be able to before being OOB.

There will be a period of time when the eclipse happens when 3 planets will be OOB together , Mars, Venus and Mercury which is extremely rare.

Children born around that period will be very unusual and special indeed with their talents and abilities.

So Happy New Moon Taureans in advance and Happy relationship New Moon also to Scorpios!

This will be a new beginning for us all as well as the above signs, in the area that Taurus is in in our birth charts solar and natal.

Mine is children in my natal chart and communication in my solar chart and have had a few lessons in that lately!

Tomorrow on this New Moon Lilith conjuncts the Sun and Moon exactly, so we can say this is a rebirth period of confronting our dark hidden places so we can bare our souls of any dross that has gathered- anything we have kept to ourselves and maybe even haven’t ever faced before in self.

This is where our daemons lie that are parts of self and which we all have tucked away. Some people never face these or know how to, but to live a good life and die a good death we need to.

This New Moon carries the power to reveal and heal what we have been most afraid of and which may worry us more than anything, so we avoid dealing with it.

This aspect is about our own power and wisdom held hostage by these very fears and secrets we cannot share even with our rational, adult, spiritual self.

So it’s a very important New Moon for us all.

Activating all of this is Mars in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries at 11 degrees both signs. This aspect is very similar in energy to the above and will wake up our inner wisdom and more philosophical self with a jolt, so we have to act on our impulses in a way that is healing as well as extremely enlightening to self, as is that other aspect of Mercury.

Taurus New Moon in generally about our security needs, which could be our homes , our comforts, finances, all we own or want to own. Its also about business and property where so many of us find our security when there is love lacking in our lives, love being the true basis of security. Its our safety and our grounded-ness to this planet and place we love and want to be.

Taurus is a creative force and helps us build onto what we have and create a safe place around us where we can gather with those who help bring security to our lives.

I notice this week many people are painting their homes, beginning the job or have others in to do the same. Taurus rules decorating, renovating, landscaping , housing.

Also its about our basic health – what we take into our bodies- how we maintain good health. Its about cooking and healing through the food we eat and its about the soil we grow it in.

Mars will also sextile Uranus tomorrow, Cancer to Taurus which covers a lot of the above with a fresh approach coming for all of us in these areas.

This is the best New Moon for planning sales and purchases and in the days towards the crescent moon.

Highlighted in the New Moon chart are a few planets around 21, 22 degrees and others quite close to that in Taurus, Pisces and Sag mainly.
So those with planets in these degrees wherever they are in your charts will especially feel the cathartic energy of this New Moon to use this energy to reset our security zones whether its relationships, family matters, location, property matters, or beliefs as the Sag energy is about this, as is the aspect of Mercury/Node.

This is a very important New moon folks so make the most of the energy. Light a candle and set your new intentions , then carry them out through the coming Moon phases ahead, especially of course Taureans and Scorpios.

But we can all use this wonderful healing energy for life changing breakthroughs within self, preparing for the eclipse in two weeks time as this New moon tomorrow is Apogee acting with a lot of intense focus for many, if not all of us.
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Jul 19, 2016
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