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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Even though the moon is in the sometimes serious and responsible Capricorn until tomorrow, there is still an air of excitement and anticipation around today as the Sun in Virgo squares Jupiter bringing many of us into our adventurous spirit.

This is the energy of searching for new horizons and taking risks, thinking of far off places and unfulfilled dreams although the Virgo energy around just now does rather mean we can be too caught up in the little things of life to actually do something about it.

But the desire is there, and with the full moon in Pisces 5 days away, this is time to dream our dreams and look for messages from other realms as spirit will come closer with this moon on its way, and we can access the more multidimensional side of self and others too.

Leos, Virgos and Sagittarians will be feeling a boost of energy today from this aspect of Sun/Jupiter, and for anyone at all who is off on a long journey they certainly will feel a shedding of a few layers of pressure with this aspect.

It's also good to remember that Saturn will go direct in a week or so which will put an end to any harsh aspects he has been forming in the last months, especially in the lives of Cancerians and Capricorns, Librans and Arians.

Life is about to open out a lot in the coming weeks for many of us.

Today Mercury in Virgo is trine to Pluto in Capricorn adding some depth to our thoughts, allowing us to ponder on what’s gone and what may still be to come, to contemplate the deeper meaning of our current priorities and the collective result in our material worlds, as well as personal, on our health and wellbeing.

Virgos and Geminis, Scorpios and Capricorns or that “type” of person will feel this one, but it's there for us all.

Mars steps into the picture, still in Virgo as he trines Saturn in Capricorn adding to the aspect of Mercury/Pluto.
This adds the physical energy to carry out what has to be done with the results of our pondering, as there is a sense here that we are well prepared and will soon have the resources financially and otherwise to carry through with our plans.

This is all about moving forwards which is the theme of Sept for many of us as we are supported well by the earth signs this month although water is a big feature too.

Aries, Virgos and Capricorns will enjoy the last aspect a lot.

Tomorrow the Gibbous moon phase begins with the moon in Aquarius, which is a time for organizing, integrating, and planning, getting ready for the finishing touches in preparation for exposure to maximum light.

And speaking of the full moon coming in Pisces, tomorrow the Sun in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, a time to become more aware that we are pure spirit residing in a dense 3 dimension body with all its limitations, but that we have access to other dimensional realities if we are aware enough to find the portals that take us there.

(This happens at 17 degrees Pisces and Virgo).

This access can be through dreams, visions and meditation, or/and actually believing in this aspect of self and others and all life around us.

There's an otherworldly influence with tomorrows energies so look for all signs you can from spirit , from nature around us and from within self.

Sensitivities will be high, dreams will be vivid and unusual phenomena is a given when this aspect is around us, especially if we are Pisces or Virgos or have those signs strong in us, but as the Sun is involved this means anyone can access these realms at this time.

On more earthly or even negative levels Neptune has been known to cause escapism in those who find the energies a little too strong, so if this is the case try to make the escape a healthy one into nature, music or entertainment or other Neptunian areas.

Neptune can also cause explosions of various types around the world or accidents or incidents featuring vehicles or on the oceans.

In a general sense take care to read labels of medications you are taking and to avoid anything poisonous through not focusing enough on your actions, as Neptune can make us rather absentminded when so strong.

Otherwise tuning into this energy tomorrow could bring some wondrous experiences that are once in a lifetime, as it’s the stuff miracles are made of on the higher octave of Neptunian energies.


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Jul 20, 2016
to contemplate the deeper meaning of our current priorities and the collective result in our material worlds
Yep, already had a few conversations along this idea.
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