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Tasmantid Sea Mounts

Hailstones Melt

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I recently became aware of a 2,000 km long chain of undersea mounts (raised volcanic or geologic structures that do not penetrate the surface of the ocean) running down the east coast of Australia.

Synchronistically, on the same day my brother told me he had purchased a new home in south-east Tasmania, I saw a report of 3 large sea mounts just 400km east of that land location. These are known to be a biological hot spot, with increased sea life from phytoplanktons up to large pods of various species of cetaceans.

If it is true that the volcanoes in the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean, including both land and sea volcanoes, are becoming triggered or active in recent times, that could pose a significant concern for the coastal areas along Australia's east coast. Clif High has said that our Sun has moved cosmological address, taking its solar system with it, and that could be the greatest reason why more volcanoes are becoming active, that have slumbered for hundreds of years. He is not the only person to suggest that cycles of time and cosmological influence could be the progenitor of both earth-warming and earth-icing events.

Even without this additional concern, the discovery of the sea mounts further fills in some detailed knowledge of this Earth we inhabit.





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The Earth is also expanding, getting bigger and growing. That too is causing the mantle to stretch and break in weak points. Many of them are under the oceans away from prying eyes. Lots of new volcanos and old ones coming back to life.


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I recently became aware o
I'm going to have to borrow some of what you said and share that elsewhere! Anything that includes validating information from Clif High is worthy of a look. :-D


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In Robert W. Felix’s book “Not By Fire, But By Ice”, he suggests that undersea volcanism can cause the onset of a sudden ice age, that that has happened in the past, and can happen again “soon”. He also suggests that, not only are there way more volcanoes undersea, but also that they are becoming increasingly active. If there is any truth in this, it could have far reaching consequences, even in our time. Who knows :)


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As far as i understood mrmbb666 in his videos that activity is liated to the planets all aligned to one side of the sun. We will see in the now how it will develop

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