Tarot by Janine with Carly & Julia ✨ Shutd0wns, Agendas, Mr T, Spiritual Gurus, Olympics, Beatles (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
This is quite an interesting interview providing information on the lockdowns down in my part of the world. Note that the tarot read/psychic says Trump should return to his old role in August.

Description: ✨In this video with beautiful Canadian Tarot reader Janine, we delve into the current L0ckd0wns & shadow Governments operating in Australia, Malaysia & New Zealand, and we also check in on the current state of play in Italy. We spotlight the Olympics, spiritual gurus, The Beatles & country singer Keith Urban. We rarely miss an opportunity to ask the cards about Mr T, so we also take a closer look at his famous quote ‘Watch the [email protected]!’


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