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Jul 20, 2016
Sandra Ingerman is a very well respected and talented shaman. I had the opportunity to do an online workshop with her and was pleased with her knowledge and wisdom. It is being offered by Nick Polizzi and the Sacred Science team. I believe it is possible to sign up for the workshop and listen later at a more convenient time.

In this FREE online talk, Sandra Ingerman, one of the most respected teachers of shamanism, will show you how to travel to hidden non-ordinary realms and meet with helping spirits who can provide healing and guidance. Through shamanic journeying you will meet a variety of allies, such as power animals, guardian spirits, teachers, ancestors, elements, and other nature spirits.
Sandra will be tapping into ancient shamanic practices that help you release wounds, old hurts, disappointments, betrayals, obstacles, karmic contracts, and also for blessing, gratitude, and forgiveness. You will discover which parts of your inner landscape need attention and healing. These wounds or blocks prevent you from stepping into the creative potential you were born with.
While there are too many facets of shamanic journeying for Sandra to share on this 90-minute call, she will be giving you a deep dive introduction that will provide you with the tools you need to take the next step on your path.


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