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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

The Sun in Libra at 25 degrees is squaring Saturn which represents the rules and control around us, the lockdowns and the restrictions, laws that are outdated, and the powers that be that follow the old system still.

Its also about structure but in the worst sense of the word where there is too much structure and not enough room for expansion and movement.

The aspects are suggesting that world leaders are hanging on to the old ways at present either through necessity or for matters to do with control and some are not giving an inch in their resolve to maintain that control.

This aspect represents also those who want to move forward but cannot due to the cages around them imposed by a great lack of trust and a negative approach.

This could also be said for individuals who have given up all hope of ever finding freedom from oppression and a more positive world to move forward into.

But there was always going to be a crunch time with the situation that has developed since the beginning of 2020, and the Libra New Moon was the turning point. This is the lowest ebb and it cant get worse than this basically.

This is why the coming opposition of the Sun to Uranus at the end of the month on the full moon in Taurus is going to bring solutions that are unexpected and extremely sudden.

I believe this is when the Nov/Dec eclipses will begin to take effect globally for what is to come and the changes which are promising to be bigger than any we have seen in our lifetimes.

This aspect of Sun/Saturn is subdued a little by Saturn’s exact conjunction to Chariklo also in Capricorn, named after the wife of Chiron , friend of Pallas Athene who is wise and compassionate, a prophetess Mermaid, who also has a lot to do with keeping boundaries strong, so for individuals we will have a lot of help from “up there” if we find ourselves in a situation that feels too harsh.

This aspect is especially good for Capricorns but could rub off on Librans and Leos as well.

I wonder who the female is that keeps turning up on the world scene as a major player at this time, probably political but it is someone strong who will stand up to bring a more compassionate and nurturing element to the present system.

The strong square of Sun and Saturn will be felt by Capricorns and Librans too, maybe Leos, bringing a need to face reality, take control and push for that they want or need, as this is a very ambitious aspect and carries some weight, but it may also mean a sacrifice to get what you want, or a stepping down from a situation so you can free yourself up for something better to come.
Or a good long rest.

And do try not to worry so much about material things and security, try to trust much more than you have for some time, Librans and Capricorns.

Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune at 18 degrees which is telling us to call on our intuition and creative energies to help tackle the rather sombre Saturn influences we are likely to come up against. This is actually very helpful to get us through the more materialistic phase where rules and hardships can get us down.

Venus in Virgo of course has been rather strict and pedantic whereas Neptune in Pisces is wanting more flow and a more compassionate, natural healing approach where we can trust more in something higher and blend more without the little boxes that Virgo tends to impose on us.

The Venus aspect will be strong for Taureans, Librans, Virgos and Pisceans.
There is a little escapism with this but there is enough Earth energies around to keep us centred.
Seek comfort in art, food and healing, also nature and spirit around us.

Ceres is at station in Aquarius before going direct , also opposing Vesta so this is a key date for making sure our emotional, mental and physical boundaries are strong.
It’s the day to remember our spiritual core of divinity within and strengthen our auras on all levels, especially so for Aquarians, Leos or that “type” of person.
But the female Goddess energies are for all of us that need them.

The aspects are many and another one that will help Librans brave any Saturnian storms is Venus trining Jupiter bringing some more social times and positive energy to the mix even if there are still certain rules to adhere too re health and hygiene which reminds me of the state of Victoria in Aust that is finally easing up on restrictions re Covid. They have had some of the toughest restrictions in the world.

Mars Rx is squaring Jupiter in Capricorn so many people are on the move, whether legally or not and this also reminds me of stories of Australians and New Zealanders heading back across the ditch now its ok to fly there again even though its only some states who allow it, but somehow that are managing to go anywhere they want to as there is no real legal reason to stop them it seems.

Arians and Capricorns, Sagittarians too are probably feeling rather restless today or that “type “ of person and you have a lot of reason to.

There is also a Mercury /Uranus opposition happening, Scorpio to Taurus, the unexpected is around which we are likely to hear about on media, but this is more likely to be subject matter that comes from the first week of Oct when this aspect first happened and it will happen again later around the 17th Nov as well so globally this is more likely to be based around whatever has been hidden from the public eye until at least the beginning of Nov or even 13th Nov when Mars goes direct again.

There are wheels within wheels, many different layers of events happening at this time in our history.

Unexpected news is bound to come for many Virgos and Geminis, Scorpios and Taureans.

A powerful aspect of Sun and Haumea in Libra 26 degrees is another reason why we shouldn’t worry too much about the Saturn aspect as Haumea is intimately concerned with clearing and healing the womb environment of planet Earth for new physical bodies, temple abodes for evolving plants, animals and human souls to manifest as they continue to be birthed into manifestation.
Haumea is about growing spiritual awareness focused on understanding, nurturing, and working with the primordial forces of life.

She marks a point of proceeding from a point of balance and Earth centered stillness to a state of dynamic action, movement outwards in a leap of evolutionary consciousness and new birth.

So this is what we are needing and wanting and which is a hidden promise of what is to come next on Earths journey.

As we know, the New moon was the time to begin making plans and decisions for the month ahead, a new start in so many areas whereas the Crescent moon phase starting tomorrow is for collecting more information, making contacts and going to the next stage of the plan or project.

The art today is from Alex Florschutz
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