Symptoms of an Energy Cleanup | David Topi (1 Viewer)

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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
David Topi submitted a new article.

Symptoms of an Energy Cleanup | David Topi
When someone energetically cleans us, or we do it to ourselves, there is usually a period of a few days during which most of these changes take place. These are days of "detoxification" and integration of new energies and information into our subtle bodies. These changes can also occur spontaneously when we are going through an important stage of our life, which may be very intense or especially emotionally moving.

By letting go of certain accumulated energies in our energy fields and subtle bodies that no longer serve us and replace them with other higher new energies, produces the effect of "updating data", by making an analogy with a computer to which we are installing the versions most recent programs, or even a new operating system....
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I noticed also that we have less appetite and I could not finish my meals too
So I had to eat little amounts of food many times during the day and many gastric cleansing. Had Headache during 3 days the last week, and during the weekend
Healing energy makes them more bearable and even help releasing most of them. Al has been released on Monday evening.

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