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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand


The Balsamic moon phase begins today, which is an unfavorable time for beginning something new, but favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general.
Its a time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.

This is because the light is closing off with the new moon coming so that at this new moon in 3 days time we get the new beginning period when we can focus on making decisions and planning new ventures for the days ahead.

Minds are clearer on new moons but sometimes bodies take a while to catch up, as there is not a lot of physical energy around to begin with.
It’s a good time for thinking and planning, discussing with others.

Venus now in Leo is trining Ceres in Sag, which is quite motivating for getting things moving as Ceres went direct mid July so she is keen for action and is now helping Venus in the love in action department.
If it involves social outings or putting on the best appearance and being charismatic then Ceres doesn’t mind at all as like Venus she is a Goddess too and wields some power in the love department.

Just so you know, she is the Goddess of nurturing/mothering, of fertility and agriculture and now has a place as a planet in Ephemerides around the world so is easy to find.

For those who are interested, there is research being done in the charts of Coeliac people, or those simply intolerant to wheat as most in cases she is prominent and in hard aspects to the Sun, moon or in health zones of a birth chart. It’s a new phenomena for those who study Medical astrology.

But Ceres is also an Earth mother energy on the positive side.

The Sun in Leo trines Chiron in Aries – a sign to strengthen our faith in our own inner knowing for self healing and strength.
Leos and Arians will benefit from this and Sag too but the sun means all of us.

These are positive aspects and with the Moon about to enter Cancer there will be plenty of love and care to go around in the coming days.

We will need a bit of love and care as tomorrow the sun has a VERY powerful square to Uranus in Taurus, one of the bigger global aspects of the year.
This brings into focus the new influence of Uranus in Taurus where he has been settling in since about March, so the changes Taureans have been going through also Aquarians, will be brought into focus with some more of the unexpected events likely.

Globally and maybe personally too this aspect is like the “Tower” in Tarot happening at 6 degrees Taurus and Leo, so those born with their sun near that degree could feel it most or those who have planets or other points in this degree or any of the fixed signs which includes Aquarius.

This is likely to get us out of our comfort zones and could affect us if we have afflictions from this planet in our natal chart from any degree, which I do so I am bound to get some surprises in the coming two days. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad surprises.

Globally this will bring unexpected news on the media concerning world leaders, or world events as Uranus is all about media- also aviation – science and much more.
It’s a planet of protest and rebellion as well.

Neptune will quincunx Juno, Pisces to Leo so there should be lots of signs to alert us from our higher self and ways to integrate the information or experiences that could occur, so we can take the best of it, as this aspect helps us to experience on different levels.

With Leo involved the ego could get bruised if we don’t keep strong emotional and mental boundaries, physical too for that matter.
Pisces and Leos both are a little vulnerable right now it seems with their sensitivities.

Neptune also sextiles Vesta in Taurus which suggests a positive outcome or at least support if and when we need it to keep our security zones intact.

Bear in mind that Mercury is slowing down to station again before going direct so along with the moon phase and new moon coming, everything could be going into slow motion about now so not quite sure how this will work with the Sun/Uranus aspect.
Time may stand still ...


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