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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
When the ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian civilizations, and those that preceded them in even more remote times in our history, had to begin to "explain" to each other what they wanted to say when it came to expressing quantities, they began to use graphics to "accommodate" the meaning of each of them to the amount that this graphic wanted to mean. This is known, and it is known that even in our prehistoric times our ancestors made marks on bones, on stones and on the utensils they used to "count" things, therefore, these symbols and marks were the predecessors of "drawings” that we now use for numbers as we know them.

But who really invented them? Can the quantities and energies they represent be represented with other symbols and graphics? Certainly, it is possible, since it is only a “human” convention to understand each other when it comes to saying that I want “as much” of this or “as much” of the other, so it does not matter, in principle, what symbol we use as long as we all agree to use it. In a way this is correct, on the other hand, it is also correct that each symbol that has finally ended up being accepted "unconsciously" as the graphic representation of that numerical energy, is because it is the most "adequate" for it.

What does this mean? We have to go back to the creation of the human race by the Asimoss to understand it. At the time when those who were posing as the "gods of old" were giving more knowledge to the first human beings, they were giving them tools to understand the world in which they existed and could carry out the functions for which they had been created. But, just as each number is a representation of an energetic force and of a certain type of quality and conscious field, the forms that finally imposed themselves to represent it are those that best correspond to the understanding of the human psyche of "what are" those numerical forces, therefore, both since the beginning of human history and throughout all civilizations that have passed from then until now, the few graphics that have lasted to indicate the quantities that each number represents have been those that could more easily imbue the archetypal energy themselves of the number in a drawing.

This means that the drawing we use for the "1" does not "resonate" with the energy of the 8 for example, and therefore the drawing of the one cannot be used, due to vibration and the energy that this symbol has, to accommodate the concept that the number eight represents and symbolizes. The same way, the drawing we use for the eight cannot be used to symbolize the four, since the more fluid energies of the numerical field of the 8 cannot be diagrammed with "straight" sticks, but rather needs curved shapes to correspond suitably to the field and the energy state of the eight, to the symbol that we use to say that we have "eight" of something or that the "eight" represents such quality or characteristic.

In this way, although there are several pictorial representations that correspond to the different numerical fields of force and consciousness on our planet due to the situation of the collective unconscious at the time, due to the structure of planes and densities, due to the vibration and the way in which combinations and proportions of each primary element are used to create others, the pictograms that have ended up imposing globally for everyone to represent each figure have been the most appropriate, perhaps chosen unconsciously, to imbue the energy that they have to symbolize at the archetypal level.

Forms of pictorial expression according to the type of numerical field

What do these pictograms represent? How do these pictures describe the energies of the numbers they are trying to represent? Let's take a generic look at some of the qualities of the numerical energy fields and how they can be captured in graphs.

First, we have numbers that have a lot of strength, a lot of "speed" and that literally go "like arrows" crossing the planes and energy levels of the entire planet to move or work for all of these. These "fast" energies are "flatter" in terms of the waves that compose them, so the amplitude of the oscillation that the waves of the "one," for example, have, is less than the amplitude of the waves of the six. This means that, to represent a wave with a small and “fast” amplitude, a straight line is a much better graphic than others.

On the other hand, there are number fields that are expansive, that move in all directions more slowly and harmonically, more similar to how waves are generated in a pond by throwing a stone into it, and therefore, the form of expression of these energies cannot be a “rigid” graph, but rather something more “curved” or spherical is necessary to really accommodate the concept that this represents, being the case of the number eight, for example.

Other fields are a mixture or have properties of the previous two, or have a way of moving through the different frequency levels that require a graph that incorporates other characteristics. The energy of nine, if we saw the energy field how it moves and combines, how it mixes with others, how it moves from one side to the other, is an expansive and smooth energy like that of eight, circular, but it always maintains a point of support in a mental "anchor" before releasing to anchor itself to another point of support in another location of the same mental plane or to the place where is moving to. For us, the graph representing the nine describes this movement very well, having the circle as the waveform and the lower "stick" as the anchor point.

And so for all numbers, the way energy moves within that numerical and conscious field has given us, perhaps unconsciously, perhaps delivered to ancient civilizations, a way to diagram those concepts in the form of lines, circles, and curved shapes, creating the "drawings" that we now use at all times to represent two, seven or three and that has served us all to understand ourselves, universally, throughout history.

Why do the energies of the numbers “shift”? Are not these "static" fields in the structures of the planet?

On the one hand yes, that is, the macro-fields of consciousness that correspond to the vibration of each number are expanded and cover the entire planet, in its mental counterpart, and with the possibility of moving and extending to any other plane, but the movement of the energies and particles that form them is not static, but tremendously dynamic and hence that type of displacement for each number. Take for example the ocean, in general, the ocean seen "from above" occupies the entire surface between continents and is "expanded" and apparently calm, but if we go down to look in detail at its surface, there are millions of waves that move with thousands of different shapes. According to the main shape that the “waves” of number 1 have, we have a type of “graph” that represents it in a certain way, just like the shape of the “waves” of the numbers six or eight that are best represented by another type of drawing.

Knowing more or less the reason why each number is represented in a certain way, let's see in the next article how they connect with archetypes that then give them the qualities that we associate with those figures.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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Jul 28, 2016
I particularly enjoy the description of the number 9 :-D


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Aug 29, 2017
here is a part of knowledge i seem to not understand so good, work not to do, numerologist

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